Stem-loop sequence bta-mir-2904-1

AccessionMI0013080 (change log)
DescriptionBos taurus miR-2904-1 stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000872; mir-2904
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        ag     -    ag cu   uu  cc    a 
5' acggc  cgccg cggg  c  cgg  gg  ucgg u
   |||||  ||||| ||||  |  |||  ||  ||||  
3' ugccg  gcggc gccc  g  gcc  cc  ggcc a
        -g     c    cu cc   --  cu    g 
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Deep sequencing
12669 reads, 65.8 reads per million, 73 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: low
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Genome context
Coordinates (Btau_5.0.1; GCA_000003205.6) Overlapping transcripts
chr2: 66499624-66499693 [+]
Clustered miRNAs
< 10kb from bta-mir-2904-1
bta-mir-2904-1chr2: 66499624-66499693 [+]
bta-mir-2887-1chr2: 66499737-66499793 [+]
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Mature sequence bta-miR-2904

Accession MIMAT0013862

14 - 


 - 32

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Deep sequencing28275 reads, 71 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [1]
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PMID:19765282 "Identification and characterization of miRNAs expressed in the bovine ovary" Hossain MM, Ghanem N, Hoelker M, Rings F, Phatsara C, Tholen E, Schellander K, Tesfaye D BMC Genomics. 10:443(2009).