Stem-loop sequence hsv2-mir-H3

AccessionMI0010692 (change log)
DescriptionHerpes Simplex Virus 2 miR-H3 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000717; mir-H3
      ga -ga    g  -                   -         c  acg 
5' agc  g   cgcg cc ggcgcgcucucgaccgcgg uucccgagu gu   c
   |||  |   |||| || ||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||| ||    
3' ucg  c   gcgc gg ccgcgcgaggguuggcguc gaggguuua ca   a
      -g acg    g  g                   u         c  ggg 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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This sequence was named miR-I in [1], but is a clear homolog of miR-H3 in HSV-1.

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Mature sequence hsv2-miR-H3

Accession MIMAT0010202

59 - 


 - 80

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Evidence experimental; 454 [1], Illumina [2-3]


PMID:19889786 "Identification of viral microRNAs expressed in human sacral ganglia latently infected with herpes simplex virus 2" Umbach JL, Wang K, Tang S, Krause PR, Mont EK, Cohen JI, Cullen BR J Virol. 84:1189-1192(2010).
PMID:20181707 "Numerous conserved and divergent microRNAs expressed by herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2" Jurak I, Kramer MF, Mellor JC, van Lint AL, Roth FP, Knipe DM, Coen DM J Virol. 84:4659-4672(2010).