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2 publications mentioning pxy-mir-306-1

Open access articles that are associated with the species Plutella xylostella and mention the gene name mir-306-1. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Interestingly, pxy-miR-306 not only showed differential expression after treatment with destruxin A but was also listed in the top 10 highly expressed miRNAs in our study. [score:5]
Among them, miR-263, miR-279, miR-306, miR-2a, and miR-308 are worthy to mention as these showed differential expression at different time courses and have also been predicted to regulate immunity in the other insects. [score:4]
Some conserved miRNAs, such as miR-1, let-7, miR-10, and miR-306, showed abundant expression in the four libraries indicating that these miRNAs play vital regulatory roles in P.  xylostella. [score:4]
Previous studies reported that these miRNAs (miR-263, miR-279, miR-306, miR-2a, and miR-308) were also differentially expressed after treatment with pathogens indicating that these miRNAs play important role in the regulation of immunity-related genes in insects (52, 55, 56). [score:4]
It is worth mentioning, of these, some conserved miRNAs such as miR-263, miR-279, miR-306, miR-2a, and miR-308 also showed differential expression in the present study. [score:3]
It suggests that miR-306 family might be involved in the regulation of immunity-related genes. [score:2]
Previously, it has been found that miR-306 family is associated with Cry1Ab resistance in Ostrinia furnacallis (57). [score:1]
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Initially, 4 miRNAs (pxy-miR-276-5p, pxy-miR-6498-5p, pxy-miR-8530-5p and pxy-novel-77_7193) differentially expressed only between CHR and CHS (Fig. 5), 4 miRNAs (pxy-miR-750-5p, pxy-miR-210-3p, pxy-miR-306-5p and pxy-miR-965-3p) differentially expressed only between ZZ and CHS (Fig. 6), and 4 common differentially expressed miRNAs (pxy-miR-8491-5p, pxy-miR-4969-5p, pxy-mir-8488-5p and pxy-novel-13_1575) in both CHR and ZZ compared to CHS (Fig. 7) were used for qRT-PCR validation. [score:6]
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