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Other miRNAs from this paper: rno-mir-186, rno-mir-381
miR-709 was reported to be upregulated in response to X-ray-DNA damage in the germline in mouse testes, and in turn, downregulates BORIS (Brother of the Regulator of Imprinted Sites) to counteract aberrant DNA hypomethylation [61]. [score:8]
Two miRNAs, miR-186 and miR-381, were up-regulated, while miR-709 was down-regulated. [score:7]
After recovery from stress the expression of miR-709 is up-regulated in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. [score:6]
The microarray results were confirmed for miR-709, which was down-regulated after two weeks of stress (2WSTRESS vs. [score:4]
Table S9 data of miR-709 expression in hippocampus. [score:3]
Interestingly, miR-709 showed different expression patterns in different brain regions (Fig. 9B, D, and F). [score:3]
A similar approach was used to assess the putative target of miR-709 (3′UTR of Nab1 gene). [score:3]
Changes in miR-709 expression. [score:3]
Thus, we cannot unambiguously confirm that Nab1 is a target of miR-709. [score:3]
Figure S4 data of miR-709 expression. [score:3]
analysis of miR-186 (A,C,E) and miR-709 (B,D,F) expression level in cerebellum (A,B), hippocampus (C,D), and prefrontal cortex (E,F). [score:3]
In particular, miR-186 and miR-709, which changed significantly in response to stress, do not belong to those which are abundantly expressed in the brain, and particularly in the cerebellum. [score:3]
Table S11 data of miR-709 expression in prefrontal cortex. [score:3]
Table S7 data of miR-709 expression in cerebellum. [score:3]
We performed analysis to confirm changes in miR-186 and miR-709 expression after two weeks of stress, and to investigate their expression after four weeks. [score:3]
The 3′- untranslated regions (UTR) of the Eps15 gene (NM_001009424) with a seed sequence for the miR-186 and Nab1 (NM_022856) genes with a binding site for miR-709 (see Fig. S5) were amplified by PCR. [score:3]
Nab1 is a theoretically predicted target for miR-709. [score:3]
Currently there are no confirmed targets for miR-186 and miR-709 in the brain. [score:3]
Zhang et al. (2009) reported that methyl-CpG binding protein 2 was the common predicted target for miR-709. [score:3]
Although there was a trend for the decrease of Nab1 expression upon transfection of miR-709, the difference was not significant. [score:3]
confirmed the expression of miR-186 and miR-709. [score:3]
B: Dose -dependent inhibition of the Nab1 gene in the Luciferase Assay after transfection of MCF7 cells with miR-709. [score:2]
Thus, miR-186 and miR-709 may trigger a cascade of molecular reactions which are important in the regulation of the stress response. [score:2]
The 3′UTR of Nab1 gene (NM_022856) contains one binding site with a poorly conserved sequence for rno-miR-709. [score:1]
B: Putative binding site of mir-709 in Nab15 3′UTR. [score:1]
It was shown that miR-709 may impact the genes involved in cytoskeletal functions [62]. [score:1]
For further analysis only miRNAs with the lowest p-value (p<0.01) were used, which included miR-186 (log [2] ratio of 0.43) and miR-709 (log [2] ratio of −0.66). [score:1]
Third bar: pFN7 mut + miR-709. [score:1]
Similarily, immediate responses in the cerebellum could be reflected in a decrease of miR-709 levels after two weeks of stress. [score:1]
Second bar: pFN7 + miR-709. [score:1]
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All except miR-709 and miR-692 confirmed the trends observed with the LDA-qPCR technique. [score:1]
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8 -55.3 -90.4 mmu-miR-34c* -3.7 -1.7 -6.5 mmu-miR-709 -2.9 -2.4 -4.3 mmu-miR-326 -3.9 -2.9 -5.6 rno-miR-664 -1.8 -2.2 -3.6 mmu-miR-350 -1.4 -110.5 -5.1 mmu-let-7e 1.4 -7.6 -5.1 mmu-miR-542–5p -1.9 -5.2 -5.1 rno-miR-20b-5p -3.0 -4.5 -5.0 mmu-miR-374 -1.7 -3.7 -4.4 To understand the cardiovascular benefit of resveratrol in ischaemia/repurfusion, we included longevinex, a commercial formulation of resveratrol by gavage to rat. [score:1]
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The following miRNAs were found to be altered in aging rats mostly from 48 weeks–132 weeks of age in skeletal muscle, e. g., miR-22 [57], or in murine liver tissues, e. g., miR-669c and miR-709, miR-93 and miR-214 [58, 59]. [score:1]
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