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Open access articles that are associated with the species Ovis aries and mention the gene name mir-127. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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We randomly picked 9 miRNAs (miR-337, miR-540-3p, miR-127, miR-434-5p, miR-329, miR-543-3p, miR-376a, miR-300, and miR-381) expressed from the Dlk1-Dio3 locus and validated their expression by qRT-PCR. [score:5]
The quantification results showed a significant increase in pri-miR-127 expression in myostatin knockout mice (Figure 4A). [score:4]
In fact, we showed that an increase in mature miR-127 expression is the result of activated transcription of the primary miR-127 transcript in myostatin knockout mice. [score:4]
To determine whether myostatin deficiency activates the transcription of chr12qF1 miRNAs, we further quantified the expression levels of the primary transcripts of miR-127 (pri-miR-127) and miR-411 (pri-miR-411) by qRT-PCR. [score:3]
108 ± 4.23, P = 0.091), whereas overexpression of the remaining 7 miRNAs (miR-127, miR-300, miR-329, miR-337-3p, miR-376a, miR-379, and miR-381) showed no significant effect on myotube diameter (Figure 2D). [score:3]
Figure 4(A) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis shows a significant increase in the expression of the primary transcript of miR-127 in myostatin -deficient skeletal muscle at 13 weeks of age. [score:3]
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The miR-127 family has been reported to play a role in regulating the expression of the tumor suppressor gene BCL6, in cell proliferation, and in apoptosis [32]. [score:6]
Most reads (highest expression) were from the miR-379 family; next was miR-127 family with 5,235 reads. [score:3]
By comparing with sheep miRNA sequences, we found that 5 miRNA families containing miR-127, miR-136, miR-154, miR-229 and miR-379, were conserved in all these species It is, therefore, tempting to speculated that these 5 miRNA families are critical in mammal development. [score:2]
Another study found that the miR-127 family plays an important role in fetal lung development [33]. [score:2]
We suggest that miR-127 may play a part in skin follicle cell apoptosis and proliferation. [score:1]
Most of the miRNAs were sequenced only a few times, whereas miR-127, miR-154 and miR-375 were sequenced thousands of times. [score:1]
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Also, miR-127 was shown to regulate Bcl6 [53]. [score:2]
Three microRNAs in this region, miR-431, miR-127, and miR-136, were shown previously to regulate Peg11 through a siRNA-like mechanism [52]. [score:2]
This conclusion is based on the observation that our cDNA begins at the end of miR-431 precursor and ends at the beginning of miR-127 precursor. [score:1]
org/microrna/) Meg3mmu-miR-770 # Bmp1, Bmp15, Capn3, Casq2, Fosb, Lmna, Mb, Obscn, Peg10, Ppp1ca, Sspn, Tmod1, Trp53 Unidentified mmu-miR-673 Camk2a, Camk2b, Camk2d, Camk2g, Dnmt1, Mtpn, Myh6, Ndn, Pax3, Rbl1, Sln, Tnnt1, Wnt1 Unidentifiedmmu-miR-493 # Cacng5, Camk2g, Cdkn1c, Ctcf, Dag1, Fhl1, Fos, Hras1, Jun, Mib2, Mtap, Peg10, Shh, Tmod1 Unidentifiedmmu-miR-337 # Capza2, Des, Dmd, Dnmt3a, Myh8, Mypn, Nfatc1, Plagl2, Pvalb, Sgcb, Snta1, Tpm3, Trp53 Unidentified mmu-miR-540 Akt3, Bmp2, Bmp7, Capzb, Emd, Itga7, Itgb1, Msc, Myog, Nkx2-5, Pten, Rhoa, Sln, Tlx1, Vim Unidentifiedmmu-miR-665 # Casq2, Igf2, Junb, Ldb3, Peg10, Magel2, Nnat, Pax3, Ryr1, Sntb2, Tln1, Tpm2, Trp53, TtnAnti-Peg11 $ mmu-miR-431 # d Camk2b, Casq1, Dtna, E2f1, Fgf4, Gata3, Igf1, Kit, Max, Peg10, Plagl2, Ppp3r1, Sgcd, Tcf21Anti-Peg11 $ mmu-miR-433 # Bmpr1b, Capza1, Creb1, Ctcf, E2f3, Gata6, Isl1, Jak2, Myh9, Peg10, Plagl2, Ppp3r1, Sntg1Anti-Peg11 $ mmu-miR-127 # d e Auts2, Bcl6, Camk2d, Cdc42, Creb5, E2f3, Igf2, Myo1c, Otx1, Plagl2, Pitx2. [score:1]
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Two of the shuffled sequences that showed neither 6-, 7- nor 8-mer seed matches to the ovine DLK1 and the lowest number of predicted genome-wide conserved target sites (seven and one conserved targets, respectively) were selected as negative controls (designated as Scr-oar-miR-127-3p (NC1) and Scr-oar-miR-377-3p (NC2)). [score:5]
In addition, we designed one perfectly complementary anti- DLK1 siRNA as positive control and two miRNAs, corresponding to scrambled miR-127 and miR-377, as negative controls (hereafter referred to as siRNA, NC1, and NC2, respectively). [score:1]
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In addition, we also detected other miRNAs that are known to exhibit differential expression during the hair growth cycle, such as oar-miR-125, oar-miR-127, oar-miR-200, and oar-miR-29 [35], and thus confirmed their involvement in hair development. [score:4]
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Furthermore, to validate the miRNA deep sequencing data (according to Table S1), quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) was performed to verify 10 differently expressed miRNAs, including: miR-127, miR-495-3p, miR-503, miR-3958-3p, miR-433-3p, miR-382-5p, miR-299-3p, miR-125b, miR-1, and miR-206. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: oar-mir-379
As a result, deletion of miR-127 (one of the microRNAs processed from Rtl1as) increased Rtl1 expression, leading to placentomegaly and defects in the placental labyrinthine zone [52]. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: oar-mir-431, oar-mir-432, oar-mir-136, oar-mir-433
PEG11as also encodes six miRNA, mir-431, mir-433 (consisting of mir-433-5p and mir-433-3p i. e. both stem loops produce a functional miRNA), mir-127, mir-432 and mir-136 [31]. [score:1]
The PEG11 open reading frame is shown in blue while the locations of antisense miRNA (mir-431, mir-433, mir-127, mir-432 and mir-136) are shown in red. [score:1]
Also shown are the relative positions of six conserved miRNA present in the PEG11as gene i. e. mir-431, mir-433 (consisting of mir-433-5p and mir-433-3p i. e. both stem loops produce a functional miRNA), mir-127, mir-432 and mir-136. [score:1]
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The number of of individual miRNAs ranged from one to hundreds; e. g., oar-mir-127 had the highest diversity of (716), and in 24 of 49 clusters in gp1a had more than 100 variants. [score:1]
Oar-miR-127-3p and oar-miR-379-5p were the first two miRNAs and they accounted for 5.13% and 2.60% of the total mappable reads, respectively. [score:1]
Six new sheep miRNAs were discovered in gp1a: oar-miR-127-5p, oar-miR-136-3p, oar-miR-323b-5p, oar-miR-323c-5p, oar-miR-431-3p, and oar-miR-432-3p. [score:1]
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Only five of the sheep miRNAs in our dataset have been deposited into the miRBase database V19: oar-miR-379, oar-miR-127, oar-miR-411a, oar-miR-493, and oar-miR-382. [score:1]
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