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Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-523. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The plasma expression level of let-7d, miR-150, miR-339, and miR-342 was down-regulated whilst that of let-7b, and miR-523 was up-regulated in the AML group compared to healthy controls (Figure 1). [score:8]
The plasma expression level of let-7d, miR-150, miR-339, and miR-342 was down-regulated whilst that of let-7b, and miR-523 was up-regulated in the AML group at diagnosis compared to healthy controls. [score:8]
Among these miRs, two were upregulated (Let-7b, miR-523) and four were downregulated (let-7d, miR-150, miR-339, and miR-342). [score:7]
Among those eight microRNAs, seven were confimed by qRT-PCR; let-7b and miR-523 were upregulated whilst others were downregulated including the two highly significant microRNAs, miR-150, and miR-342. [score:7]
Moreover, we compared the difference in let-7b, let-7d, miR-150, miR-339, miR-342, and miR-523 expression between AML patients and healthy controls and obtained the same differences in their expression regardless of whether cel-miR-39 or miR-16 was used as the normalizer (Figure 3), which further supports that miR-16 is a stable reference in this study. [score:4]
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Using TaqMan miRNA microarray and quantitative real-time RT-PCR, Fayyad-Kazan found that the expression of let-7d, miR-150, miR-339, and miR-342 was down-regulated, and let-7b, and miR-523 was up-regulated in AML patient plasma compared to normal controls. [score:8]
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This hypothesis is supported by the finding that miR-518d-3p, miR-518f-3p, and miR-523-3p, up-regulated in oocytes, are members of the C19MC cluster, in the same way of some O-miRNAs. [score:4]
In contrast, 11 miRNAs (miR-9-5p, miR-184, miR-328-3p, miR-363-3p, miR-372-3p, miR-518d-3p, miR-518f-3p miR-523-3p, miR-618, miR-625-5p, and miR-628-5p) were significantly up-regulated in human oocytes (with respect to FF) (Figure 3B and Supplementary Table S1). [score:4]
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B) ROC Curve for miR-523, miR-218, miR-142-3p,miR-27a,miR-376c,miR-374. [score:1]
miRNA ΔΔCT(mean) p-value miR-374 -0.4458 0.454 miR-142-3p -0.4136 0.4322 miR-523 -0.5518 0.3424 miR-374-5p -0.2611 0.6425 miR-376c -0.4312 0.5867 miR-27a -0.3863 0.4776 miR-520d-5p -0.3081 0.7506 miR-122 -0.0856 0.9251 miR-485-3p -0.2611 0.6392 miR-21 -0.3976 0.5261 miR-218 -1.332 0.1659 miR-374 -0.4458 0.454 Comparison of mean ΔΔCT’s for various plasma miRNA from plasma samples drawn from the same 7 individuals on the same day 12 hours apart. [score:1]
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