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10 publications mentioning hsa-mir-4286

Open access articles that are associated with the species Homo sapiens and mention the gene name mir-4286. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-mir-21, hsa-mir-26a-1, hsa-mir-27a, hsa-mir-28, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-96, hsa-mir-98, hsa-mir-99a, hsa-mir-103a-2, hsa-mir-103a-1, hsa-mir-196a-1, hsa-mir-199a-1, hsa-mir-148a, hsa-mir-30d, hsa-mir-34a, hsa-mir-196a-2, hsa-mir-199a-2, hsa-mir-23b, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-143, hsa-mir-145, hsa-mir-152, hsa-mir-125a, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-194-1, hsa-mir-194-2, hsa-mir-200a, hsa-mir-99b, hsa-mir-26a-2, hsa-mir-378a, hsa-mir-342, hsa-mir-148b, hsa-mir-338, hsa-mir-335, hsa-mir-196b, hsa-mir-484, hsa-mir-486-1, hsa-mir-1271, hsa-mir-378d-2, bta-mir-26a-2, bta-mir-103-1, bta-mir-148a, bta-mir-21, bta-mir-27a, bta-mir-30d, bta-mir-484, bta-mir-99a, bta-mir-125a, bta-mir-125b-1, bta-mir-145, bta-mir-199a-1, bta-mir-27b, bta-mir-98, bta-mir-148b, bta-mir-200a, bta-mir-30a, bta-let-7a-1, bta-mir-342, bta-mir-23b, bta-let-7a-2, bta-let-7a-3, bta-mir-103-2, bta-mir-125b-2, bta-mir-34a, bta-mir-99b, hsa-mir-885, hsa-mir-103b-1, hsa-mir-103b-2, bta-mir-143, bta-mir-152, bta-mir-16a, bta-mir-194-2, bta-mir-196a-2, bta-mir-196a-1, bta-mir-196b, bta-mir-199a-2, bta-mir-26a-1, bta-mir-28, bta-mir-335, bta-mir-338, bta-mir-378-1, bta-mir-486, bta-mir-885, bta-mir-96, bta-mir-1271, bta-mir-2299, bta-mir-199c, bta-mir-1388, bta-mir-194-1, bta-mir-378-2, hsa-mir-378b, bta-mir-3431, hsa-mir-378c, hsa-mir-378d-1, hsa-mir-378e, hsa-mir-378f, hsa-mir-378g, hsa-mir-378h, hsa-mir-378i, bta-mir-4286-1, bta-mir-4286-2, hsa-mir-378j, bta-mir-378b, bta-mir-378c, hsa-mir-486-2, bta-mir-378d, bta-mir-194b, bta-mir-194b-2
Our analysis indicates that, about 3594 genes could be targeted by the eleven up-regulated miRNAs (bta-199a-3p, miR-98, miR-378, miR-21-5p, miR-148b, miR-4286, miR-885, miR-196a, miR-23b-3p, bta-miR-199c and miR-3431) whereas 1163 genes could be targeted by the three down-regulated miRNAs (bta-miR-335, miR-200a and bta-miR-2299-5p) in linseed oil -treated cows. [score:11]
Out of this number, 11 were up-regulated (bta-miR-4286, miR-885, miR-199c, miR-199a-3p, miR-3431, miR-98, miR-196a, miR-378, miR-23b-3p, miR-148b and miR-21-5p) while only 3 were down-regulated (miR-200a, miR-335 and miR-2299-5p) (Table  2). [score:7]
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In our study, using microarray analyses in two different cell lines, we identified and confirmed two differentially expressed human miRNAs (hsa-miR-597 and hsa-miR-720) in HRT-18 and identified nine differentially expressed human miRNAs (hsa-miR-3142, hsa-miR-20a, hsa-miR-4301, hsa-miR-1290, hsa-miR-4286, hsa-miR-3182, hsa-miR-3142, hsa-miR-1246 and hsa-miR-720) in Caco-2 cells. [score:5]
With the exception of miR-767-3p, which was not detectable by RT-qPCR, we could confirm the regulation of all the other miRNAs detected by the microarray (miR-597, miR-720, miR-3182, miR-20a, miR-4301, miR-3142, miR-4286 and miR-1290). [score:2]
The nine miRNAs were miR-767-3p, miR-597, miR-720, miR-3182, miR-20a, miR-4301, miR-3142, miR-4286 and miR-1290. [score:1]
In the Caco-2 cell line, we identified two human miRNAs (hsa-miR-3142 and hsa-miR-20a) and eight human miRNAs (hsa-miR-4301, hsa-miR-1290, hsa-miR-4286, hsa-miR-3182, hsa-miR-3142, hsa-miR-1246 and hsa-miR-720) after 12 and 24 h, respectively (p < 0.05, Figure 4C,D). [score:1]
No relevant reports about the relationship between miR-3182, miR-4301, miR-3142, miR-4286 and cancer have been found. [score:1]
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The expression profile of infected and uninfected cells was evaluated using a miRNA microarray, and 16 miRNAs were reported to be up-regulated (miR-4290, miR-4279, miR-625*, miR-let-7e, miR-1290, miR-33a, miR-3686, miR-378, miR-1246, miR-767-5p, miR-320c, miR-720, miR-491-3p, miR-3647, miR-451 and miR-4286) and 4 down-regulated (miR-106b, miR-20a, miR-30b and miR-3653) during dengue infection. [score:7]
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In the R5-supernatant treated LX2 cells, miR-3687 and miR-138-2* were the most upregulated (fold change, >2; p-value, <0.01) of all miRNAs while miR-4286 and miR-1260 were the most downregulated (fold change, >−2; p-value, <0.05). [score:7]
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miR-4286 has been shown to be downregulated upon the expression of the MTB latency -associated antigen Hsp16.3 [51], suggesting that its presence may be conducive towards productive infection. [score:6]
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Our results showed that the expression patterns of miR-1, miR-133a, miR-133b, miR-144, miR-206, miR-299, miR-331 and miR-4286 (Additional file 3: Figure S3) were significantly different in the three stages (p < 0.01), indicating that they may participate in the regulation of follicular transition. [score:4]
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Some miRNAs were not detected in a variety of liver cancer cells such as miR-596, miR-548i-3, miR-597, miR-4286, miR-1322, miR-598 and miR-548v. [score:1]
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Specific to Influenza A H1N1 virus, the start binding positions 1161, 65, and 1190 of hsa-miR-1538, hsa-miR-4254, and hsa-miR-4286 were highly conserved among more than thousand sequences of segment 5 within the population. [score:1]
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Also present were miR-1777b (6.71%), miR-1777a (4.88%), miR-1246 (4.42%), miR-126-3p (2.44%), miR-2305 (2.07%), miR-1584-5p (1.90%), miR-2413 (1.74%), miR-4286 (1.58%), miR-1224 (1.56%), and miR-451 (1.41%). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7b, hsa-let-7e, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-16-1, hsa-mir-17, hsa-mir-18a, hsa-mir-19a, hsa-mir-19b-1, hsa-mir-19b-2, hsa-mir-20a, hsa-mir-21, hsa-mir-22, hsa-mir-23a, hsa-mir-24-1, hsa-mir-24-2, hsa-mir-25, hsa-mir-27a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-92a-1, hsa-mir-92a-2, hsa-mir-99a, hsa-mir-100, hsa-mir-101-1, hsa-mir-103a-2, hsa-mir-103a-1, hsa-mir-106a, hsa-mir-16-2, hsa-mir-192, hsa-mir-196a-1, hsa-mir-199a-1, hsa-mir-148a, hsa-mir-10a, hsa-mir-196a-2, hsa-mir-199a-2, hsa-mir-203a, hsa-mir-215, hsa-mir-221, hsa-mir-222, hsa-mir-223, hsa-mir-200b, hsa-mir-1-2, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-122, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-133a-1, hsa-mir-133a-2, hsa-mir-141, hsa-mir-143, hsa-mir-145, hsa-mir-152, hsa-mir-191, hsa-mir-125a, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-127, hsa-mir-146a, hsa-mir-150, hsa-mir-185, hsa-mir-194-1, hsa-mir-195, hsa-mir-320a, hsa-mir-200c, hsa-mir-1-1, hsa-mir-155, hsa-mir-128-2, hsa-mir-194-2, hsa-mir-200a, hsa-mir-101-2, hsa-mir-130b, hsa-mir-302c, hsa-mir-375, hsa-mir-378a, hsa-mir-148b, hsa-mir-324, hsa-mir-451a, hsa-mir-483, hsa-mir-484, hsa-mir-486-1, hsa-mir-500a, hsa-mir-92b, hsa-mir-595, hsa-mir-596, hsa-mir-421, hsa-mir-378d-2, hsa-mir-744, hsa-mir-885, hsa-mir-939, hsa-mir-940, hsa-mir-1229, hsa-mir-1233-1, hsa-mir-1290, hsa-mir-1246, hsa-mir-103b-1, hsa-mir-103b-2, hsa-mir-718, hsa-mir-378b, hsa-mir-378c, hsa-mir-4306, hsa-mir-500b, hsa-mir-1233-2, hsa-mir-3935, hsa-mir-642b, hsa-mir-378d-1, hsa-mir-378e, hsa-mir-378f, hsa-mir-378g, hsa-mir-378h, hsa-mir-378i, hsa-mir-3976, hsa-mir-4644, hsa-mir-203b, hsa-mir-451b, hsa-mir-378j, hsa-mir-486-2
Moreover, a combined 2-cfmiRNA (low miR-3935 and high miR-4286) risk score was constructed; it showed a greater risk for worse OS than 15 individual cfmiRNAs alone [77]. [score:1]
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