Stem-loop sequence rno-mir-551b

AccessionMI0006343 (change log)
DescriptionRattus norvegicus miR-551b stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000360; mir-551
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   --- u  ---     ug   ca          cu     - -aga    gua 
5'    g gc   ucuug  gcc  ugaaaucaag  ugggu g    ccug   c
      | ||   |||||  |||  ||||||||||  ||||| |    ||||    
3'    c cg   agaac  cgg  acuuugguuc  accca c    ggac   a
   uau u  gua     gu   ug          au     g ggaa    aag 
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Deep sequencing
10519 reads, 12.4 reads per million, 137 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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Genome context
Coordinates (Rnor_6.0; GCA_000001895.4) Overlapping transcripts
chr2: 116867647-116867744 [+]
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Mature sequence rno-miR-551b-5p

Accession MIMAT0017335
Previous IDsrno-miR-551b*

18 - 


 - 40

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Deep sequencing224 reads, 54 experiments
Evidence experimental; SOLiD [2]
Predicted targets

Mature sequence rno-miR-551b-3p

Accession MIMAT0005596
Previous IDsrno-miR-551b

56 - 


 - 78

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Deep sequencing10290 reads, 135 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [1], SOLiD [2]
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PMID:17805466 "Cloning and identification of novel microRNAs from rat hippocampus" He X, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Pan X Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai). 39:708-714(2007).
PMID:20403161 "Small RNA expression and strain specificity in the rat" Linsen SE, de Wit E, de Bruijn E, Cuppen E BMC Genomics. 11:249(2010).