Stem-loop sequence dre-mir-146a

AccessionMI0002012 (change log)
DescriptionDanio rerio miR-146a stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000103; mir-146
Community annotation

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miR-146 is a family of microRNA precursors found in mammals, including humans. The ~22 nucleotide mature miRNA sequence is excised from the precursor hairpin by the enzyme Dicer. This sequence then associates with RISC which effects RNA interference. miR-146 is primarily involved in the regulation of inflammation and other process that function in the innate immune system. Loss of functional miR-146 (and mir-145) could predispose an individual to suffer from chromosome 5q deletion syndrome. miR-146 has also been reported to be highly upregulated in osteoarthritis cartilage, and could be involved in its pathogenesis.

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           -------u       cu  u  cu         au           uguuca 
5' gaguuugu        uugagca  uu cc  gagaacuga  uccauagaugg      u
   ||||||||        |||||||  || ||  |||||||||  |||||||||||       
3' cuuaaaca        aauuugu  aa gg  uucuugacu  ggguaucuacu      g
           ucgucugu       cu  c  uc         -c           ugaaaa 
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Genome context
Coordinates (GRCz11; GCA_000002035.4) Overlapping transcripts
chr13: 11822170-11822283 [+]
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Mature sequence dre-miR-146a

Accession MIMAT0001843

25 - 


 - 47

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Evidence experimental; cloned [1]
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PMID:15937218 "The developmental miRNA profiles of zebrafish as determined by small RNA cloning" Chen PY, Manninga H, Slanchev K, Chien M, Russo JJ, Ju J, Sheridan R, John B, Marks DS, Gaidatzis D, Sander C, Zavolan M, Tuschl T Genes Dev. 19:1288-1293(2005).