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miR-550a Downregulates CPEB4 Expression by Directly Targeting its 3′ UTRTo clarify the molecular mechanism responsible for the effect of miR-550a on HCC cell migration and invasion, mRNA microarray assays were performed to identify the genes that were suppressed by miR-550a in both Huh-7 and SK-Hep1 cells transfected with the miR-550a mimic. [score:10]
miR-550a Downregulates CPEB4 Expression by Directly Targeting its 3′ UTR. [score:9]
We also found that miR-550a and CPEB4 expression were inversely associated in HCC samples, which suggested that the downregulation of CPEB4 in HCC may be at least partially due to the upregulation of miR-550a. [score:9]
miR-550a downregulates CPEB4 expression by directly targeting its 3′UTR. [score:9]
The direct, functional miR-550a target gene CPEB4 is commonly suppressed in HCC, and its expression is correlated with HCC patient outcome. [score:8]
Moreover, the downregulation of CPEB4 was correlated with the upregulation of miR-550a in these HCC samples (Figure 4G). [score:7]
The miR-550a inhibitor and siRNAs targeting CPEB4 were co -transfected into SMMC-7721 cells in which miR-550a expression was relatively high. [score:7]
We found that the miR-550a DNA copy number was distinctly amplified in HCC, and its expression was evidently upregulated. [score:6]
These data provided further evidence that CPEB4 could inhibit miR-550a -induced HCC cell migration and invasion, suggesting that CPEB4 is a direct and functional target of miR-550a in HCC. [score:6]
After preliminary screening, CPEB4 was identified as a potential target of miR-550a in HCC which was downregulated by miR-550a at the mRNA and protein levels. [score:6]
If miR-550a actually regulates the expression of CPEB4 in HCC, then the expression of these two factors should be inversely correlated in HCC. [score:6]
Importantly, CPEB4 expression is correlated with HCC patient outcome, and miR-550a/ CPEB4 may represent a promising prognostic and therapeutic target in HCC. [score:5]
The results indicated that miR-550a expression was upregulated in 58% of HCC tissues compared with the noncancerous liver tissues (Figure 1A, B). [score:5]
In this study, we verified that the expression of miR-550a is significantly upregulated in HCC tissues compared with noncancerous tissues. [score:5]
0048958.g004 Figure 4 CPEB4 suppresses miR-550a -induced migration&invasion and its expression is inversely correlated with miR-550a in HCC. [score:5]
These data suggest that CPEB4 mRNA expression is negatively correlated with miR-550a expression in HCC. [score:5]
These results mimicked the phenotype induced by miR-550a overexpression and further suggested that CPEB4 may be a functional target of miR-550 in HCC. [score:5]
To further confirm these findings, a miR-550a inhibitor was transfected into SMMC-7721 and MHCC-97L cells to suppress endogenous miR-550a. [score:5]
Collectively, these results indicated that miR-550a could negatively regulate CPEB4 expression by directly binding to its 3′UTR. [score:5]
CPEB4 suppresses miR-550a -induced migration&invasion and its expression is inversely correlated with miR-550a in HCC. [score:5]
The subsequent transwell assays demonstrated that CPEB4 knockdown partly neutralized the suppressive effects of the miR-550a inhibitor on HCC cell migration and invasion (Figure 4C). [score:5]
The transwell assays showed that the miR-550a inhibitor could significantly inhibit the migration and invasion of SMMC-7721 and MHCC-97L cells (Figure 1E, F). [score:4]
Additionally, miR-550 has been found to be upregulated in prolactinomas following bromocriptine treatment [30]. [score:4]
Furthermore, we found that CPEB4 is a direct and functional target of miR-550a. [score:4]
Knockdown of the miR-550a target gene CPEB4 enhanced the migration and invasion of HCC cells. [score:4]
miR-550a is often upregulated in HCC and promotes HCC cell migration and invasion. [score:4]
In this study, we found that miR-550a is frequently upregulated in HCC and facilitates HCC cell migration and invasion. [score:4]
In this study, we verified the upregulation of miR-550a in an independent cohort of HCC samples, and the results were consistent with those of our previous report. [score:4]
miR-550a is Frequently Upregulated in HCC and Accelerates HCC Cell Migration and Invasion. [score:4]
Figure S1 The relative expression of miR-550a in various liver cancer cells. [score:3]
In summary, our findings show that increased miR-550a expression due to DNA amplification increased the migratory and invasive abilities of HCC cells. [score:3]
In the miR-550a lentivirus expression vector pWPXL-miR-550a, the primary miRNA sequence amplified from normal genomic DNA replaced the green fluorescent protein fragment of the pWPXL mock vector. [score:3]
Ectopically expressed miR-550a could promote the migration and invasion of liver cancer cells. [score:3]
The miR-550a inhibitor was synthesized by RiboBio. [score:3]
By integrating the results of these two strategies, 23 genes were found to be possible targets of miR-550a (Figure 2A, Table S5). [score:3]
Table S5 The possible target genes for miR-550a in HCC cells. [score:3]
To further determine whether CPEB4 is regulated by miR-550a through directly binding to its 3′UTR, a luciferase reporter vector containing the wild-type or mutant 3′UTR of CPEB4 was constructed. [score:3]
This mechanistic insight into the effect of miR-550a on cell migration and invasion suggested that the target gene CPEB4 mediated the function of miR-550a in HCC. [score:3]
In addition, miR-550 is differentially expressed in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia [29]. [score:3]
Meanwhile, miR-550a expression was associated with the vascular invasion of HCC, which may be due to the invasion-promoting function of miR-550a in HCC. [score:3]
Recent studies have demonstrated that miR-550 is differentially expressed in gastritis and gastric extranodal marginal zone lymphoma and may have a role in the transition from gastritis to monoclonal B-cell lymphoma [28]. [score:3]
In contrast, the miR-550a inhibitor increased the CPEB4 protein level (Figure 2E). [score:3]
The relative expression level of mature miR-550a was determined in Huh-7 and SK-Hep1 cells infected with pWPXL-miR-550a or control lentivirus. [score:3]
miR-550a Acts by Repressing CPEB4 Expression in HCC. [score:3]
In addition, western blot analyses showed that high miR-550a expression could lead to a decreased CPEB4 protein level in Huh-7 cells. [score:3]
miR-550a Acts by Repressing CPEB4 Expression in HCCTo clarify the effects of CPEB4 in HCC cells, siRNAs against CPEB4 were designed and transfected into HEK 293T cells. [score:3]
The relative expression level of mature miR-550a was detected by TaqMan real-time PCR. [score:3]
Figure S5 The identification of potential miR-550a target genes. [score:3]
To validate the expression of miR-550a in HCC, we detected mature miR-550a in 48 pairs of HCC and matched noncancerous liver tissues by real-time PCR. [score:3]
Next, a lentivirus vector expressing miR-550a was constructed and used to infect Huh-7 and SK-Hep1 cells to establish stable cell lines because these cell lines exhibited relatively low endogenous miR-550a levels. [score:3]
Figure S4 The expression of miR-550a in stable cell lines. [score:3]
In transwell assays, Huh-7 cells overexpressing miR-550a showed enhanced migratory and invasive abilities compared with vector overexpressing cells (Figure 1C, D). [score:3]
The results showed that the mRNA level of CPEB4 was inversely correlated with the expression of miR-550a in these cell lines (Figure 4E). [score:3]
Next, analysis of the CPEB4 3′UTR sequence by TargetScan indicated only one possible binding site for miR-550a, which was highly conserved among humans, chimpanzees, rhesus and mice, et al. (Figure 2B, C). [score:3]
miR-550a expression was relatively low in Huh-7 cells, whereas SMMC-7721 and MHCC-97L cells had a relatively high basal level of miR-550a (Figure S1). [score:3]
To the best of our knowledge, although miR-550 was found to be deregulated in several tumors, there is little data about the function of miR-550a. [score:2]
To clarify the molecular mechanism responsible for the effect of miR-550a on HCC cell migration and invasion, mRNA microarray assays were performed to identify the genes that were suppressed by miR-550a in both Huh-7 and SK-Hep1 cells transfected with the miR-550a mimic. [score:2]
These findings suggested that genes located in this site may play a role in the development of cancers and hinted at a role for miR-550a in HCC. [score:2]
Therefore, we performed a preliminary functional screen of the remaining miRNAs and found that miR-550a could regulate HCC cell motility. [score:2]
Together with our results, these findings indicated that the deregulation of miR-550a could be common to several cancers and may have a functional role. [score:2]
Table S2 The nested PCR primer sequences for miR-550a or 3'UTR of potential target genes. [score:2]
In addition, the endogenous expression of miR-550a in various liver cancer cell lines was evaluated. [score:1]
Subsequently, real-time PCR, dual-luciferase reporter analyses and western blot assays were carried out to verify whether any of these genes was actually regulated by miR-550a (Figure S5A, B and C). [score:1]
In a previous study from our group, miR-550a was identified in a screen and referred to as miR-550-2 [12]. [score:1]
To examine the biological function of miR-550a in HCC, a miR-550a mimic was transfected into two HCC cell lines to determine whether it could affect cell proliferation and motility. [score:1]
According to miRBase, hsa-miR-550 is located in chromosomal region 7p14, and two members of the hsa-miR-550 family have been identified: hsa-miR-550a and hsa-miR-550b. [score:1]
0048958.g001 Figure 1(A, B) The relative expression of mature miR-550a in 48 pairs of HCC tissues and their corresponding noncancerous liver tissues were measured using TaqMan real-time PCR and normalized to U6 snRNA. [score:1]
HEK 293T cells were cultured in 96-well plates and transfected with 50 ng pluc-3′UTR, 10 ng Renilla and 5 pmol miR-550a mimic or negative control. [score:1]
There is statistical significance between the wild-type group and the mutant group with miR-550a transfection. [score:1]
Figure S2 miR-550a has no significant effects on HCC cell growth in vitro. [score:1]
In this study, for the first time, we found that miR-550a could promote the migration and invasion of HCC cells. [score:1]
After co-transfection with a miR-550a mimic, the luciferase activity was significantly reduced in the group that was co -transfected with the vector containing wild-type CPEB4 3′ UTR, while the luciferase activity was not reduced in the mutant 3′UTR group (Figure 2D). [score:1]
Table S3 The information of miR-550a and its 3′UTR vectors. [score:1]
miR-550a is located in 7p14.3, which is frequently amplified in many cancers, such as gastric carcinomas [15], malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNSTs) [16], [17], malignant mesotheliomas (MMs) [18], nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) [19], esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) [20], seminomas [21] and HCC [22]. [score:1]
Figure S3 A miR-550a mimic facilitates HCC cell migration and invasion in vitro. [score:1]
Taken together, these data demonstrated that miR-550a promoted HCC cell migration and invasion. [score:1]
This result suggests that miR-550a binds to the 3′ UTR of CPEB4 via the predicted binding site. [score:1]
We next attempted to determine whether CPEB4 was involved in miR-550a -induced HCC cell migration and invasion. [score:1]
Virus particles were harvested from HEK 293T cells 48 h after pWPXL-miR-550a transfection with the envelope plasmid pMDG2 and the packaging plasmid psPAX2 using Lipofectamine 2000. [score:1]
Furthermore, miR-550 is among the eight microRNAs that predict sensitivity to prednisone in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia [29]. [score:1]
The expression of miR-550a in the two stable cell lines was measured by real-time PCR (Figure S4). [score:1]
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Set 2 is the list of predicted targets of miRs tested to not inhibit NALM6 growth (i. e. miR-550a, miR-873, miR-381 and miR-432) from TargetScan6.2 or miRDB, while Set 3 is the list of mRNA that is expressed in NALM6, as determined by genome-wide microarray profiling downloaded from the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia and its expression levels are denoted in the microarray dataset as “marginal” or “present”. [score:11]
First, we downloaded the sets of predicted mRNA targets of miR-509-5p and miR-509-3p (Set 1), as well as those of the 4 miRs that we had shown not to inhibit NALM6 growth (i. e. miR-381, miR-432, miR-550a and miR-873; Set 2) from the TargetScan6.2 [37] and/or miRDB [38], [39] miR target prediction databases. [score:9]
Similarly, overexpression of miR-381, miR-550a, miR-873, and miR-432 was achieved by lentiviral transduction (Figure S1E). [score:3]
These results indicate that miR-381, miR-432, miR-550a, and miR-873 do not inhibit growth of NALM6. [score:3]
4 miRs (miR-381, miR-509, miR-550a, and miR-873) and 1 miR cluster (miR-432∼136) inhibited NALM6 growth in at least 2 of 3 replicate screens performed. [score:3]
Similarly, no change in %GFP [+] cells was observed over 35 days in thes for miR-381, miR-550a, miR-873 and miR-432∼136 (Figure S1A-S1D). [score:1]
NALM6 cells were individually transduced with lentivirus of (A) miR-381; (B) miR-550a; (C) miR-873 and (D) miR-432∼136 and empty vector (EV#1) to MOI  = 2. At 7 days after transduction, cells were mixed with mock-transduced cells to 50% GFP [+] cells and this was set as Day 0. The %GFP [+] cells (pre-gated on viable cells) of each culture were assessed weekly by flow cytometry for 35 days. [score:1]
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miR-550 predicted targets (according to DIANA-microT V3.0) included the tumor suppressor BCL11B again suggesting NRF2 up-regulation of this miRNA to promote cellular survival. [score:8]
HBEGF (Papagregoriou et al., 2012) Chr9- 111808509-111808578PIK3IP1 - TSGBTG2 – TSG (Jalava et al., 2012) Chr12, 7072862-7072929ZEB1, FHOD1, PPM1F,TUBB3-TBK1, BMI1-oncogenicPPP2R1B - TSG(Burk et al., 2008)(Jurmeister et al., 2012)(Cochrane et al., 2010)(Lin et al., 2012) miR-550 Chr7, 30329410-30329506 CPEB4 (Tian et al., 2012) Chromosome location and established gene targets and whether these targets can act as an oncogenic or tumour suppressor gene (TSG) miRNA. [score:7]
miR-550 is located in chromosome 7 at 30329410-30329506 and was found to be overexpressed in MALT lymphoma [94], and in pituitary gland tumors post-treatment with bromocriptine, a front-line dopamine agonist [95]. [score:3]
HBEGF (Papagregoriou et al., 2012) Chr9- 111808509-111808578PIK3IP1 - TSGBTG2 – TSG (Jalava et al., 2012) Chr12, 7072862-7072929ZEB1, FHOD1, PPM1F,TUBB3-TBK1, BMI1-oncogenicPPP2R1B - TSG(Burk et al., 2008)(Jurmeister et al., 2012)(Cochrane et al., 2010)(Lin et al., 2012) miR-550 Chr7, 30329410-30329506 CPEB4 (Tian et al., 2012) Aberrant expression of the miR-365/193b cluster has been linked to malignancies such as MM, lung cancer, and colon cancer. [score:3]
Like miR-1207, and miR-617, little work has been done to specifically identify the role of miR-550 in malignancies. [score:1]
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Another recent study shows that overexpressing proline-rich polypeptide (PRP-1) inhibited mTORC1, which resulted in upregulation of certain tumor suppressor miRNAs (miR-125b, miR-192) and downregulation of oncomiRs (miR-550, miR-589, miR-490-3p) (Galoian et al., 2014). [score:13]
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Based on our bioinformatics prediction, mistletoe novel miRNAs might target critical neurotransmitter receptors and neurotransmitter transporters, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptor (GABA [B]) as a putative target of val-miR1086; glutamate metabotropic receptors (mGluRs) as putative targets of val-miR1342, val-miR954, val-miR550, val-miR560, val-miR765, val-miR1086, val-miR550, val-miR1328; dopamine transporter (DAT) as a putative target of val-miR765 and val-miR1110. [score:9]
For example, runt related transcription factor 1 (RUNX1) and lysine methyltransferase 2A (MLL1) are essential for chromosomal translocations in acute myeloid leukemia [52, 53], which were predicted as targets of val-miR1086, val-miR765, val-miR615; and val-miR834 val-miR765, val-miR550, val-miR1127, val-miR954, val-miR1086, val-miR421, respectively. [score:3]
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To confirm the miRNA array data in PC3 cells, qRT-PCR (Taqman technique) was used to confirm the differential expression of three miRNAs (miR-555, miR-654 and miR-182) identified as up-regulated by ATO and three miRNAs (miR-494, miR-1255a and miR-550a) that were down-regulated by ATO. [score:9]
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Functional screening by in vitro transfection of miRNA mimics and inhibitorsMiRNA mimics for miR-1237, miR-365b-5p, miR-550a-5p and miR-135a-3p and miRNA inhibitors for miR-301b, miR-503, miR-542-5p and miR-210 were chosen for further functional investigation. [score:3]
We performed GO analysis and KEGG pathway analysis on the differentially expressed miRNAs, and the results are shown in Supplementary Figure 1. Ultimately, fifteen potential miRNAs associated with the proliferation of osteosarcoma were selected for microarray validation by quantitative real-time RT-PCR analysis, including miR-1237, miR-550a-5p, miR-365b-5p, miR-135a-3p, miR-933, miR-762, miR-629-3p, miR-542-5p, miR-503, miR-301b, miR-210, miR-374a-5p, miR-199a-5p, miR-199a-3p and miR-195-5p. [score:3]
MiRNA mimics for miR-1237, miR-365b-5p, miR-550a-5p and miR-135a-3p and miRNA inhibitors for miR-301b, miR-503, miR-542-5p and miR-210 were chosen for further functional investigation. [score:1]
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HNF1B | miR-214-5p and miR-550a-5pAnother example of a positive effect of a SNP on a disease risk is rs2229295 (C>A), which is located in the 3′-UTR of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-beta (HNF1B) mRNA. [score:3]
Using luciferase reporter vectors, they demonstrated that the A allele constructs were regulated by two miRNAs: miR-214-5p and miR-550a-5p, whereas C allele constructs were not. [score:2]
HNF1B | miR-214-5p and miR-550a-5p. [score:1]
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As demonstrated in Fig. 3A, the expression levels of radiation -induced miRNAs, miR-25, miR-30a and miR-550a, were significantly upregulated in the prostate cancer cells compared with the corresponding normal tissue cells. [score:5]
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Also we failed to retrieve the predicted or validated target genes for 3 miRNAs (hsa-miR-21*, hsa-miR-130b* and hsa-miR-550*) from the database. [score:3]
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Besides, researchers also discovered that the distinct set of five miRNAs (miR-150, miR-550, miR-518b, miR-124a and miR-539) was differentially expressed in gastritis in contrast with MALT lymphoma [66]. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7b, hsa-let-7c, hsa-let-7d, hsa-let-7e, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-16-1, hsa-mir-17, hsa-mir-18a, hsa-mir-19a, hsa-mir-19b-1, hsa-mir-19b-2, hsa-mir-20a, hsa-mir-21, hsa-mir-23a, hsa-mir-25, hsa-mir-26a-1, hsa-mir-27a, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-31, hsa-mir-33a, hsa-mir-92a-1, hsa-mir-92a-2, hsa-mir-93, hsa-mir-96, hsa-mir-99a, hsa-mir-100, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-16-2, hsa-mir-198, hsa-mir-199a-1, hsa-mir-148a, hsa-mir-7-1, hsa-mir-7-2, hsa-mir-7-3, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-10b, hsa-mir-34a, hsa-mir-181a-2, hsa-mir-181b-1, hsa-mir-181c, hsa-mir-182, hsa-mir-199a-2, hsa-mir-199b, hsa-mir-203a, hsa-mir-204, hsa-mir-210, hsa-mir-212, hsa-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-214, hsa-mir-215, hsa-mir-216a, hsa-mir-217, hsa-mir-218-1, hsa-mir-218-2, hsa-mir-219a-1, hsa-mir-221, hsa-mir-222, hsa-mir-223, hsa-mir-224, hsa-let-7g, hsa-let-7i, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-124-1, hsa-mir-124-2, hsa-mir-124-3, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-128-1, hsa-mir-130a, hsa-mir-132, hsa-mir-135a-1, hsa-mir-135a-2, hsa-mir-142, hsa-mir-145, hsa-mir-191, hsa-mir-9-1, hsa-mir-9-2, hsa-mir-9-3, hsa-mir-125a, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-134, hsa-mir-146a, hsa-mir-150, hsa-mir-186, hsa-mir-188, hsa-mir-193a, hsa-mir-194-1, hsa-mir-320a, hsa-mir-155, hsa-mir-181b-2, hsa-mir-128-2, hsa-mir-194-2, hsa-mir-106b, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-219a-2, hsa-mir-34b, hsa-mir-34c, hsa-mir-99b, hsa-mir-130b, hsa-mir-30e, hsa-mir-26a-2, hsa-mir-362, hsa-mir-369, hsa-mir-375, hsa-mir-378a, hsa-mir-382, hsa-mir-340, hsa-mir-328, hsa-mir-342, hsa-mir-151a, hsa-mir-148b, hsa-mir-331, hsa-mir-339, hsa-mir-335, hsa-mir-345, hsa-mir-196b, hsa-mir-424, hsa-mir-425, hsa-mir-20b, hsa-mir-451a, hsa-mir-409, hsa-mir-484, hsa-mir-486-1, hsa-mir-487a, hsa-mir-511, hsa-mir-146b, hsa-mir-496, hsa-mir-181d, hsa-mir-523, hsa-mir-518d, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-501, hsa-mir-532, hsa-mir-487b, hsa-mir-551a, hsa-mir-92b, hsa-mir-572, hsa-mir-580, hsa-mir-550a-2, hsa-mir-590, hsa-mir-599, hsa-mir-612, hsa-mir-624, hsa-mir-625, hsa-mir-627, hsa-mir-629, hsa-mir-33b, hsa-mir-633, hsa-mir-638, hsa-mir-644a, hsa-mir-650, hsa-mir-548d-1, hsa-mir-449b, hsa-mir-550a-3, hsa-mir-151b, hsa-mir-320b-1, hsa-mir-320c-1, hsa-mir-454, hsa-mir-320b-2, hsa-mir-378d-2, hsa-mir-708, hsa-mir-216b, hsa-mir-1290, hsa-mir-320d-1, hsa-mir-320c-2, hsa-mir-320d-2, hsa-mir-378b, hsa-mir-3151, hsa-mir-320e, hsa-mir-378c, hsa-mir-550b-1, hsa-mir-550b-2, hsa-mir-378d-1, hsa-mir-378e, hsa-mir-378f, hsa-mir-378g, hsa-mir-378h, hsa-mir-378i, hsa-mir-219b, hsa-mir-203b, hsa-mir-451b, hsa-mir-499b, hsa-mir-378j, hsa-mir-486-2
Differential expression of miR-18a, miR-532, miR-218, miR-625, miR-193a, miR-638, miR-550 and miR-633 can be used as a marker to predict prednisone response in pediatric ALL patients [76]. [score:3]
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Similarly, miR-423-5p, miR-193b-3p, and miR-550a-5p showed an altered expression level in patients with heart failure [56, 57]. [score:3]
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0008514hsa-miR-39413.390.0064610hsa-miR-39386.030.008213hsa-miR-4983.470.048419hsa-miR-374c-3p6.040.00125Xhsa-miR-548as-3p3.490.0065713hsa-miR-377-5p6.290.0002414hsa-miR-323a-3p3.700.0035014hsa-miR-43246.390.0066919hsa-miR-550a-3p3.710.000747hsa-miR-4436b-5p6.569.0E-052hsa-miR-30e-3p3.750.01335Unknownhsa-miR-11846.640.00266Xhsa-miR-1273e3.830.00201Unknownhsa-miR-56907.226.6E-056hsa-miR-200b-3p3.830.001481hsa-miR-125b-2-3p7.680. [score:1]
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We analyzed 13 miRNAs that showed significant deregulation in the microarray experiments, including hsa-miR-106b, hsa-miR-107, hsa-miR-1280, hsa-miR-151-3p, hsa-miR-17*, hsa-miR-18a, hsa-miR-199a-5p, hsa-miR-20a, hsa-miR-20b, hsa-miR-30a, hsa-miR-362-3p, hsa-miR-550*, and hsa-miR-664, using TaqMan [® ]MicroRNA Assays (Applied Biosystems). [score:1]
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Interestingly, the levels of some of these miRNA seem to change in response to the infiltration of lymphocytes or the presence of H. pylori while only a few (hsa-miR-150, hsa-miR-550, hsa-miR-124a, hsa-miR-518b, and hsa-miR-539) were associated with lymphoma and presented a steady increase from gastritis to MALT (Thorns et al., 2012). [score:1]
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miR-550. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-mir-17, hsa-mir-19a, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-198, hsa-mir-208a, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-223, hsa-mir-122, hsa-mir-124-1, hsa-mir-124-2, hsa-mir-124-3, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-9-1, hsa-mir-9-2, hsa-mir-9-3, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-146a, hsa-mir-150, hsa-mir-155, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-99b, hsa-mir-296, hsa-mir-196b, hsa-mir-515-1, hsa-mir-515-2, hsa-mir-548a-1, hsa-mir-548b, hsa-mir-548a-2, hsa-mir-550a-2, hsa-mir-548a-3, hsa-mir-548c, hsa-mir-640, hsa-mir-548d-1, hsa-mir-548d-2, hsa-mir-550a-3, bta-mir-29a, bta-mir-125b-1, bta-mir-126, bta-mir-10a, bta-mir-124a-1, bta-mir-17, bta-mir-29b-2, bta-mir-29c, bta-mir-150, bta-mir-122, bta-mir-125b-2, bta-mir-19a, bta-mir-99b, hsa-mir-208b, hsa-mir-548e, hsa-mir-548j, hsa-mir-548k, hsa-mir-548l, hsa-mir-548f-1, hsa-mir-548f-2, hsa-mir-548f-3, hsa-mir-548f-4, hsa-mir-548f-5, hsa-mir-548g, hsa-mir-548n, hsa-mir-548m, hsa-mir-548o, hsa-mir-548h-1, hsa-mir-548h-2, hsa-mir-548h-3, hsa-mir-548h-4, hsa-mir-548p, hsa-mir-548i-1, hsa-mir-548i-2, hsa-mir-548i-3, hsa-mir-548i-4, bta-mir-124a-2, bta-mir-124b, bta-mir-146a, bta-mir-155, bta-mir-196b, bta-mir-208a, bta-mir-208b, bta-mir-223, bta-mir-296, bta-mir-29d, bta-mir-9-1, bta-mir-9-2, bta-mir-29e, bta-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-548q, bta-mir-2284i, bta-mir-2285a, bta-mir-2284s, bta-mir-2285d, bta-mir-2284l, bta-mir-2284j, bta-mir-2284t, bta-mir-2285b-1, bta-mir-2284d, bta-mir-2284n, bta-mir-2284g, bta-mir-2284p, bta-mir-2284u, bta-mir-2284f, bta-mir-2284a, bta-mir-2284k, bta-mir-2284c, bta-mir-2284v, bta-mir-2285c, bta-mir-2284q, bta-mir-2284m, bta-mir-2284b, bta-mir-2284r, bta-mir-2284h, bta-mir-2284o, bta-mir-2284e, hsa-mir-548s, hsa-mir-548t, hsa-mir-548u, hsa-mir-548v, hsa-mir-548w, hsa-mir-548x, bta-mir-2284w, bta-mir-2284x, hsa-mir-548y, hsa-mir-550b-1, hsa-mir-550b-2, hsa-mir-548z, hsa-mir-548aa-1, hsa-mir-548aa-2, hsa-mir-548o-2, hsa-mir-548h-5, hsa-mir-548ab, hsa-mir-548ac, hsa-mir-548ad, hsa-mir-548ae-1, hsa-mir-548ae-2, hsa-mir-548ag-1, hsa-mir-548ag-2, hsa-mir-548ah, hsa-mir-548ai, hsa-mir-548aj-1, hsa-mir-548aj-2, hsa-mir-548x-2, hsa-mir-548ak, hsa-mir-548al, hsa-mir-548am, hsa-mir-548an, hsa-mir-548ao, hsa-mir-548ap, hsa-mir-548aq, hsa-mir-548ar, hsa-mir-548as, hsa-mir-548at, hsa-mir-548au, hsa-mir-548av, hsa-mir-548aw, hsa-mir-548ax, bta-mir-2284y-1, bta-mir-2285e-1, bta-mir-2285e-2, bta-mir-2285f-1, bta-mir-2285f-2, bta-mir-2285g-1, bta-mir-2285h, bta-mir-2285i, bta-mir-2285j-1, bta-mir-2285j-2, bta-mir-2285k-1, bta-mir-2285l, hsa-mir-548ay, hsa-mir-548az, bta-mir-2285o-1, bta-mir-2285o-2, bta-mir-2285n-1, bta-mir-2285n-2, bta-mir-2285p, bta-mir-2285m-1, bta-mir-2285m-2, bta-mir-2284y-2, bta-mir-2285n-3, bta-mir-2285n-4, bta-mir-2284y-3, bta-mir-2285o-3, bta-mir-2285o-4, bta-mir-2285m-3, bta-mir-2284y-4, bta-mir-2284y-5, bta-mir-2284y-6, bta-mir-2285m-4, bta-mir-2285o-5, bta-mir-2285m-5, bta-mir-2285n-5, bta-mir-2285n-6, bta-mir-2284y-7, bta-mir-2285n-7, bta-mir-2284z-1, bta-mir-2284aa-1, bta-mir-2285k-2, bta-mir-2284z-3, bta-mir-2284aa-2, bta-mir-2284aa-3, bta-mir-2285k-3, bta-mir-2285k-4, bta-mir-2284z-4, bta-mir-2285k-5, bta-mir-2284z-5, bta-mir-2284z-6, bta-mir-2284z-7, bta-mir-2284aa-4, bta-mir-2285q, bta-mir-2285r, bta-mir-2285s, bta-mir-2285t, bta-mir-2285b-2, bta-mir-2285v, bta-mir-2284z-2, bta-mir-2285g-2, bta-mir-2285g-3, bta-mir-2285af-1, bta-mir-2285af-2, bta-mir-2285y, bta-mir-2285w, bta-mir-2285x, bta-mir-2285z, bta-mir-2285u, bta-mir-2285aa, bta-mir-2285ab, bta-mir-2284ab, bta-mir-2285ac, bta-mir-2285ad, bta-mir-2284ac, bta-mir-2285ae, hsa-mir-548ba, hsa-mir-548bb, hsa-mir-548bc, bta-mir-2285ag, bta-mir-2285ah, bta-mir-2285ai, bta-mir-2285aj, bta-mir-2285ak, bta-mir-2285al, bta-mir-2285am, bta-mir-2285ar, bta-mir-2285as-1, bta-mir-2285as-2, bta-mir-2285as-3, bta-mir-2285at-1, bta-mir-2285at-2, bta-mir-2285at-3, bta-mir-2285at-4, bta-mir-2285au, bta-mir-2285av, bta-mir-2285aw, bta-mir-2285ax-1, bta-mir-2285ax-2, bta-mir-2285ax-3, bta-mir-2285ay, bta-mir-2285az, bta-mir-2285an, bta-mir-2285ao-1, bta-mir-2285ao-2, bta-mir-2285ap, bta-mir-2285ao-3, bta-mir-2285aq-1, bta-mir-2285aq-2, bta-mir-2285ba-1, bta-mir-2285ba-2, bta-mir-2285bb, bta-mir-2285bc, bta-mir-2285bd, bta-mir-2285be, bta-mir-2285bf-1, bta-mir-2285bf-2, bta-mir-2285bf-3, bta-mir-2285bg, bta-mir-2285bh, bta-mir-2285bi-1, bta-mir-2285bi-2, bta-mir-2285bj-1, bta-mir-2285bj-2, bta-mir-2285bk, bta-mir-2285bl, bta-mir-2285bm, bta-mir-2285bn, bta-mir-2285bo, bta-mir-2285bp, bta-mir-2285bq, bta-mir-2285br, bta-mir-2285bs, bta-mir-2285bt, bta-mir-2285bu-1, bta-mir-2285bu-2, bta-mir-2285bv, bta-mir-2285bw, bta-mir-2285bx, bta-mir-2285by, bta-mir-2285bz, bta-mir-2285ca, bta-mir-2285cb, bta-mir-2285cc, bta-mir-2285cd, bta-mir-2285ce, bta-mir-2285cf, bta-mir-2285cg, bta-mir-2285ch, bta-mir-2285ci, bta-mir-2285cj, bta-mir-2285ck, bta-mir-2285cl, bta-mir-2285cm, bta-mir-2285cn, bta-mir-2285co, bta-mir-2285cp, bta-mir-2285cq, bta-mir-2285cr-1, bta-mir-2285cr-2, bta-mir-2285cs, bta-mir-2285ct, bta-mir-2285cu, bta-mir-2285cv-1, bta-mir-2285cv-2, bta-mir-2285cw-1, bta-mir-2285cw-2, bta-mir-2285cx, bta-mir-2285cy, bta-mir-2285cz, bta-mir-2285da, bta-mir-2285db, bta-mir-2285dc, bta-mir-2285dd, bta-mir-2285de, bta-mir-2285df, bta-mir-2285dg, bta-mir-2285dh, bta-mir-2285di, bta-mir-2285dj, bta-mir-2285dk, bta-mir-2285dl-1, bta-mir-2285dl-2, bta-mir-2285dm
These include the majority of miRNAs numbered from miR-550 to miR-640; some 200 miRNAs, which include the hsa-miR-515 cluster (11 miRNAs), and interestingly, the miR-548 family. [score:1]
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