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So we hypothesized that, if lmo2 gene regulates expression of cdh5/miR-142 transcriptionally and miR-142a-3p regulates cdh5 gene post-transcriptionally, then lmo2, cdh5 and miR-142a-3p may be part of an interacting network that could regulate angiogenesis and vasculature remo deling in zebrafish embryos. [score:6]
Studies conducted on human cancers by other groups from have indicated that LMO2, a transcription factor expressed in blood and vasculature acts as a transcriptional suppressor of miR-142 [32]. [score:5]
Recently, it has been shown that inhibition of miR-142-3p specifically resulted in abnormal cardiac development in developing zebrafish embryos [38]. [score:4]
We speculate that endogenous miR-142-3p could have other targets that may be involved in vascular development. [score:4]
Taken together we speculate that lmo2, in addition to its known role as a transcriptional regulator of CDH5 and miR-142, may also regulates cdh5 post-transcriptionally through miR-142a-3p in zebrafish embryos. [score:3]
The negative regulation of miR-142 by the oncogene lmo2 and its co-factors has also been documented in cell culture mo dels [32]. [score:2]
Based on our study, we suggest a potential new function of miR-142-3p in regulating the levels of cdh5 required for normal angiogenesis and vascular remo deling in zebrafish embryos. [score:2]
The oncogene lmo2 has been previously shown to transcriptionally regulate both VE-Cadherin and miR-142 in human cell culture mo dels [32], [33]. [score:2]
To rule out the possibility of non-specific effect generated by the action of any one of single strand of the miRNA we also conducted separate microinjections of the sense and antisense strand of miR-142-3p. [score:1]
B – Synteny analysis of human miR-142 on chromosome 17 with zebrafish miR-142a on chromosome 5. Arrow in genes indicates strand information on chromosome. [score:1]
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Furthermore, the enforced expression of miR-142-3p, a uniquely expressed miRNA, causes a significant decrease in primitive erythrocyte progenitor cells and HSCs. [score:5]
Interestingly, the gata1, cmyb and runx1 expression were all markedly decreased when miR-142-3p was ectopically expressed (Figure 7), indicating that miR-142-3p affects HSC formation in zebrafish. [score:5]
To study the hematopoietic phenotype caused by increased miR-142-3p signaling, we overexpressed miR-142-3p using miR-142-3p duplex overexpression. [score:5]
However, the scl expression was comparable to the control embryos, suggesting that miR-142-3p is not required for early hemangioblast formation. [score:3]
We further confirmed that one of the uniquely expressed miRNAs, miR-142-3p, plays a critical role during erythrocyte progenitor cell and HSC formation. [score:3]
Using O-dianisidine hemoglobin staining, a significant decrease of mature erythroid cells was detected when miR-142-3p was overexpressed. [score:3]
In addition, several hematopoietic miRNA signatures are uniquely expressed in RPS24 MO such as miR-142-3p and miR-29a, which have been previously reported to be required for the formation and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells [19, 20]. [score:3]
Overall, these data suggest that increased miR-142-3p represses primitive erythroid progenitor cell and HSC formation. [score:1]
miR-142-3p is required for primitive erythroid progenitor cell and HSC formation. [score:1]
Furthermore, all of the above hematopoietic phenotypes were alleviated by co-injection of miR-142-3p mimics and MO (data not shown). [score:1]
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It was reported that ectopic expression of the miR-142-3p duplex (concentration of 20 μmol l [−1]) suppresses the primitive erythrocyte progenitors (gata1 [+]) and HSC formation (cmyb [+]) [27]. [score:5]
Recently, by targeting two miR-142 genes including miR-142a and miR-142b, the mutants of miR-142 by zinc-finger nucleases (ZFN) method are generated, and these miR-142-3p mutants display neutrophil defects but with relatively normal HSPCs [24]. [score:3]
Another group has reported that ectopic expression of miR-142-3p leads to the reduction of primitive erythrocyte progenitor cells and HSCs in zebrafish [27]. [score:3]
Although developmental defects in HSPCs were not examined in miR-142 [−/−] mice, we speculate that a similar HSPC phenotype would be expected at the onset of definitive hematopoiesis. [score:2]
In zebrafish, miR-142-3p modulates neutrophil development by controlling its maturation [24]. [score:2]
Notably, hematoxylin and eosin staining result revealed that the cellular density of neutrophils was decreased during the loss of miR-142. [score:1]
Whole-mount in situ hybridization (WISH) result demonstrated that miR-142-3p was absent in both the thymus and caudal hematopoietic tissue region in 142 [C−/−] embryos (Supplementary Figure S1e), suggesting a loss-of-function of miR-142a-3p. [score:1]
In vitro, mouse fibroblasts were reprogrammed into hemogenic endothelial cells that differentiated into CD45 [+] cKit [+] cells (HSPCs) between day-20 and day-35 culture; in these HSPCs, the highest enrichment of microRNAs including miR-142 was observed [22]. [score:1]
MiR-142 is also an essential regulator of lymphocyte ontogenesis and megakaryopoiesis [20, 25]. [score:1]
On the basis of the deficiency of miR -142a and miR-142b genes, there is a possibility that the reported neutrophil hypermaturation in miR-142a/b mutants might be due to the deletion of miR-142b. [score:1]
Wild-type or mutated pGL3- p53 CDS co -transfected with negative control or the miR-142-3p duplex (Invitrogen, Shanghai, China) were transfected into HEK293T cells using Lipofectamine2000 (Invitrogen). [score:1]
In Xenopus, miR-142-3p has an essential role in establishing the mesodermal lineage that contributes to both HSC emergence and vasculogenesis [23]. [score:1]
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Quantification of miRNA and miRNA* expression by qRT-PCR (Figure 5C) confirmed the higher relative abundance of miR-140* and miR-142a* and showed that dre-miR-142* was expressed during development while its mature miRNA was not detected. [score:6]
Dre-miR-142* showed significantly higher expression than its mature miRNA, which was not detected during development. [score:4]
Similar results were observed before for dre-mir-129*, dre-mir-142a*, dre-mir-142b* and dre-mir-214* [20]. [score:1]
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Totally, the final results included 9 downregulated miRNAs (dre-miR-142a-3p, dre-miR-142b-5p, dre-miR-144-3p, dre-miR-146a, dre-miR-190a, dre-miR-219-5p, dre-miR-301b-3p, dre-miR-459-5p and rno-miR-33-5p) and 3 upregulated miRNAs (dre-miR-735-3p, dre-miR-735-5p and mmu-miR-6240). [score:7]
0169599.g003 Fig 3 The asterisk indicated only for dre-miR-142b-5p in low concentration BDE47 treatment, the result of statistical significance by RT-PCR determination was inconsistent with miRNA sequencing. [score:1]
The asterisk indicated only for dre-miR-142b-5p in low concentration BDE47 treatment, the result of statistical significance by RT-PCR determination was inconsistent with miRNA sequencing. [score:1]
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Additionally, several miRNAs are known to regulate cardiogenesis 4– 7. For example, during the early stages of mesoderm formation, miR-142-3p plays a crucial regulatory role in cardiogenesis, hematopoiesis and somitogenesis [6]. [score:3]
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Nishiyama T. Kaneda R. Ono T. Tohyama S. Hashimoto H. Endo J. Tsuruta H. Yuasa S. Ieda M. Makino S. miR-142–3p is essential for hematopoiesis and affects cardiac cell fate in zebrafish Biochem. [score:1]
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