Stem-loop sequence oar-let-7c

AccessionMI0014114 (change log)
DescriptionOvis aries let-7c stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000002; let-7
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     a      uu   g   u             ua  g ua a 
5' gc uccggg  gag uag agguuguaugguu  ga u  c c
   || ||||||  ||| ||| |||||||||||||  || |  | c
3' cg agguuc  uuc auc uccaacaugucaa  uu a  g c
     -      cu   g   u             --  g gg u 
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Deep sequencing
465145 reads, 1.69e+05 reads per million, 21 experiments
Confidence Annotation confidence: high
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Genome context
Coordinates (Oar_v4.0; GCA_000298735.2) Overlapping transcripts
chr1: 138651622-138651705 [-]
ENSOART00000026019 ; oar-let-7c-201; exon 1
Clustered miRNAs
< 10kb from oar-let-7c
oar-mir-99achr1: 138652383-138652463 [-]
oar-let-7cchr1: 138651622-138651705 [-]
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Mature sequence oar-let-7c

Accession MIMAT0014964

11 - 


 - 32

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Deep sequencing465011 reads, 21 experiments
Evidence experimental; cloned [1-2]


PMID:20140706 "Characterization of microRNAs from sheep (Ovis aries) using computational and experimental analyses" Sheng X, Song X, Yu Y, Niu L, Li S, Li H, Wei C, Liu T, Zhang L, Du L Mol Biol Rep. 38:3161-3171(2011).
PMID:23269700 "MicroRNA in the ovine mammary gland during early pregnancy: spatial and temporal expression of miR-21, miR-205, and miR-200" Galio L, Droineau S, Yeboah P, Boudiaf H, Bouet S, Truchet S, Devinoy E Physiol Genomics. 45:151-161(2013).