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11 publications mentioning dme-mir-12

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-12. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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miR-12 over -expression inhibits 80% of luciferase expression in the control cells treated with gfp dsRNA, whereas in cells depleted from ago1 (ago1.1 or ago1.2 dsRNAs) miR-12 over -expression failed to inhibit luciferase expression to a large extent. [score:13]
Over -expression of miR-12 is therefore expected to provoke strong inhibition of translation. [score:7]
Lower panel, S2 cells were co -transfected with the CG10011-luc reporter and the pAC-miR-12 over -expression plasmid, or with an empty vector (pAC) as a control, and exposed to ago1 or gfp dsRNA treatments during 4 days. [score:3]
The miRNA reporter pAC-miR-12 and CG10011-luc were a gift from E. Izaurralde [45]. [score:1]
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As expected, luciferase expression was strongly reduced in cells transfected with the miR-12 overexpression plasmid. [score:5]
miR-12 -dependent downregulation of the CG10011 3’UTR reporter. [score:4]
Drosophila S2R+ cells were co -transfected with the CG10011 3’UTR reporter along with a pAc-miR-12 overexpression plasmid, or an empty vector as a control. [score:3]
The experiment was carried out in S2R+ cells transfected with a plasmid driving the expression of miR-190, in comparison to cells transfected with an empty vector; miR-12 and its specific luciferase reporter [31, 44] were utilized as a positive control of the system (S5 Fig). [score:3]
The Luc- CG10011 3’UTR reporter and pAc-miR-12 were a gift from E. Izaurralde [44]. [score:1]
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While mir-12 was detected in samples from all developmental stages/tissues with the exception of the early embryo (Figure 5B), mature manual7 is highly enriched in imaginal disks (80.9% of all sequence hits, Figure 5C), where it might tighten the repression of the common set of targets specifically at this stage of development. [score:5]
The first eight bases of the mature manual7 sequence correspond to that of another Drosophila melanogaster miRNA, mir-12, suggesting that both miRNAs could regulate a similar set of targets (Figure 5A). [score:4]
C) The mature sequence of Drosophila mir-12 was detected more than 1400 times in the small RNA libraries in samples from all developmental stages/tissues with the exception of the early embryo. [score:2]
A) The novel miRNA manual7 contains the same seed sequence as the D. melanogaster mir-12 miRNA and its orthologs. [score:1]
0001265.g005 Figure 5A) The novel miRNA manual7 contains the same seed sequence as the D. melanogaster mir-12 miRNA and its orthologs. [score:1]
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Furthermore, the Anopheles miR-304 and the D. melanogaster miR-304 are both in a conserved miRNA cluster and both are flanked by miR-12 and miR-283, thus lending additional support for the validity of Anopheles miR-304. [score:1]
They are let-7, miR-281, miR-34, miR-12, and miR-306. [score:1]
Four of the six Anopheline miRNAs (miR-12, miR-375, miR-2a, and miR-76) have conserved sequences in Ae. [score:1]
The miRNA gene cluster contains miR-12, -283, and -304. [score:1]
gambiae and D. melanogaster, miR-304 is closely flanked by miR-12 and miR-283 while miR-306 is in a different cluster with miR-9b and miR-79 (Figure 3). [score:1]
Interestingly, miR-304 is closely flanked by miR-12 and miR-283 while miR-306 is in a different cluster with miR-9b and miR-79 (Figure 3). [score:1]
The miR-12, -304, -283 cluster occurs within a conserved gene of unknown function, while the miR-9b, -79, -306 cluster occurs within an ortholog of a gene coding for a Drosophila serine-threonine kinase group protein. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-1
Fluc-par6 expression was silenced by co-transfecting a plasmid encoding pri-miRNA1, whereas a pri-miRNA12 expressing construct was used as a negative control. [score:5]
Rluc activity was used to normalize Fluc activity within each sample, and data were normalized to the pri-miR12 treated sample. [score:1]
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The next two miRNAs that showed the strongest activity -dependent decrease belong to the miR-12/304/283 cluster (Figure 3C; miRs-12 and -304 are both downregulated 1.7-fold; p>0.05). [score:4]
Although our miR-12 and miR-304 results were not statistically significant, the observation that two miRNAs potentially under common transcriptional control are equally affected by activity provides strong support for our observations. [score:1]
miRs-12 and -304 are both located in the miR-12/304/283 cluster. [score:1]
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For instance, the expression profiles of dme-mir-304 and dme-mir-12 in cluster 283~12 correlate to one another (r = 0.69), but at the same time the profile of dme-mir-283 does not correlate to both dme-mir-304 (r = 0.04) and dme-mir-12 (r = 0.02). [score:3]
Dme-mir-283* correlates neither to dme-mir-283 itself (r = 0.17) nor to dme-mir-304 (r = 0.1) or dme-mir-12 (r = 0.27) (Figure 3b). [score:1]
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The 7-mer seed match complementary to the 1–7 nt of miR-12, "ATACTCA", has 292 occurrences in Dme, with 71 conserved in the Dme-Dps pair. [score:1]
Take a reference miR-12 as the example. [score:1]
And ten pre-miRNAs also predicted mature parts on the star (*) arm (mir-305, mir-79, let-7, mir-2a-2, mir-8, mir-7, mir-9a, mir-316, mir-34, mir-12). [score:1]
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Most of the C. elegans_Drosophila ≥70% miRNA homologs have ≥7 nt identity at the 5′ end except cel-miR-239a_dme-miR-12, cel-miR-252_dme-miR-252 and cel-miR-250_dme-miR-1007. [score:1]
Moreover, dme-miR-3, dme-miR-12 and dme-miR-318 are listed in both fly_nematode and fly_human groups but not in the fly_nematode_human group because their corresponding C. elegans and H. sapiens homologs are not cross related in sequence under our criteria. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-2a-1, dme-mir-2a-2, dme-mir-2b-1, dme-mir-2b-2, dme-mir-9a, dme-mir-10, dme-mir-13a, dme-mir-13b-1, dme-mir-13b-2, dme-mir-276a, dme-mir-133, dme-mir-276b, dme-mir-210, dme-mir-31b, dme-mir-9c, dme-mir-306, dme-mir-9b, dme-mir-31a, dme-mir-309, dme-mir-316, dme-mir-317, dme-mir-2c, ame-mir-12, ame-mir-133, ame-mir-210, ame-mir-276, ame-mir-2-1, ame-mir-2-2, ame-mir-317, ame-mir-9a, ame-mir-9b, bmo-mir-9a, bmo-mir-10, bmo-mir-276, bmo-mir-31, bmo-mir-71, ame-mir-10, ame-mir-137, ame-mir-13a, ame-mir-2-3, ame-mir-29b, ame-mir-31a, ame-mir-375, ame-mir-71, ame-mir-932, dme-mir-193, dme-mir-375, dme-mir-932, dme-mir-970, dme-mir-971, dme-mir-989, dme-mir-137, dme-mir-1006, dme-mir-1007, bmo-mir-2a-1, bmo-mir-2a-2, bmo-mir-2b, bmo-mir-13a, bmo-mir-13b, bmo-mir-133, bmo-mir-210, bmo-mir-317, tca-mir-2-3, tca-mir-2-1, tca-mir-2-2, tca-mir-10, tca-mir-12, tca-mir-13a, tca-mir-13b, tca-mir-31, tca-mir-71, tca-mir-133, tca-mir-137, tca-mir-210, tca-mir-276, tca-mir-317, tca-mir-932, tca-mir-9b, bmo-mir-12, bmo-mir-137, bmo-mir-932, bmo-mir-9b, tca-mir-9a, tca-mir-970, ame-mir-13b, ame-mir-1006, ame-mir-316, bmo-mir-970, lmi-mir-276, lmi-mir-210, lmi-mir-10, lmi-mir-9a, bmo-mir-9c, bmo-mir-306a, bmo-mir-989a, bmo-mir-316, bmo-mir-1175, bmo-mir-9d, bmo-mir-750, bmo-mir-375, bmo-mir-306b, api-mir-137, api-mir-10, api-mir-276, api-mir-13a, api-mir-210, api-mir-29, api-mir-2a, api-mir-2b, api-mir-2c, api-mir-316, api-mir-317, api-mir-71, api-mir-971, api-mir-9a, api-mir-9b, api-mir-306, api-mir-3049, bmo-mir-989b, ame-mir-1175, ame-mir-193, ame-mir-989, ame-mir-3049, ame-mir-971, ame-mir-3770, ame-mir-9c, ame-mir-306, ame-mir-750, tca-mir-9c, tca-mir-316, tca-mir-9d, tca-mir-309a, tca-mir-3049, tca-mir-375, tca-mir-29, tca-mir-1175, tca-mir-750, tca-mir-989, tca-mir-309b, tca-mir-193, tca-mir-6012, tca-mir-9e, ame-mir-6037, ame-mir-6012, ame-mir-2b, tca-mir-309c, tca-mir-971b
In D. melanogaster, three of the miRNA families lost in A. pisum (MIR-216, MIR-22 and MIR-12) are located on the X chromosome 22. [score:1]
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Other examples of clustered miRNAs or multicopy miRNAs include: novel miRNA C5152a antisense to C5152b; novel C5303 overlapping ame-mir-137; ame-mir-9b overlapping the ame-mir-79 locus, but on the opposite strand; ame-mir-12 near ame-mir-283; ame-mir-275 near ame-mir-305; ame-mir-277 near ame-mir-317 and ame-mir-34; C1504 near ame-mir-375; and ame-let-7 on the same scaffold as ame-mir-100. [score:1]
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