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4 publications mentioning mmu-mir-872

Open access articles that are associated with the species Mus musculus and mention the gene name mir-872. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Less is known about the cellular targets and function of miR-450b-3p, miR-455*, miR-543 and miR-872 (all downregulated in our studies). [score:6]
Of the ten miRNAs downregulated in Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs, eight (miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872 and miR-10b) were also down-regulated in both the progeroid and old WT mouse livers compared to the WT young (20 week) control mouse livers (Figure 1). [score:6]
Additionally, we demonstrate that several miRNAs differentially expressed in the Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs (miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872 and miR-10b) were also dysregulated in liver tissues of both progeroid Ercc1 [−/Δ] and old WT mice compared to young WT mice. [score:3]
Additionally, we identified six downregulated miRNAs (miR-301a, miR-326, miR-455*, miR-497, miR-543 and miR-872) in late-passage P7 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs compared to the WT MEFs grown in 3% O [2] (Table 1). [score:3]
Previously confirmed gene targets of the miRNAs identified in this study that are linked to cellular senescence and aging (miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872 and miR-10b) are listed in Supplemental Table S1. [score:3]
Eight miRNAs (miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872 and miR-10b) are significantly downregulated in the livers of progeroid Ercc1 [−/Δ] and naturally aged mice compared to young adult mice (Figure 1). [score:3]
In summary, we identified several miRNAs that are similarly dysregulated in senescent primary MEFs and senescent tissues of progeroid and naturally aged mice (miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872 and miR-10b). [score:2]
We analyzed the levels of 13 miRNAs confirmed to be dysregulated in P7 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs compared to P3 Ercc1 [−/−] MEFs (miR-680, miR-320, miR-22, miR-449a, miR-455*, miR-675-3p, miR-128, miR-497, miR-543, miR-450b-3p, miR-872, miR-369-5p and miR-10b) in RNA samples prepared from the livers of WT young (20 weeks), the progeroid Ercc1 [−/Δ] mice, and WT old mice (30 months). [score:1]
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As shown in Figure 4, miR-181d and miR-872 were down-regulated with a 0.5-fold change in the infarct region of the MCAO mice, while miR-106b and miR-344 were up-regulated with two fold changes in the infarct region of the MCAO mice. [score:7]
Four differentially expressed miRNAs (miR-181d, miR-872, miR106b, and miR-344) were validated using the miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR (Exiqon A/S, DK-2950 Vedbaek, Denmark). [score:3]
To further confirm the accuracy of the miRNA microarray results, the miR-181d, miR-872, miR-106b, and miR-344 of 30 miRNAs were verified by qRT-PCR. [score:1]
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Both ACTH and 17α-E2 up-regulated the expression of miRNA-212, miRNA-132, miRNA-154, miRNA-494, miRNA-872, miRNA-194, and miRNA-24-1, but reduced the expression of miRNA-322, miRNA-20b, miRNA-339, miRNA-27a, miRNA-551b, and miRNA-1224. [score:8]
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miRNA Fold Change P-value mmu-miR-337-5p −5.2 0.0149 mmu-miR-3544-3p −5.1 0.0147 mmu-miR-540-5p −4.9 0.0200mmu-miR-337-3p [a] −3.0 0.0324mmu-miR-3544-5p [a] −3.0 0.0308 mmu-miR-434-3p −2.1 0.0001 mmu-miR-3071-5p −2.0 0.0004mmu-miR-136-3p [a] −2.0 0.0004mmu-miR-3071-3p [a] −1.6 0.0000 mmu-miR-136-5p −1.6 0.0000 mmu-miR-143-5p −1.2 0.0004 mmu-miR-190a-5p −1.0 0.0139 mmu-miR-872-3p −0.9 0.0152 mmu-miR-193a-3p −0.9 0.0164 mmu-miR-144-3p −0.8 0.0298 mmu-miR-127-3p −0.7 0. 0002mmu-miR-434-5p [a] −0.6 0.0082 mmu-miR-148a-3p −0.6 0.0130 mmu-miR-411-5p −0.6 0.0091 a miRNA* (passenger) strand processed from opposite arm of the mature miRNA. [score:1]
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