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Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-600. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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B. Histograms of percent expression (mean and standard deviation) of target positivity (A/B*100, where A is the number of Alexa Fluor positive cells and B is the number of total (DAPI) cells per given field) obtained from Columbus analysis showing alterations in the expression of kRAS, FOXP2, FOSL2 and MEGF10 after hsa-miR-1206 inhibition; KI-67 after hsa-miR-600 inhibition; MYCN and DCLK1 (after hsa-miR-548a-5P inhibition; IFNγ, CD8, NF2, GRB10, kRAS after hsa-miR-513a-5P inhibition and, CCND1, NKX3.2, PhPT1, CD8, NF2 after hsa-miR-1908 inhibition. [score:17]
To verify the function of identified circulating miRNAs on the putative target proteins, we inhibited five human specific miRNAs, 2 upregulated (hsa-miR-1908; hsa-miR-513a-5P) and 3 downregulated (hsa-miR-1206; hsa-miR-548a-5P; hsa-miR-600) and examined for the miRNA -dependent modulations in protein targets. [score:13]
We examined the cellular localization and expression levels of kRAS, FOXP2, FOSL2, MEGF10 (after hsa-miR-1206 inhibition), CCND1, NKX3.2, PhPT1, CD8, NF2 (after hsa-miR-1908 inhibition), IFNγ, CD8, NF2, GRB10, kRAS (after hsa-miR-513a-5P inhibition), KI-67 (after hsa-miR-600 inhibition), MYCN and DCLK1, (after hsa-miR-548a-5P inhibition) in SH-SY5Y cells using Operetta high content quantitative confocal imaging. [score:13]
For this, we selectively silenced five human (non-homologous) specific miRNAs, 2 upregulated (hsa-miR-1908; hsa-miR-513a-5P) and 3 downregulated (hsa-miR-1206; hsa-miR-548a-5P; hsa-miR-600) and examined for the alterations in 14 different critical protein targets including kRAS, CCND1, MYCN, IFNγ, CD8, NF2, KI-67, FOXP2, MYCN, FOSL2, GRB10, NKX3.2, DCLK1, PhPT1 and MEGF10 (Figure 7A). [score:9]
Inhibition of miR-600 significantly (P<0.001) increased the translation of its target protein KI-67 (Figure 7B). [score:7]
Transient transfection of parental SH-SY5Y cells with hsa-miR-1908-, hsa-miR-513a-5P-, hsa-miR-1206-hsa-miR-548a-5P-, hsa-miR-600 -inhibitors (MISSION [®] Synthetic miRNA Inhibitors, Sigma-Aldrich) were carried out by using Neon electroporation transfection system (Life Technologies). [score:5]
Similarly, of 46 suppressed miRNAs, we recognized 14 human-specific non-homologous miRNAs, including miR-1206, miR-548a-5p, miR-548f, miR-576-5p, miR-600, miR-639, miR-640, miR-641, miR-647, miR-662, miR-886-3p, miR-887, miR-628-3p, and miR-888. [score:3]
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Specifically, among these 1137 aberrantly expressed genes, 84 genes were predicted to be targeted by miR-28-5p, 100 by miR-15a, 100 by miR-16 and 58 by miR-600 (Figure S6–9). [score:5]
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The most likely candidate miRNAs targeting the CFTR 3’UTR which overlapped in at least three prediction programs resulted miR-101, miR-144, miR-199-3p, miR-345, miR-376b, miR-377, miR-380, miR-494, miR-509-3p, miR-600 and miR-645. [score:3]
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There were 333 co -regulating pairs formed by 41 miRNAs (Figure  2) in the network, such as hsa-miR-342-5p, hsa-miR-628-3p, hsa-miR-600, and hsa-miR-647. [score:2]
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As shown in Figures 2b and c, four of these genes are genes for type I interferon (IFNA7, IFNA10, IFNA16 and IFNA17) on chromosome 9p, and five others (STRBP, MIR600, RABGAP1, MIR600HG and ZBTB26) appear in a cluster on chromosome 9q. [score:1]
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In the case of miR-600 a very significant diminution appeared associated to purely age effect (−2.07). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-mir-196a-2
Using both methods, two (hsa-mir-600 and hsa-mir-196a-2) miRNAs predicted to bind to the 3'UTR (exon 7a and 8 of G72, see Figure 5B, corresponding to the 4 [th ]and 5 [th ]exon of the AY138546 variant) were identified. [score:1]
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79 ** hsa-mir-365 7.13 *** 77.53 *** hsa-mir-429 54.63 *** 85.25 *** hsa-mir-454 33.25 *** 87.31 - hsa-mir-455-3p 42.76 *** 96.4 - hsa-mir-484 4.83 *** 78.73 - hsa-mir-485-3p 4.75 *** 71.49 *** hsa-mir-501-3p 69.25 *** 91.25 *** hsa-mir-512-5p 21.37 *** 72.89 *** hsa-mir-532-3p 9.5 *** 85.93 *** hsa-mir-541 69.87 *** 97.77 - hsa-mir-600 35.63 *** 93.48 - hsa-mir-625* 28.5 *** 72.89 *** Hits of functional screen Relative percentage of myotubes 1, % of control p value, Mann Whitney test Relative cell count 2, % of control p value, Mann Whitney test hsa-mir-636 2.37 *** 81.98 *** hsa-mir-663 21.38 *** 84.73 *** hsa-mir-664 7.13 *** 82.85 *** hsa-mir-766 45.13 *** 73. [score:1]
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In contrast, when stratified on occupational group, 28 miRNAs were significant for office workers, and 29 for truck drivers, with only 5 miRNAs being common to both groups (hsa-miR-125a-5p, hsa-miR-1274a, hsa-miR-600, hsa-miR-1283, and hsa-miR-10a) and none being common to all three groups (Figure 1A). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-18a, hsa-mir-33a, hsa-mir-103a-2, hsa-mir-103a-1, hsa-mir-107, mmu-mir-27b, mmu-mir-126a, mmu-mir-128-1, mmu-mir-140, mmu-mir-146a, mmu-mir-152, mmu-mir-155, mmu-mir-191, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-211, hsa-mir-218-1, hsa-mir-218-2, mmu-mir-297a-1, mmu-mir-297a-2, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-128-1, hsa-mir-140, hsa-mir-152, hsa-mir-191, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-146a, mmu-let-7a-1, mmu-let-7a-2, mmu-mir-15a, mmu-mir-18a, mmu-mir-103-1, mmu-mir-103-2, mmu-mir-342, hsa-mir-155, mmu-mir-107, mmu-mir-10a, mmu-mir-218-1, mmu-mir-218-2, mmu-mir-33, mmu-mir-211, hsa-mir-374a, hsa-mir-342, gga-mir-33-1, gga-let-7a-3, gga-mir-155, gga-mir-18a, gga-mir-15a, gga-mir-218-1, gga-mir-103-2, gga-mir-107, gga-mir-128-1, gga-mir-140, gga-let-7a-1, gga-mir-146a, gga-mir-103-1, gga-mir-218-2, gga-mir-126, gga-let-7a-2, gga-mir-27b, mmu-mir-466a, mmu-mir-467a-1, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-545, hsa-mir-593, hsa-mir-33b, gga-mir-499, gga-mir-211, gga-mir-466, mmu-mir-675, mmu-mir-677, mmu-mir-467b, mmu-mir-297b, mmu-mir-499, mmu-mir-717, hsa-mir-675, mmu-mir-297a-3, mmu-mir-297a-4, mmu-mir-297c, mmu-mir-466b-1, mmu-mir-466b-2, mmu-mir-466b-3, mmu-mir-466c-1, mmu-mir-466e, mmu-mir-466f-1, mmu-mir-466f-2, mmu-mir-466f-3, mmu-mir-466g, mmu-mir-466h, mmu-mir-467c, mmu-mir-467d, mmu-mir-466d, hsa-mir-297, mmu-mir-467e, mmu-mir-466l, mmu-mir-466i, mmu-mir-466f-4, mmu-mir-466k, mmu-mir-467f, mmu-mir-466j, mmu-mir-467g, mmu-mir-467h, hsa-mir-664a, hsa-mir-1306, hsa-mir-1307, gga-mir-1306, hsa-mir-103b-1, hsa-mir-103b-2, gga-mir-10a, mmu-mir-1306, mmu-mir-3064, mmu-mir-466m, mmu-mir-466o, mmu-mir-467a-2, mmu-mir-467a-3, mmu-mir-466c-2, mmu-mir-467a-4, mmu-mir-466b-4, mmu-mir-467a-5, mmu-mir-466b-5, mmu-mir-467a-6, mmu-mir-466b-6, mmu-mir-467a-7, mmu-mir-466b-7, mmu-mir-467a-8, mmu-mir-467a-9, mmu-mir-467a-10, mmu-mir-466p, mmu-mir-466n, mmu-mir-466b-8, hsa-mir-466, hsa-mir-3173, hsa-mir-3618, hsa-mir-3064, hsa-mir-499b, mmu-mir-466q, hsa-mir-664b, gga-mir-3064, mmu-mir-126b, gga-mir-33-2, mmu-mir-3618, mmu-mir-466c-3, gga-mir-191
Six human miRNA genes were found located in both, protein-coding and ncRNA genes: hsa-mir-600, -664a, -664b, -1248, -1291, and -3651 (online table http://www. [score:1]
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