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6 publications mentioning bra-MIR1885b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Brassica rapa and mention the gene name MIR1885b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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For example, miR1885 and its two targets were involved in disease resistance [29]. [score:5]
bra-miR1885 was predicted to target two genes encoding disease resistance protein (TIR-NBS-LRR class). [score:5]
The numbers of reads of the 24 known miRNAs in the two small RNA libraries from flower buds of A line and B line are listed in Additional file 1: Table S2 Among the 24 known miRNAs, bra-miR159a, bra-miR160a-5p, bra-miR171e, bra-miR1885b, and bra-miR5724 showed very high expression levels. [score:3]
The seven miRNAs were bra-miR156, bra-miR159, bra-miR161, bra-miR172, bra-miR824, bra-miR1885, and bra-miRn4. [score:1]
miR1885 and miR5718 have just been identified in Brassica campestris[28, 29]. [score:1]
bra-miR1885 is a known miRNA that is only reported in Brassica campestris and might be specific only to Brassica. [score:1]
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Interestingly, miR164, BrmiRC0117, BrmiRC0178, BrmiRC0601, BrmiRC0982 targeted genes that encode NAM, ATAF1, 2, and CUC2 (NAC) proteins, and miR1885, BrmiRC0149, BrmiRC0177, BrmiRC0311, BrmiRC0801, BrmiRC0883 targeted genes encoding a disease resistance protein ((Toll Interleukin-1 Receptor) TIR- (Nucleotide-Binding Site) NBS- (Leucine-Rich Repeat) LRR class). [score:7]
chinensis showed that miR398, miR399, miR827, miR5716 and miR1885 were downregulated under heat stress, while miR156, miR5714, miR5718 and miR5726 significantly increased [28]. [score:4]
By normalizing the number of miRNA reads (on the basis of transcripts per million, TPM) in the library, the relative abundance of miR391, miR1439, miR2111, miR2911, miR2916, miR5083 in the UV-A sRNA library was 2 times higher than in the dark sRNA library, whereas the abundance of miR396 and miR1885 was the opposite. [score:1]
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miR1885, miR5719, and miR6030 target disease resistance (CC-NBS-LRR class) genes. [score:5]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bna-MIR156a, bna-MIR171g, bna-MIR396a, bra-MIR824, bna-MIR824, bna-MIR397a, bna-MIR397b, bna-MIR390a, bna-MIR390b, bna-MIR390c, bna-MIR171a, bna-MIR171b, bna-MIR171c, bna-MIR171d, bna-MIR171e, bna-MIR171f, bna-MIR169a, bna-MIR169b, bna-MIR169c, bna-MIR169d, bna-MIR169e, bna-MIR169f, bna-MIR169g, bna-MIR169h, bna-MIR169i, bna-MIR169j, bna-MIR169k, bna-MIR169l, bna-MIR169m, bna-MIR168a, bna-MIR167a, bna-MIR167b, bna-MIR167c, bna-MIR166a, bna-MIR166b, bna-MIR166c, bna-MIR166d, bna-MIR164a, bna-MIR159, bna-MIR156b, bna-MIR156c, bra-MIR1885a, bra-MIR157a, bra-MIR159a, bra-MIR160a, bra-MIR164a, bra-MIR167a, bra-MIR167b, bra-MIR167c, bra-MIR167d, bra-MIR171a, bra-MIR171b, bra-MIR171c, bra-MIR171d, bra-MIR171e, bra-MIR172a, bra-MIR172b, bna-MIR2111b, bna-MIR2111a, bra-MIR2111a, bna-MIR156d, bna-MIR156e, bna-MIR156f, bna-MIR156g, bna-MIR160a, bna-MIR160b, bna-MIR160c, bna-MIR160d, bna-MIR164b, bna-MIR164c, bna-MIR164d, bna-MIR166f, bna-MIR166e, bna-MIR167d, bna-MIR168b, bna-MIR169n, bna-MIR172d, bna-MIR172b, bna-MIR172c, bna-MIR172a, bna-MIR394a, bna-MIR394b, bna-MIR395a, bna-MIR395b, bna-MIR395c, bna-MIR395d, bna-MIR395e, bna-MIR395f, bna-MIR403, bna-MIR860, bna-MIR2111d, bna-MIR2111c, bra-MIR408, bra-MIR158, bra-MIR156a, bra-MIR156b, bra-MIR156c, bra-MIR156d, bra-MIR156e, bra-MIR156f, bra-MIR156g, bra-MIR168b, bra-MIR168c, bra-MIR168a, bra-MIR319, bra-MIR390, bra-MIR391, bra-MIR395d, bra-MIR395b, bra-MIR395c, bra-MIR395a, bra-MIR396, bra-MIR400, bra-MIR403, bra-MIR860, bra-MIR164b, bra-MIR164d, bra-MIR164c, bra-MIR164e, bra-MIR172c, bra-MIR2111, bra-MIR172d
miRNAs in B4 including mir827 and miR1885 seemed less tissue-specific but were preferentially expressed at later seed developmental stages. [score:4]
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In addition, we found that some conserved miRNAs (miR156, miR159, miR166, miR167, miR168, miR172, miR393, miR1885, miR5654 and miR5718) were produced by lncRNAs in either B. rapa or B. oleracea as well as in B. napus. [score:1]
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Our prediction methods successfully identified nine of the 10 families (it did not identify miR1885). [score:1]
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