Stem-loop sequence cbr-mir-233

AccessionMI0000530 (change log)
DescriptionCaenorhabditis briggsae miR-233 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000312; mir-233
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   a   -    -u              c - u      c    u  aaacc 
5'  agc auuu  ucugucccgcgcau c c uuguuc aaua uc     a
    ||| ||||  |||||||||||||| | | |||||| |||| ||     g
3'  ucg uaag  agacagggcgugua g g aacgag uuau ag     u
   g   a    uu              c c u      -    u  aaaga 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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This miRNA sequence is predicted based on homology to a verified miRNA from C. elegans [1]. The expression of this miRNA has not been verified in C. briggsae.

Genome context
Coordinates (CB4; GCA_000004555.3) Overlapping transcripts
chrX: 1737027-1737123 [+]
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Mature sequence cbr-miR-233

Accession MIMAT0000498

60 - 


 - 82

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Evidence by similarity; MI0000308