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Open access articles that are associated with the species Rattus norvegicus and mention the gene name mir-291a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Other miRNAs from this paper: rno-mir-216a, rno-mir-543, rno-mir-760, rno-mir-490, rno-mir-291b
The expression level of miR-291a-3p associated with the susceptibility of rats to the learned helplessness paradigm e. g. increased expression in NLH animals and decreased expression in LH animals. [score:7]
The expression pattern of miR-291a shows an upregulation in NLH rats and a dowregulation in LH rats, compared to controls. [score:6]
As mentioned previously, the expression pattern for miR-291a and miR-367 correlates with the response to LH, while miR-18b is regulated in response to footshock in general. [score:4]
Strikingly, we observe recurrent hits on, neutrophin signaling, and ErbB signaling from the predicted targets of miR-18b, miR-291a, miR-760, and miR-367. [score:3]
Displaying the most significant KEGG pathways predicted to be targeted by the indicated miRNAs for A) miR-18b-5p, B) miR-291-3p, C) miR-760-5p and D) miR-367-3p. [score:3]
The ErbB pathway was found in the target analysis of miR-291a and miR-18b in the MHb. [score:3]
The neurotrophin pathway appears in the target analysis of miR-18b and miR-291a of the MHb and in miR-367 of the LHb. [score:3]
However, this is contradicted by the expression pattern of miR-291a in the MHb, which associates with the behavioural response to the LH paradigm. [score:3]
The expression patterns of miR-291a and miR-367 are particularly interesting. [score:3]
0160318.g005 Fig 5Displaying the most significant KEGG pathways predicted to be targeted by the indicated miRNAs for A) miR-18b-5p, B) miR-291-3p, C) miR-760-5p and D) miR-367-3p. [score:3]
Two of these were from the MHb analysis; miR-18b, miR-291a and the other two were from the LHb analysis; miR-760, miR-367. [score:1]
Follow-up studies are needed to show whether manipulating miRNA’s such as miR-291a and miR-367 associate with stress coping abilities in resilient rats. [score:1]
miR-18b-5p and miR-291-3p were identified in the medial habenula. [score:1]
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Notably, we found miR-222, miR-291-3p, miR-183, miR-363-3p, miR-92, miR-19a and miR-145 as down-regulated miRNAs between E11 and E13 and whose expression was negatively correlated with the expression of their predicted targets. [score:10]
Additional support for this hypothesis was provided by the miRNA-TF mRNA network analysis in Figure 8. We found four down-regulated miRNAs (miR-92, miR-183, miR-222 and miR-291-3p) that were predicted to target multiple TFs, which were up-regulated in E13 ENPs. [score:9]
Focusing on the down-regulated miRNAs that had a significant negative correlation in Figure 6, we performed network analysis and identified miR-92, miR-183, miR-222 and miR-291-3p as predicted to target multiple TFs that were up-regulated in E13 ENPs (Figure 8). [score:9]
The number of mRNAs down-regulated between E11 and E13 encoding proteins involved in cell cycle regulation (see additional file 3), and the expression of miR-290, miR-291-3p, and miR-292-3p, are interpreted as an indication of the proliferative phenotype of the E11 ENPs, which likely contain cells that are only a cell division away from neural stem cells. [score:7]
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rno-miR-675-5p 4.143757751 Premature senescence of cardiac progenitor cells, G1 arrest, reduced cell proliferation, colony formation, migration and invasion rno-miR-183-3p 3.74730108 Regulates claudin-1 expression rno-miR-299a-5p 3.626723224 Anti-apoptotic role rno-miR-200c-3p 3.593610443 Targets the VEGF-VEGFR2 pathway and angiogenesis rno-miR-665 3.511737089 Negatively targets anti-apoptotic BCL2L1 rno-miR-291a-5p 3.457928187 VSMC migration rno-miR-490-5p 2.373358 Tumour suppressor rno-miR-1 2.505729 Suppresses cell growth rno-miR-133b 2.192279 Inhibits cell proliferation and invasion rno-miR-30c-1-3p 2.70761 Suppresses PXR expression rno-miR-294 2.010496 Promotes proliferation and differentiation rno-miR-127-5p 2.780488 A regulator of MMP-13 and suppresses cell growth rno-miR-503 2.327383 Inhibits cell proliferation and invasion Table 2 Twenty down-regulated miRNAs. [score:26]
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Caspase-3 was a potential target of the downregulated miR-376b-3p, calpain 2 was a potential target of the upregulated miR-199a-3p, and iNOS was a potential target of downregulated miR-291a-5p (Figure  4B). [score:16]
The predicted target gene of downregulated miR-291a-5p was inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). [score:6]
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Among these four miRNAs, only miR-291a-3p was upregulated in the lead-treatment alone group, in which the expression of Uc. [score:6]
Analysis of miRSystem revealed among the eight miRNAs, four miRNAs (miR-291a-3p, miR-295-3p, miR-302b-3p and miR-302d-3p) have apoptosis -associated target genes (PI3K, NIK and Cn) or a DNA-damage repair -associated target gene (RAD23B). [score:5]
173 likely inhibits apoptosis through the mediation of miR-291a-3p, which needs further studies to verify. [score:3]
173 potentially regulated apoptosis through the mediation of miR-291a-3p. [score:2]
173 (miR-186-5p, miR-208a-5p, miR-291a-3p, miR-294-3p, miR-295-3p, miR-302a-3p, miR-302b-3p, miR-302c-3p and miR-302d-3p). [score:1]
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Members of the miR-290-295 cluster (miR-290, miR-291a, miR-292, miR-291b, miR-293, miR-294 and miR-295-1) were the most abundant among known miRNAs that were upregulated in rat PSCs. [score:4]
Some miRNAs, such as miR-291, miR-294 and miR-295, can enhance reprogramming that is induced by OSK factors [22]. [score:1]
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Among those differently expressed microRNAs, miR-291a-5p, mir-294, miR-29a, and miR-29b were further detected by qRT-PCR, and the results were consistent with the microRNA array analysis (Fig. 2C). [score:3]
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analysis confirmed the direction and amplitude of all miRNA changes with the exception of let-7d, miR-25*, miR-187, miR-291a-5p, miR-292-5p, miR-365, miR-431, miR-487b, miR-615-5p, miR-743a, miR-20b-3p, miR-199a-3p which remained unaltered or showed no statistical significance. [score:2]
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In addition, the neural progenitor cells isolated by LCM exhibited increases in miR-146a, miR-146b, miR-210, miR-19b and miR-378 and decreases in miR-128, miR-291a-3p, and miR-139-5p (Fig. 3A to 3C), which are consistent with the array data findings. [score:1]
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