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12 publications mentioning gga-mir-15b

Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-15b. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Clusters mir-16-1-mir-15a, let-7f-let-7a-1, mir-181a-1-mir-181b-1, let-7j-let-7k, mir-23b-mir-27b-mir-24, and mir-16-2-mir-15b were down-regulated in lungs and mir-181a-1-mir-181b-1 was also down-regulated in tracheae with AIV infection. [score:7]
In addition the miRNAs clusters that were significantly down-regulated miR-15/16 and let-7 are typically down-regulated in stem cells and cancer [62- 64]. [score:7]
The miRNAs from five of these clusters (mir-16-1-mir-15a, mir-16-2-mir-15b, let-7f-let-7a-1, let-7j-let-7k and mir-23b-mir-27b-mir-24) identified in both lungs and tracheae were significantly down-regulated in infected lungs compared to non-infected lungs and also had higher expression levels in non-infected lungs than non-infected tracheae. [score:5]
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Among the GH-regulated DEM, miR-15b was predicted to target more GH-regulated DEG related to lipid metabolism than any other DEM, including ACSL3, LIPG, PLCD1, PPAP2B and STAR. [score:5]
Among these GH-regulated miRNAs, miR-15b had more predicted target genes related to lipid metabolism than had any other miRs. [score:4]
miR-15b was another up-regulated miRNA by the chGH treatment. [score:4]
miR-15b expression was increased in NAFLD mo dels and it lead to inducing the storage of intracellular triglyceride [46]. [score:3]
This finding indicates miR-15b might be a very important miRNA that mediates the effect of GH on lipid metabolism in chicken liver. [score:1]
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Therefore, although little is known about the specific functions of several of these miRNAs (e. g. miR-31, miR-101, miR-200b, miR-10b, miR-460, miR-15b, miR-16 and miR203) during muscle development, the close relationship between their targets and myogenesis regulation demonstrates a potential role during muscle development. [score:6]
Seven (miR-101, miR-10a, miR-10b, miR-1677, let-7f, miR-31, and miR-205b) were expressed at higher levels in layers, and ten (miR-203, miR-200b, miR-16c, miR-15b, miR-15c, miR-460, miR-429, let-7c, miR-2188, and gga-miR-N2) were expressed at higher levels in broilers. [score:5]
However, the majority including one novel miRNAs (gga-miR-N2) and eight known miRNAs (miR-101, miR-15b, miR-15c, miR-1677, miR-200, miR-460, gga-mir-2188 and miR-429) have not been implicated in the regulation of muscle development. [score:3]
Little is known about the functional roles of the remaining eight (miR-31, miR-101, miR-200b, miR-10b, miR-460, miR-15b, miR-16 and miR-203) during muscle development. [score:2]
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In addition, miR-15 and miR-16 are negatively correlated with expression of the anti-apoptotic gene BCL-2 [25], which inhibits apoptosis at the level of the mitochondria and is critical for cancer cells [26]. [score:5]
Calin G. A. Dumitru C. D. Shimizu M. Bichi R. Zupo S. Noch E. Aldler H. Rattan S. Keating M. Rai K. Frequent deletions and down-regulation of micro -RNA genes miR15 and miR16 at 13Q14 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia Proc. [score:4]
Cimmino A. Calin G. A. Fabbri M. Iorio M. V. Ferracin M. Shimizu M. Wojcik S. E. Aqeilan R. I. Zupo S. Dono M. MiR-15 and miR-16 induce apoptosis by targeting BCL2 Proc. [score:3]
MiR-15 and miR-16 are located in the 13q14 chromosome region, the partial absence of which was strongly influential in an outbreak of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). [score:1]
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All members of the miR-15, miR-181, and miR-29 families were down-regulated in L30 compared with L20, whereas the other families included members that were either up- or down-regulated. [score:6]
Seven conserved families all were DE with P ≤ 0.05, including let-7 (let-7a, -7b, -7c,-7f, -7g, -7i, -7j, and -7k), miR-130 (miR-130a, and -130b), miR-146 (miR-146a, -146b, and -146c), miR-15 (miR-15a, -15b, and -15c), miR-181 (miR-181a and -181b), miR-29 (miR-29a, -29b and -29c), and miR-30 (miR-30a, -30b, -30c, -30d, and -30e). [score:1]
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Expression patterns of 15 miRNAs identified using RT-PCR agreed with those identified using deep sequencing, miR-101, miR-10a, miR-10b, miR-1677, let-7f, and miR-31 were higher in layers, while miR-200b, let-7c, miR-16c, miR15b, miR-15c, miR460, miR-429, miR-2188, and the novel miR-N2 were higher in broilers. [score:3]
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CCNE1 is the target gene of miR-15/16 in human lung cancer (Bandi and Vassella 2011) and glioblastoma (Xia et al. 2009) during tumorigenesis (http://www. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: gga-mir-16-1, gga-mir-15a, gga-mir-16-2, gga-mir-15c, gga-mir-16c
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) gene, which involved in mediating growth and development, had a conserved binding site with miR-15 and miR-16 family in human [32], [33]. [score:2]
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Several miRNAs, including the miR-183 family, miR-96, miR-15, miR-99, miR-100, miR-125, and miR-133, all might contribute to hair cell development and maintenance [23– 26]. [score:2]
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In Xenopus, miR-15/17 is necessary to sharpen the Nodal gradient [57, 58]. [score:1]
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In addition, the lncRNA DLEU2 is well conserved across the vertebrates, it is a host gene for two miRNA genes, miR-15 and miR-16, both of which are also well conserved across the vertebrates (see Fig. B in S1). [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: gga-mir-16-1, gga-mir-15a, gga-mir-16-2, gga-mir-15c, gga-mir-16c
Five types of alternative splicing sites were detected in the insertion individuals without 5′ terminal splicing of mature miR-16, while 3 types of normal alternative splicing sites were detected in the 5′ terminal of mature miR-15 and miR-16 for the deletion individuals (Fig. 3A; Supplementary Table S4). [score:1]
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