Mature sequence hsa-miR-1912-3p

Accession numberMIMAT0007887
Stem-Loop hsa-mir-1912
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Deep sequencing493 reads, 41 experiments
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PMID:18583537 "MicroRNA discovery and profiling in human embryonic stem cells by deep sequencing of small RNA libraries" Bar M, Wyman SK, Fritz BR, Qi J, Garg KS, Parkin RK, Kroh EM, Bendoraite A, Mitchell PS, Nelson AM, Ruzzo WL, Ware C, Radich JP, Gentleman R, Ruohola-Baker H, Tewari M Stem Cells. 26:2496-2505(2008).
PMID:19784364 "Ago2 immunoprecipitation identifies predicted microRNAs in human embryonic stem cells and neural precursors" Goff LA, Davila J, Swerdel MR, Moore JC, Cohen RI, Wu H, Sun YE, Hart RP PLoS One. 4:e7192(2009).
PMID:25822230 "Selective microRNA-Offset RNA expression in human embryonic stem cells" Asikainen S, Heikkinen L, Juhila J, Holm F, Weltner J, Trokovic R, Mikkola M, Toivonen S, Balboa D, Lampela R, Icay K, Tuuri T, Otonkoski T, Wong G, Hovatta O PLoS One. 10:e0116668(2015).