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5 publications mentioning gga-mir-302c

Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-302c. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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At the same time as the miR-302 family and miR-222 are down-regulated, eleven miRNAs related to the let-7 family are up-regulated, as well as 2 additional miRNAs associated with cellular differentiation (Table S7) [54]. [score:7]
Duck NC cells at HH25 have down-regulated the miR-302 family and up-regulated some of the miRNAs associated with cellular differentiation (i. e. the let-7 family), though not as many as chicken NC (Table S7). [score:7]
MiR-302b, miR-302b*, and miR-302c, which are the only members of the 9-member miR-302 family that are detectable at either stage, are down-regulated between 2.3- and 7.8-fold at HH25 in all three species (Table S7). [score:4]
Taken together, these miRNA changes, including differential expression of let-7, miR-302, and miR-30 families (Table S7), indicate that the HH20 to HH25 developmental window may be a critical transition phase in which multipotent NC cells begin to differentiate to form the various tissues of the face. [score:4]
At HH20, both the chicken and the duck have a multipotent, proliferative NC population that expresses high levels of the miR-302 family as well as high levels of miR-222 (Table S7). [score:3]
These miRNAs promote an undifferentiated fate, in the case of miR-302 [45], [84], and proliferation via repression of p27 [KIP1], in the case of miR-222 [59], [60]. [score:1]
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The expression levels of five miRNAs in the miR-302-367 cluster (miR-302a, miR-302b, miR-302c, miR-302d, and miR-367) accounted for 39.5% of all the sequenced miRNAs. [score:3]
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In this study, miR-302 exhibited no significant change, indicating that different miRNA-mRNA regulatory interactions controlled feather formation. [score:2]
Another study found that miR-302 could increase the reprogramming efficiency of hair follicle cells via repression of NR2F2 [31]. [score:1]
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A regulatory circuitry comprised of miR-302 and the transcription factors OCT4 and NR2F2 regulates human embryonic stem cell differentiation. [score:3]
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It is interesting to note that when considering the miRNA clusters that were most active in chicken lung and trachea, mir-17-92 cluster (consisting of six miRNAs) and mir-302b-mir-302c-mir-1811-mir-302a-mir-302d-mir-367 cluster are highly associated with cell proliferation and self-renewal of stem cells and cancer cells [58- 61]. [score:1]
Within these clusters, the mir-92-mir-19b-mir-20a-mir-19a-mir-18a-mir-17, which is equivalent to the mammalian mir-17-92 cluster, and mir-302b-mir-302c-mir-1811-mir-302a-mir-302d-mir-367 cluster were the biggest clusters containing six miRNAs. [score:1]
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