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4 publications mentioning dre-mir-19d

Open access articles that are associated with the species Danio rerio and mention the gene name mir-19d. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Therefore, similar to MO19b, we decided to target a less conserved sequence within the miR-19b gene, again to not interfere with the expression of homologous miR-19-isoforms (suppl. [score:5]
Furthermore, a previous study demonstrated that miR-19 directly targets Cx43 11. [score:4]
Expression of miR-19 in the zebrafish. [score:3]
While mammals express two isoforms, miR-19a and miR-19b, zebrafish exhibit four miR-19 isoforms encoded in four genomic loci (Fig. 1b,c). [score:3]
Because all miR-19 isoforms are genomically closely located and polycystronically encoded on single pri-miRNA transcripts containing other miRNAs, we evaluated the impact of miR-19 knockdown on the expression of neighboring miRNAs to detect potential unintentional co-regulatory effects. [score:3]
MO19a-d were designed to target specifically one miR-19 isoform. [score:3]
miR-19 is expressed in the heart and is induced at stages of first heart activity. [score:3]
To exclude that loss of miR-363 is causing or contributing to the observed miR-19 deficiency phenotype, we used a morpholino targeting specifically miR-363 processing (suppl. [score:3]
qRT-PCR analysis of single miR-19 isoforms showed detectable expression at the one-cell stage for miR-19a and miR-19b, with strong induction by 24 hpf, coinciding with the initiation of heart contractions in zebrafish (Fig. 2a). [score:3]
MO19 was designed to target all four miR-19 isoforms at the same time. [score:3]
Morpholino -mediated knockdown of miR-19 in zebrafish leads to bradycardia and impaired ventricular contractility (±sd; n ≥ 14; p < 0.005). [score:2]
MO19 was designed to specifically block the processing of all miR-19 isoforms into their mature and active forms (suppl. [score:1]
To investigate the effects of loss of miR-19 on heart function, we initially injected a morpholino -modified oligonucleotide targeting all four isoforms of miR-19 (MO19) into zebrafish embryos at the single-cell stage. [score:1]
miR-19 deficient zebrafish displayed signs of cardiac dysfunction with cardiac edema and blood congestion at the inflow tract (Fig. 3a). [score:1]
Loss of miR-19 results in bradycardia and cardiomyopathy. [score:1]
qRT-PCR analysis confirmed significant reduction of mature miR-19a, miR-19b, miR-19c, and miR-19d by at least 90% (Fig. 3c). [score:1]
Supplementary MOvie 1. Supplementary MOvie 2. Supplementary MOvie 3. Supplementary MOvie 4. miR19 is conserved in sequence and syntheny. [score:1]
The sequence and the synteny of miR-19 is highly conserved among vertebrate species (Fig. 1a,b). [score:1]
miR-19c and miR-19d are undetectable before 10 hpf. [score:1]
To ensure greater specificity in evaluating miR-19 function and to enable the identification of a single causal miR-19 isoform, we used four individual morpholinos to specifically target each miR-19 isoform exclusively (suppl. [score:1]
Importantly, mutating the putative binding site in these 3′-UTRs, abolished miR-19-dependant repression of the luciferase protein. [score:1]
Loss of miR-19 leads to bradycardia. [score:1]
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Among these putative targets MEF2CA, a transcription factor which physically interacts with Tbx5 to synergistically activate gene transcription 50, has nine putative miR-19 binding sites, making it the best candidate among miR-19a targets. [score:5]
Besides MEF2CA, also MEF2AA, which is expressed in zebrafish embryonal cardiomyocytes and it is required for cardiac contractility 52, is anti-regulated by miR-19. [score:4]
Selected putative miR-19 targets are shown in red. [score:3]
Genome-wide analysis of miR-19 -induced rescue of Tbx5 morphants. [score:1]
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In fact, we proved that in mouse cardiac cells and zebrafish embryos, Tbx5 is able to regulate several miRNAs and, in particular, miR-218 and miR-19 (Chiavacci et al., 2012, 2015). [score:2]
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miR-19, as a component of the miR-17-92 cluster, has been shown to be also involved in postnatal angiogenesis (Suarez et al., 2008) and to exert a pro angiogenic role in endothelial cell culture (Chamorro-Jorganes et al., 2016). [score:1]
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