Stem-loop sequence xtr-mir-155

AccessionMI0004848 (change log)
DescriptionXenopus tropicalis miR-155 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000157; mir-155
Community annotation

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MiR-155 is a microRNA that in humans is encoded by the MIR155 host gene or MIR155HG. MiR-155 plays an important role in various physiological and pathological processes. Exogenous molecular control in vivo of miR-155 expression may inhibit malignant growth, viral infections, and attenuate the progression of cardiovascular diseases.

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   -----uau         u    a        uu uaa 
5'         uaaugcuaa cgug uagggguu  u   u
           ||||||||| |||| ||||||||  |    
3'         auuacgauu guac auccucag  a   a
   guacuauu         -    -        uu uac 
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Genome context
Coordinates (Xenopus_tropicalis_v9.1; GCA_000004195.3) Overlapping transcripts
chr2: 14606418-14606486 [-]
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Mature sequence xtr-miR-155

Accession MIMAT0003608

3 - 


 - 24

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Evidence by similarity; MI0000681
Predicted targets