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4 publications mentioning dme-mir-956

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-956. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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A reasonable hypothesis based on these data and the GO of predicted target genes is that miR-956 is expressed in the adult animal in the muscles of the thorax and abdomen to repress muscle development genes. [score:6]
Based on our expression analysis miR-956 is ‘on’ in adult stages in the thorax and abdomen where it can potentially guard the expression of these genes so that muscle cells remain quiescent. [score:5]
Conserved Drosophila targets were determined for miR-252, miR-956 and miR-980 using targetscan. [score:5]
Here we have shown that miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252 are all downregulated in mutants with RNAi against Syn1 indicating that a comparable pathway is present in Drosophila that is not only present in muscle, but other tissues as well (i. e. the nervous system). [score:4]
We additionally found miR-956 to have 19 putative target genes (Additional file 1), and the majority of these are involved in muscle development (Figure  4c). [score:4]
The expression profiling and detection of miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252 supports our hypothesis that Dg-Dys-Syn1 signaling is part of an organism’s overall development and homeostasis. [score:4]
miR-956 is expressed at a very low level in the adult head and is primarily detected in the adult thorax and abdomen (Figure  5a). [score:3]
Gene ontology predictions of putative (a) miR-252, (b) miR-980 and (c) miR-956 target genes. [score:3]
q-PCR analysis revealed the expression levels during all life stages and in adult body parts for (a) miR-956 (c) miR-980 and (e) miR-252. [score:3]
We found that similarities are shared in miRNA profiles under stress and dystrophic conditions, that loss of Dg and/or Dys can alter miRNA levels and that signaling via Syntrophin-like 1 (Syn1) controls the expression levels of miR-252, miR-956 and miR-980. [score:3]
We additionally analyzed larval brains and muscles using Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) in situ hybridization with probes targeting miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252. [score:3]
This suggests that miR-956 is not expressed at the same level in all muscle types, and that striated flight muscles and those of the body wall lining the cuticle of the abdomen have a different miRNA profile than smooth muscle tissues. [score:3]
We found that miR-980, miR-956 and to a greater extent, miR-252 can potentially target a portion of them (Table  1). [score:3]
Because miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252 are predicted to be involved in varied processes and are regulated via the Dg-Dys-Syn1 pathway, we hypothesize that this signaling plays a role in general cellular processes of the nervous system and muscle via miRNA regulation. [score:3]
Potential Dys-regulated miRNAs are miR-956, miR-252, miR-980, miR-124, miR-970, miR-283, miR-927, miR-iab-4-5p, miR-962, miR-959, and miR-975. [score:2]
Verification of a subset of our results was conducted via q-PCR and revealed that miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252 are regulated via a Dystroglycan-Dystrophin-Syntrophin dependent pathway. [score:2]
miR-956 is likely to be necessary to keep muscle development genes at low levels when no longer needed. [score:2]
We found that potential Dg-regulated miRNAs are miR-956, miR-962, miR-980, miR-274, miR-312, miR-975, and miR-1003. [score:2]
We were particularly interested in Dys signaling miRNA regulation, thus we tested the “Dys Dependent” cluster from Figure  2d: miR-956, miR-252, miR-124, miR-970, miR-283, miR-927, miR-iab-4-5p, miR-962, miR-980, miR-959, and miR-975 (Additional file 1). [score:2]
We clearly see a reduction in miR-956 levels in tub-Gal4/dsSyn1 animals, suggesting that, at least in adult animals, Syn1 signaling could be present in the mesoderm as well. [score:1]
Interestingly, appropriate levels of miR-252, miR-956 and miR-980 depend on both Dg and Dys (Figure  3d). [score:1]
There can be two sub-categories delineated; miRNAs that do not change normally under stress, but do in dystrophic mutants (miR-92a and miR-34) and miRNAs that change as a normal response, but do not in Dys and Dg mutants (miR-956, miR-252, miR-970, miR-137, miR-986, miR-193, miR-1017, miR-962, miR-315, miR-1013, miR-980, miR-975, miR-190, miR-iab-4as-5p, miR-1003 and miR-313). [score:1]
Dystrophic miRNAs revealed are miR-956, miR-980, miR-984, miR-975, miR-959, miR-iab-4-5p and miR-1003. [score:1]
miRCURY LNA probes were purchased from Exiqon that are complementary to Drosophila miR-956 (product # 21431–15), miR-980 (product # 21455–15) and miR-252 (product # 21423–15). [score:1]
The relatively low level of miR-956 during embryonic, larval and pupal stages when muscles actively develop and grow supports this hypothesis. [score:1]
We chose to examine the effect of Syn1 reduction via RNAi (dsSyn1) on the levels of miR-252, miR-956 and miR-980, since in mammals it was found that α1/β1/β2-syntrophins bind to nNOS [27]. [score:1]
miR-956, miR-980 and miR-252 were found to be present in the nervous system and miR-956 is also present in the musculature. [score:1]
It will be of future interest to explore this finding which will be dependent upon the generation of an appropriate miR-956 mutant. [score:1]
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The same pattern is observed in cluster 100–125 (let-7-5p, a highly expressed guide strand that is not HS-modulated) and 314–956 (miR-314 is steadily expressed, whereas miR-956 is downregulated; figure 4 b; electronic supplementary material, table S3). [score:8]
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Of these, 5 miRNAs (miR-987–5p, miR-277–3p, miR-958–3p, miR-956–3p, miR-252–5p) were upregulated ≥4-fold in Dis3 -depleted discs. [score:4]
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The 12 miRNAs of the last 4 Myrs are miR-979 and miR-4966 from the miR-972s cluster, miR-983-2 and miR-984 from the miR-982s cluster, miR-954, miR-956, miR-971, miR-985, miR-990, miR-997, miR-1017 and miR-2279. [score:1]
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