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1 publications mentioning aae-mir-92a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Aedes aegypti and mention the gene name mir-92a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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miR-92a-3p and miR-92b-3p were down-regulated in Wolbachia-infected cells, while miR-92 was up-regulated in C. quinquefasciatus infected with DENV [44]. [score:7]
Changes in the cytoplasm were more pronounced, bantam-5p, miR-8-3p, miR-263a-5p, miR-989, miR-1889-5p and miR-92a-3p were down-regulated and dropped from the list of the most abundant miRNAs, while the other six miRNAs were up-regulated; miR-14, miR-71-3p, miR-100, miR-11-3p, miR-125-5p and miR-306-5p (Table 1). [score:7]
The levels of miR-92 were altered in C. quinquefasciatus mosquitoes infected with DENV, suggesting that its targets may participate in mediating flavivirus infection of the mosquito host [29]. [score:3]
We found miR-92a-3p and miR-92b-3p among the most abundant miRNAs expressed in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm, but miR-92a-5p and miR-92b-5p were detected at very low levels (less than 30 copies) in Aag2 cells (data not shown). [score:3]
In the cytoplasm, miR-11-5p, miR-92a-5p, miR-210, miR-932-5p and miR-1175-5p were suppressed and 14 miRNAs were induced; miR-1, miR-9a, miR-12-3p, miR-33, miR-34-3p, miR-79-3p, miR-124, miR-219, miR-252-5p, miR-286b, miR308-5p, miR-1000, miR-1889-3p and miR-1890 (Figure 8B). [score:3]
In Culex quinquefasciatus, two miRNAs were detected to change expression levels during the infection with the West Nile Virus (WNV) flavivirus, miR-989 and miR-92 [29]. [score:3]
miR-11-5p, miR92a-5p, miR-932-3p, miR-965, miR-988-5p and miR1175-5p were expressed in the nucleus and 11 in the cytoplasm: miR-1, miR-10, miR-22, miR-79-3p, miR-137, miR-219, miR-263a-3p, miR-285, miR-286b, miR-1174 and miR-1175 (Figure 3B; Table S1). [score:3]
Li et al. (2009) reported miR-92a-5p and miR-92b-5p in the embryos and the midgut of Ae. [score:1]
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