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Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-1635. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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A total of 42 TF–miRNA–mRNA interactions involving 1 TF (CTCF), 3 differentially expressed miRNAs (gga-let-7 g, gga-miR-196-2, and gga-miR-1635) regulated by CTCF and 42 differentially expressed mRNAs (also predicted miRNA targets) are summarised for the IBDV-stimulated group. [score:8]
Of these miRNAs, gga-let-7 g, gga-miR-196-2, gga-miR-1635, gga-miR-1603 and gga-miR-21 were significantly upregulated in IBDV-infected DCs. [score:4]
In addition, of the 10 tested miRNAs, those with significantly increased levels due to IBDV stimulation were gga-miR-let7g, gga-miR-1603, gga-miR-1635, gga-miR-1644 and gga-miR-21-5p, whereas gga-miR-1a-3p, gga-miR-1715, gga-miR-196-2, gga-miR-1778 and gga-miR-302b were downregulated (Fig.   5a). [score:4]
Considering the differentially expressed miRNAs, we identified three TF–miRNA networks (CTCF-gga-let7g, CTCF-gga-miR-196-2, and CTCF-gga-miR-1635) for IBDV-stimulated DCs (Fig.   6 and Additional file 10). [score:3]
Surprisingly, we found that EIF4G2 could be targeted by both gga-miR-1635 and gga-let7g. [score:3]
For example, B4GALT2, CLCN7, ECE1, EIF4G2, LMO4, MAP2K3, NRBP1 and RPS6KA5 could be regulated by CTCF and gga-miR-1635. [score:2]
Our study recognised three TF–miRNA networks in IBDV-stimulated DCs (CTCF-Let-7 g, CTCF-miR196-2, and CTCF-miR1635). [score:1]
Three TF–miRNA networks were also identified in IBDV-stimulated DCs (CTCF-Let-7 g, CTCF-miR196-2 and CTCF-miR1635). [score:1]
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