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3 publications mentioning rno-mir-496

Open access articles that are associated with the species Rattus norvegicus and mention the gene name mir-496. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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However, BMSC-derived NPCs with addition of IGF-1 showed 12 microRNAs which include miR-22, miR-1224, miR-125a-3p, miR-214, miR-320, miR-708 and miR-93 were consistently down-regulated and only miR-496 remained up-regulated compared to Group C from Day 1 to Day 5. The let-7 family (let-7b, let-7c, let-7d, let-7e and let-7i) were constantly down-regulated in both groups. [score:9]
There are 30 microRNAs (Table 1 and Table 2) consistently expressed in two patterns (up-pattern or down-pattern) from Day 1 to Day 5. Both up- and down-patterned microRNAs were observed in Group A; however, in the presence of IGF-1, the majority of microRNAs were down-regulated and only miR-496 was up-regulated. [score:9]
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On the 14th day after injury, 25 miRNAs, including miR-31a-3p, miR-17-5p, miR-146b-5p, miR-154-3p, and miR-363-3p, were upregulated (Figure  2C), and 18 miRNAs were downregulated, including miR-433-3p and miR-496-3p (Figure  2D). [score:7]
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Of those, 9 miRNAs (let-7c-1, miR-221-3p, miR-221-5p, miR-222-3p, mir-322-2, mir-34c, miR-384-5p, mir-496, and mir-542-1) reported consistent directional changes as our data (15, 31– 33). [score:2]
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