Stem-loop sequence gma-MIR393b

AccessionMI0019715 (change log)
DescriptionGlycine max miR393b stem-loop
Gene family MIPF0000083; MIR393
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   a      gca           ca   u         uccaagcuucaauguucuucucu 
5'  gaggag   uccaaagggau  cau gaucccaaa                       c
    ||||||   |||||||||||  ||| |||||||||                       u
3'  cucuuc   agguuucccua  gua cuaggguuu                       u
   -      ---           uc   -         auuuuaauuauaaaacucacucu 
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Confidence Annotation confidence: not enough data
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Genome context
Coordinates (Glycine_max_v2.0; GCA_000004515.3) Overlapping transcripts
chr1: 42280842-42280957 [-]
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Mature sequence gma-miR393b

Accession MIMAT0023170

86 - 


 - 106

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Evidence experimental; Illumina [1]


PMID:22156213 "MicroRNAs as master regulators of the plant NB-LRR defense gene family via the production of phased, trans-acting siRNAs" Zhai J, Jeong DH, De Paoli E, Park S, Rosen BD, Li Y, Gonzalez AJ, Yan Z, Kitto SL, Grusak MA, Jackson SA, Stacey G, Cook DR, Green PJ, Sherrier DJ, Meyers BC Genes Dev. 25:2540-2553(2011).