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5 publications mentioning cel-mir-67

Open access articles that are associated with the species Caenorhabditis elegans and mention the gene name mir-67. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Promoter regions of several intronic miRNAs show tissue-specific expression: mir-86 and mir-124 are expressed only in neuronal cells and mir-67 is expressed only in muscle cells (Table 1). [score:7]
mir-67 Muscle cells (vulval, body wall and intestinal), not pharyngeal muscles; expressed at all stages, embryos and adults have the highest expression [This study]. [score:5]
The pairs with partially overlapping expression patterns include mir-87/ kup-1 (ubiquitous expression), mir-67/ zmp-1 (non-pharyngeal/vulval muscles) and mir-71/ppfr-1 (body wall muscle). [score:5]
For mir-67, mir-82, mir-86, mir-87 and mir-124 the relative small RNA cloning frequencies are low (less than 0.2% of total miRNA reads) but detectable at all developmental stages [41] and corroborate temporal expression patterns observed in our study (Figure 2). [score:4]
Regions selected for testing included five miRNAs that were not previously studied (mir-67, mir-71, mir-86, mir-87 and mir-124) and two miRNAs (mir-58 and mir-82) for which GFP fusions were published [36] (Figure 1 and Additional file 2). [score:1]
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Finally, the 3′UTR of daf-7 seemed unable to inhibit luciferase gene expression through any of the miRNAs (Figure 2), with the possible exception of miR-58, because of a small but statistically significant difference with respect to control miR-67. [score:5]
Resulting values for miRNA-3′UTR co -expression were further normalized to those from the same 3′UTRs but incubated with control mimic miRNA (miR-67). [score:3]
Cells were transfected in triplicate 24/48 h later with Lipofectamine 2000 (Invitrogen), 150 ng of a 3′UTR luciferase vector (see below), and 50 nmol of test miRNA mimic (miR-58, miR-80, miR-81 and miR-1834; miRIDIAN, Dharmacon) or the standard control miRNA mimic miR-67 provided by the manufacturer. [score:1]
The luciferase activity for each mimic was normalized to the value obtained with miR-67 using the same 3′UTR (dashed line). [score:1]
With the exception of daf-7 3′UTR, we confirmed that all the members of miR-58 family (including the uncharacterized miR-1834), but not our negative control miR-67, strongly reduced the expression of the luciferase when placed in front of dbl-1, sma-6, daf-4 and daf-1 3′UTRs (white bars in Figure 2). [score:1]
Human HeLa cells were transiently transfected with psiCHECK-2 vector containing either wild-type (white) or mutated (grey) 3′UTRs from TGF-β genes dbl-1, sma-6, daf-4, daf-1 and daf-7, along with miR-58 family mimics of miR-58, miR-80, miR-81 and miR-1834, or the unrelated miR-67 as negative control. [score:1]
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The miRnomes of echinococcus species showed expression of conserved miR profiles mir-36, mir-67, mir-92, mir-184, mir-281, miR-307, mir-1992, and miR-3479 which were previously thought to be lost in Echinococcus (Fromm et al., 2013; Jin et al., 2013; Cucher et al., 2015; Macchiaroli et al., 2015; Kamenetzky et al., 2016). [score:3]
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Loss of certain miRNAs or miRNA families led to hypoxia sensitivity (mir-2, mir-35, mir-44, mir-49, mir-51, mir-60, mir-63 and mir-67) and others to hypoxia resistance (let-7, mir-58, mir-67, mir-79, mir-237, mir-246, mir-359). [score:1]
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hsa-miR-125b or cel-miR-67 (negative control) duplex was synthesized with a biotin conjugated at the 3′ end of the active strand by Dharmacon Research Inc. [score:1]
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