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Open access articles that are associated with the species Arabidopsis thaliana and mention the gene name MIR775. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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The result clearly shows that the expression of snoR775 is not affected in any of these mutants, whereas the expression of miR775 specifically depends on DCL1 (Fig.   3d), as previously reported [46]. [score:5]
We tested the effect of different mutations in the genes that control miRNA and siRNA biogenesis on the expression of snoR775 and miR775. [score:4]
Because we could not find evidence that the predicted snoRNA associated with miR158b was expressed (data not shown), we focused on analyzing the novel dicistronic genes snoRNA-miR775 and snoRNA-miR779. [score:3]
Single major signals in 5’ nested RACE PCR (left) and 3’ nested RACE PCR (right) indicate the transcription start site (TSS) and transcription termination site (TTS), respectively, of the sno-miR775 gene. [score:1]
More details about the small RNA sequencing data corresponding to sno-miR775 are shown in Additional file 5: Figure S3a. [score:1]
Another possibility that could explain the presence of the longer miR775 species may involve modification of the mature miRNA molecule by addition of extra residues (e. g., uracil) [50]. [score:1]
Mature miR775 and the predicted snoRNA are in purple and green colors, respectively. [score:1]
In conclusion, the snoR775 and miR775 precursors are encoded by a single gene that is transcribed as a 655-nt dicistronic transcript (Fig.   3c). [score:1]
Both snoR775 and pre-miR775 are covered by cDNA BX818024. [score:1]
Alternatively, one can also imagine that processing of the snoRNAs, which implies previous assembly of a RNP complex on the snoRNA precursor [49] could interfere with DCL1 accuracy in the maturation of the miR775. [score:1]
Arabidopsis miR775 and miR779 are non-conserved miRNAs that were identified by the deep sequencing of small RNA libraries from rdr2 mutant plants [46]. [score:1]
A single major signal clearly mapped the TSS upstream of snoR775, whereas the TTS was mapped downstream of pre-miR775 (Additional file 4: Figure S2). [score:1]
The presence of four miR775 signals ranging from 21 to 24 nt (Fig.   3d) is puzzling but does not represent a unique case in plants. [score:1]
The distribution of small RNAs on the sno-miR775 and (b) sno-miR779. [score:1]
Based on the close proximity of this snoRNA to miR775, we named it snoR775. [score:1]
Notably, three TeloSII loci were mapped to predicted snoRNA genes that are encoded in the proximity to annotated three distinct miRNA loci: miR775, miR779 and miR158b (Additional file 3: Table S2). [score:1]
Fig. 3Schematic representation and experimental validation of the sno-miR775 gene. [score:1]
mapping of the TSS and TTS in the sno-miR775 gene. [score:1]
The region upstream of the predicted miR775 precursor (pre-miR775) contains a classical TeloSII motif associated with a TATA box element (Fig.   3a). [score:1]
The identification of this transcript raised a question regarding how snoR775 and miR775 are produced from the same precursor, considering that each RNA uses a different biogenesis pathway. [score:1]
One possibility is therefore that the presence of a snoRNA within the pri-miR775 alters somehow the canonical precursor structure processed by DCL1 and induces production of the additional 22 to 24 nucleotides miR775 fragments. [score:1]
However, the Arabidopsis dicistronic snoR-miR775 and sno-miR779 genes identified in this study represent a different case, as both the snoRNAs and the miRNA are processed from a common precursor using two distinct pathways that preserve the integrity of both ncRNAs (Figs.   3 & 4). [score:1]
U6 was used as the loading control Several lines of evidence indicate that miR775 and snoR775 are co-transcribed and produced from the same precursor. [score:1]
U6 was used as the loading controlSeveral lines of evidence indicate that miR775 and snoR775 are co-transcribed and produced from the same precursor. [score:1]
snoR775 and miR775 are denoted by a gray pentagon and an open pentagon, respectively. [score:1]
This result indicates that the biogenesis of snoR775 produced from the sno-miR775 dicistronic precursor is independent from the miR775 biogenesis pathway. [score:1]
The first line of evidence is the presence of a 605 nt cDNA (BX818024) that encompasses both snoR775 and pre-miR775 (Fig.   3a). [score:1]
We named this gene sno-miR775. [score:1]
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We found that miR775 was predicted to target genes coding fucosyltransferases responsible for transferring fucose groups. [score:3]
For miR156, miR160, miR169, miR171, miR172, miR395, miR397, miR398, miR399, miR408, miR775, miR780.1, miR827, miR842, miR846, miR857, and miR2111, their targets have been predicted and most of them were validated previously (Table 2). [score:3]
Therefore, miR158 and miR775 may be involved in the symbiotic interaction in N limitation. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: ath-MIR156a, ath-MIR156b, ath-MIR156c, ath-MIR156d, ath-MIR156e, ath-MIR156f, ath-MIR157d, ath-MIR158a, ath-MIR159a, ath-MIR160a, ath-MIR160b, ath-MIR160c, ath-MIR161, ath-MIR162a, ath-MIR162b, ath-MIR163, ath-MIR164a, ath-MIR164b, ath-MIR165a, ath-MIR165b, ath-MIR166a, ath-MIR166b, ath-MIR166c, ath-MIR166d, ath-MIR166e, ath-MIR166f, ath-MIR166g, ath-MIR167a, ath-MIR167b, ath-MIR169a, ath-MIR170, ath-MIR172a, ath-MIR172b, ath-MIR173, ath-MIR159b, ath-MIR319a, ath-MIR319b, ath-MIR167d, ath-MIR169b, ath-MIR169c, ath-MIR169d, ath-MIR169e, ath-MIR169f, ath-MIR169g, ath-MIR169h, ath-MIR169i, ath-MIR169j, ath-MIR169k, ath-MIR169l, ath-MIR169m, ath-MIR169n, ath-MIR171b, ath-MIR172c, ath-MIR172d, ath-MIR391, ath-MIR395a, ath-MIR395b, ath-MIR395c, ath-MIR395d, ath-MIR395e, ath-MIR395f, ath-MIR397a, ath-MIR397b, ath-MIR398a, ath-MIR398b, ath-MIR398c, ath-MIR399a, ath-MIR399b, ath-MIR399c, ath-MIR399d, ath-MIR399e, ath-MIR399f, ath-MIR400, ath-MIR408, ath-MIR156g, ath-MIR156h, ath-MIR158b, ath-MIR159c, ath-MIR319c, ath-MIR164c, ath-MIR167c, ath-MIR172e, ath-MIR447a, ath-MIR447b, ath-MIR447c, ath-MIR773a, ath-MIR822, ath-MIR823, ath-MIR826a, ath-MIR827, ath-MIR829, ath-MIR833a, ath-MIR837, ath-MIR841a, ath-MIR842, ath-MIR843, ath-MIR845a, ath-MIR848, ath-MIR852, ath-MIR824, ath-MIR854a, ath-MIR854b, ath-MIR854c, ath-MIR854d, ath-MIR857, ath-MIR864, ath-MIR2111a, ath-MIR2111b, ath-MIR773b, ath-MIR841b, ath-MIR854e, ath-MIR833b, ath-MIR156i, ath-MIR156j, ath-MIR826b
The target of miR827 is NLA (Nitrogen Limitation Adaptation), the product of which mediates degradation of plasma membrane-localized phosphate transporters to maintain phosphate homeostasis in Arabidopsis 35. miR2111 is specifically induce by P limitation and its target gene is a Kelch repeat-containing F-box gene with unknown function 28. miR775 functions in secondary metabolite biosynthesis by targeting a gene that encodes a galactosyltransferase 36. [score:7]
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In more than 95% of results, the ath-MIR775 sequence was found to be associated with AGO1, whereas the ath-MIR775+2 variant was associated with AGO5 in nearly 70% of cases (Table 2). [score:1]
Analysis of the AGO associations of ath-MIR775 and ath-MIR755+2 revealed a difference in the identity of preferential AGO association. [score:1]
The parental miRNA and ath-MIR775+2 were found at comparable frequencies in all the datasets (1858 and 1587 occurrences, respectively, in the AGO association database). [score:1]
An example of this class is ath-MIR775, which exists as both ath-MIR775 and ath-MIR775+2; the latter has two additional 5' U nucleotides, with both of these nucleotides present in the pre-miRNA hairpin. [score:1]
There are two possible explanations for this exclusive occurrence of ath-MIR775 and ath-MIR775+2. [score:1]
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On the contrary, miR156, miR158, miR164, miR165, miR400, miR5654, miR775, miR829, miR838 and miR852 were down-regulated by TCV infection. [score:4]
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Thirteen targets for 13 miRNAs were validated, although evidence supporting miR775- and miR859 -guided cleavage (At1g53290 and At3g49510, respectively) was weak (Figure 1B, Table 2). [score:3]
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In silico analyses for miR156h and miR775 imply that such extensions are able to redirect from AGO1 toward AGO5. [score:2]
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