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4 publications mentioning cbr-let-7

Open access articles that are associated with the species Caenorhabditis briggsae and mention the gene name let-7. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Expression of let-7 RNA is temporally regulated with robust expression in the fourth larval and adult states. [score:6]
A growing body of evidence suggests that the human let-7 expression is misregulated in many human cancers, and restoration of let-7 expression may be a useful therapeutic option in cancers (Boyerinas et al. 2010). [score:6]
It would be interesting to see whether the other two predicted modules drive let-7 expression in those cells. [score:3]
let-7 is also expressed in the anchor cell at L3 and in the distal tip cells at the adult stage (Esquela-Kerscher et al. 2005). [score:3]
Currently there is only one miRNA, let-7, whose promoter region sequences has been dissected to identify regulatory sequences. [score:2]
Figure 3Comparison between predicted CRM with experimentally defined CRM in intron regions and in miRNA let-7 promoter region. [score:1]
The let-7 family of microRNAs, first discovered in C. elegans, is functionally conserved from worms to humans. [score:1]
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Ecsedi et al. have found through editing the endogenous let-7 target site that, although let-7 has numerous targets including LET-60/RAS, it does not function to reduce gene expression noise broadly but instead functions to direct vulval development by regulating a single primary target, LIN-41/TRIM71 [60]. [score:12]
Ecsedi M. Rausch M. GroƟhans H. The let-7 microRNA directs vulval development through a single target Dev. [score:5]
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For example, the predicted targets for worm let-7 includes hbl-1, a gene that is likely regulated by let-7 [24]. [score:4]
For example, it does not predict lin-41 as being a target of let-7 in C. elegans, because this interaction involves a non-Watson-Crick pairing [43] and relatively extensive complementarity across the entire length of the miRNA/mRNA duplex. [score:3]
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VIG-1, the C. elegans ortholog of Drosophila VASA intronic gene which regulates transition between larval and adult cellular fates though interaction with the let-7 miRNA [73], was identified in five of our eight species. [score:2]
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