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4 publications mentioning mmu-mir-687

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-687. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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In total 6 miRNAs were upregulated by more than 2-fold in RAW264.7 cells: miR-687 (20.5x), miR-155 (10.5x), miR345-5p (5.5x), miR-658 (4.5x), miR-132 (3.1) and miR-210 (2.6x). [score:4]
The only common response was the induction of miR-687 and miR-155, which were also upregulated in both cell lines but to a lesser extent in BV-2 cells than in RAW264.7 cells (6.1x and 2.0x respectively), (Figure 1B). [score:4]
miR-687 was the most highly induced miRNA in both cell lines upon MNV infection, however very little is known about its function and expression profile. [score:3]
To date there has only been one study on the function of miR-687, which links it to regulation of cell cycle progression and apoptosis in kidney cells, through regulation of the phosphatase PTEN [33]. [score:3]
Both apoptosis and IRF3 activation are thought to occur during MNV infection 35, 36, therefore whether miR-687 is involved in the regulation or crosstalk between these pathways will be an interesting avenue for future studies, which could reveal novel functions of miR-687 in the cellular response to viral stress. [score:2]
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Another study reported that the blockade of miR-687 preserved PTEN expression and attenuated cell cycle activation and renal apoptosis, resulting in protection against kidney injury in mice [40]. [score:3]
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Five additional miRNAs (miR-664-3p, miR-592-5p, miR-484, miR-687 and miR-192-5p) showed expression differences which were close to significance (significance cut-off: pā€‰<ā€‰0.002). [score:3]
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1 up 3.7 down 12 down 1.1 miR-10a up 6.4 up 5.2 up 3.5 down 116 down 1.6 snoRNA202 up 3.8 up 4.7 up 3.2 down 6 down 3 miR-27b down 1.4 up 1.9 up 3.2 up 1 up 1 miR-29c up 5.4 up 4.5 up 3.1 up 1.5 down 1.5 miR-345-5p up 14.3 up 31.7 up 2.4 down 4.7 up 1.1 rno-miR-24-1 down 25.3 up 1.2 up 2.1 down 1.2 down 1.9 miR-687 up 3.8 up 1.8 up 2 down 1.7 down 11.5 miR-27a up 34 up 12. [score:1]
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