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a ADIPOR2 is targeted by miR-20b and let-7c, b INSIG1 is targeted by miR-182, miR-183, and miR-454, c MAPK4K4 is targeted by miR-29a, d FASN is targeted by miR-107, e FADS2 is targeted by let-7c, f ELOVL2 is targeted by miR-10b, g HMGCS1 is targeted by miR-18a, and h MSMO1 is targeted by miR-20b and miR-454 To further explore miRNA regulatory networks associated with the metabolic switch, we identified potential metabolic mRNA targets for let-7c, miR-20b, and miR-183 using in silico target prediction in combination with IPA pathway analysis. [score:22]
MiR-20b was selected, because its expression was downregulated in the liver upon hatching (Fig. 3b) and because it was confirmed to regulate several upregulated metabolic genes, such as ADIPOR2, FADS1, and MSMO1 (Fig. 4b). [score:9]
We found that miR-20b was downregulated in the liver upon hatching and that it was predicted to regulate several upregulated metabolic genes, like ADIPOR2 and MSMO1 (Figs.   1, 2 and 3). [score:8]
Two miRNAs which were downregulated in the posthatch liver, let-7c and miR-20b, were predicted to regulate ADIPOR2 expression (Figs. 1 and 3a). [score:7]
MSMO1 mRNA was increased 15-fold in the posthatch liver and is targeted by two downregulated miRNAs, miR-20b and miR-454 (Fig. 3h). [score:6]
For example, increased expression of miR-421 after hatching might decrease levels of FOXO3, which would lead to decreased expression of miR-20b. [score:5]
The predicted regulation of ADIPOR2 mRNA by both let-7c and miR-20b and the regulation of MSMO1 by miR-20b and FADS2 by let-7c, strongly suggests that let-7c and miR-20b are critical regulators of hepatic metabolic processes during the switch from embryonic to posthatch development. [score:5]
Potential regulatory proteins controlling expression of miR-20b were identified using a yeast-one hybrid system. [score:4]
In silico target prediction indicates that miR-20b may regulate multiple genes associated with cholesterol metabolism (Table 2). [score:4]
Potential regulatory proteins of miR-20b expression included ZNF143, HIF1A, FOXO3, and EGR1. [score:4]
Potential regulatory proteins, with multiple hits in the library screen of miR-20b expression, included ZNF143 (8 clones), HIF1A (14 clones), FOXO3 (14 clones), and EGR1 (12 clones). [score:4]
Predicted promoter regions for one of these, miR-20b, were used in yeast-one hybrid assays to identify proteins that could regulate its expression. [score:3]
In summary, our yeast one-hybrid screening of miR-20b, which is associated with the hepatic metabolic switch, revealed that transcription regulators of important metabolic genes also potentially regulate metabolism -associated miRNAs. [score:3]
Other validated miRNA target genes include FADS1 (let-7c, miR-20b, and miR-183), FADS2 (let-7c), and SQLE (let-7c and miR-183) (Fig. 4). [score:3]
Decreased levels of miR-20b would, in turn, lead to increased expression of FADS1 and MSMO1. [score:3]
Luciferase assays for (a) let-7c, (b) miR-20b, (c) miR-183, and a scrambled sequence (SC) for target gene validation are shown. [score:2]
This analysis revealed that all three miRNAs, (let-7c, miR-20b, and miR-183), potentially regulate a number of genes associated with lipid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism (Table 2). [score:2]
Of note, chicken ACOX1 can also be regulated by miR-20b (Fig. 4b). [score:2]
Identification of potential regulatory factors of gga-miR-20b. [score:2]
A bait strain containing the gga-miR-20b promoter cassette was generated following the manufacturer’s instructions. [score:1]
Briefly, Y1H Gold yeast were transformed with 1 μg of linearized (using BstBI) pAbAi- gga-miR-20b-pro vector and yeast with positive cassette integration were selected using SD-Ura media. [score:1]
Y1H Gold-pAbAi- gga-miR-20b-pro yeast were then tested on SD-Ura containing a range of Aureobasidin A (Aba) concentrations to determine the optimal Aba concentration for library screening (350 ng/mL). [score:1]
MSMO1 is a sterol-C4-methyl oxidase involved in cholesterol biosynthesis, and we validated a miR-20b recognition site within the 3′-UTR of chicken MSMO1 (Fig. 4b). [score:1]
The cDNA library (4.9 μg) was transformed into the Y1H Gold-pAbAi- gga-miR-20b-pro yeast following the manufacturer’s instructions and screened on SD-Leu media containing 350 ng/mL Aba. [score:1]
The upstream region (~4 kb) of gga-miR-20b was obtained from Ensembl (http://useast. [score:1]
These included ACAT2 and CYP51A1 for let-7c (Fig. 4a), ABCD3 and ACSBG2 for miR-20b (Fig. 4b), and HACD2 for miR-183 (Fig. 4c). [score:1]
DF1 cells were infected with either RCAS- gga-let-7c, RCAS- gga-miR-20b, RCAS- gga-miR-183 or RCAS- SC (M. O. I. of 1) and maintained in a 96-well plate in RPMI 1640 with 1% heat-inactivated FBS, L-glutamine, penicillin (100 U/ml), streptomycin (100 μg/ml), and fungizone (4 μg/ml), at 37 °C with 5% CO [2]. [score:1]
html), and promoter-like elements upstream of gga-miR-20b were predicted using PROSCAN [21]. [score:1]
For miR-20b, 10 genes were selected for validation, and for miR-183, 11 genes were chosen for validation. [score:1]
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C: Isomir expression plots between the Heart and Embryo showing uniform differential isomir expression patterns for mir-499-3p, mir-125b-5p, mir-20b-5p and mir-219-3p, respectively. [score:5]
In contrast, significant differences in expression for the miR20b-5p transcript could not be confirmed by qPCR. [score:3]
Figure 6B shows similar patterns of differential expression for all isomirs related to gga-mir-499-3p, gga-mir-125b-5p, gga-mir-20b-5p and gga-mir-219-3p. [score:3]
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For example, a comparison of miRNA expression profiles in proliferating myoblasts and differentiated myotubes revealed that miR-221 and miR-222 are down-regulated upon differentiation of primary and established myogenic cells, whereas miR-21, miR-103, miR-130, miR-99, miR-30 and miR20 are up-regulated [19, 33], suggesting that these miRNAs play important roles in the transition between proliferation and differentiation of muscle cells. [score:9]
In addition to miR-206, miR-1 and miR-181, nine other miRNAs among the most abundant in these libraries (miR-221, miR-222, miR-21, miR-103, miR-130, miR-99, miR-30, miR20, and miR128) have been implicated in the proliferation and differentiation of muscle cells (Table 1) [15, 19, 33]. [score:1]
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Previous studies have validated the connection between AGO2 and early disease-related death in MM patients [34], and AGO2 silencing has been shown to inhibit cell viability in MM cell lines through decreased miR-106a, miR-106b, miR-17-5p and miR-20b expression and consequent further activation of the cyclin -dependent kinase inhibitors p21Waf1/Cip1 and p27Kip1 [29]. [score:9]
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Let-7b is a key regulator of development [35], while miR-17-5p, miR-20a and miR-20b are members of miR-17 family, which play important roles during embryo development [63]. [score:4]
Approximately 15.34% of the DEGs are targeted by at least two DEMs, and the LASP1 gene is regulated by seven DEMs (miR-24, miR-133a, miR-133b, let-7b, miR-20a, miR-20b and miR-130b). [score:4]
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In addition, the similar phenomenon was also observed in S. mansoni (miR-4, miR-6, miR-9, miR-32, miR-125, miR-3, and miR-5 were expressed in adult worms only, and miR-20, miR-18, miR-22, miR-26, and bantam were expressed in schistosomula only) (Simoes et al., 2011). [score:5]
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The SDE miRNAs with high fold-changes were all down-regulated in L30, including miR-146b-5p (−8.50-fold), miR-24-3p (−7.39-fold), miR-146a-5p (−5.96-fold), miR-221-5p (−5.85-fold), miR-7b (−5.35-fold), miR-147 (−5.11-fold), miR-20-5p (−4.59-fold), and miR-140b-5p (−4.57-fold). [score:4]
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The miRNAs which showed significant increase upon CD40L-stimulation included gga-miR-21, gga-miR-155, gga-miR-146a, gga-miR-20b, gga-miR-106, gga-miR-222 and gga-miR-22 (Figure 2). [score:1]
The miRNAs which showed significant increase upon CD40L-stimulation included gga-miR-21, gga-miR-155, gga-miR-146a, gga-miR-20b, gga-miR-106, gga-miR-222, and gga-miR-22. [score:1]
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