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To assess whether miRNA with expression divergence on the human lineage might be associated with human cognitive functions, we investigated the expression of genes targeted by five miRNA showing human-specific expression, according to multiple methodologies: miR-184, miR-487a, miR-383, miR-34c-5p and miR-299-3p (Figure 2). [score:7]
Potential influence of miRNA divergence on neuronal functions was further confirmed by preferential expression of the corresponding miR-299-3p and miR-184 in cortical neurons, as well as verification of the predicted miRNA-target relationship in two human neuroblastoma cell lines. [score:5]
While this substitution might affect relative stand selection efficiency during miRNA procession, as well as target selection, we did not find any significant differences in target effects between the human and the chimpanzee versions of miR-299-3p in our experiment (Figure S8). [score:5]
The X and Y-axis show the target effect produced by hsa-miR-299-3p and ptr-miR-299-3p transfection, respectively. [score:3]
To further test association of miR-184 and miR-299-3p with neuronal functions, we determined their expression patterns in the human and macaque prefrontal cortex by in situ hybridization with specific LNA-probes (Table S11). [score:3]
Similarly, targets of miR-299-3p were significantly enriched in the “axon guidance” pathway, which is associated with neuronal cell differentiation and functions. [score:3]
Similarly, based on the DIANA-mirPath algorithm [33], targets of miR-184, miR-487a and miR-299-3p were significantly enriched in KEGG pathways that are related to neural functions (Table S10). [score:3]
Requiring significant support by at least two out of three methodologies (sequencing, microarrays and Q-PCR), expression changes in five miRNA (miR-184, miR-299-3p, miR-487a, miR-383 and miR-34c-5p) could be assigned to the human evolutionary lineage and two (miR-375 and miR-154*) to the chimpanzee evolutionary lineage (Figure 2). [score:3]
We tested the effects of all five miRNA showing human-specific expression in brain, as well as effects of the chimpanzee version of miR-299-3p sequence. [score:3]
Further, in both cell lines we observed highly correlated target effects after transfection with human and chimpanzee versions of miR-299-3p. [score:3]
Figure S8 Target effects of human and chimpanzee variants of miRNA 299-3p (hsa-miR-299-3p and ptr-miR-299-3p) after transfection in two cell lines. [score:3]
Based on the DIANA-mirPath algorithm, targets of miR-184, miR-487a and miR-299-3p were significantly enriched in KEGG pathways that are related to neural functions (Table S10). [score:3]
The red legend in the bottom right corner of each plot shows the Pearson correlation coefficient of target effect between hsa-miR-299-3p transfection and ptr-miR-299-3p transfection into SH-SY5Y (panel A) and SK-N-SH (panel B) cell lines, calculated using Mock 1 as a negative control (R) and the correlation p-value (p). [score:1]
1002327.g004 Figure 4 In situ staining of miR-184 and miR-299-3p in prefrontal cortex. [score:1]
In situ staining of miR-184 and miR-299-3p in prefrontal cortex. [score:1]
On the DNA sequence level, these miRNA tend to be conserved: miR-184 mature miRNA sequence is evolutionarily conserved from insects to humans, with only one nucleotide different at 3′end of mature sequence, while miR-383 and miR-34c-5p are classified as broadly conserved and miR-299-3p - as conserved among animal species [25], [31]. [score:1]
We designed two LNA-probes complementary to miR-184 and miR-299-3p respectively (Table S11). [score:1]
We chose three types of miRNA differences: (1) consistent by both methodologies: miR-383 and miR-34c-5p; (2) significant according to sequencing, but unconfirmed in the microarray experiment: miR-143 and miR-499; (3) significant according to sequencing, but not detected or masked on the microarrays: miR-184 and miR-299-3p. [score:1]
The mature sequence of miR-299-3p contains human-specific C to T substitution at position 10. [score:1]
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