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4 publications mentioning dme-mir-983-2

Open access articles that are associated with the species Drosophila melanogaster and mention the gene name mir-983-2. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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There were four such candidates: dya-miR-2582-anc, dya-miR-303-anc, der-miR-982-anc, and der-miR-983-anc, where “anc” indicates ancestor. [score:1]
The phylogenetic tree of each family of miR-982, miR-2582, miR-303, and miR-983 was reconstructed using the maximum likelihood method as implemented in MEGA 5.0 [69]. [score:1]
Moreover, miR-983 was duplicated in D. melanogaster (Duplication 5). [score:1]
In this species alone, miR-984 emerged de novo next to miR-983 (Fig. 2A ). [score:1]
1004096.g002 Figure 2(A) This cluster comprises members of five miRNA families (miR-982, miR-2582, miR-303, miR-983 and miR-984), indicated by red, yellow, green, blue and purple boxes, respectively. [score:1]
Orange blocks denote dme-miR-982, dme-miR-303, dme-miR-983-1, dme-miR-983-2 and dme-miR-984 in D. melanogaster, and dsi-miR-982c, dsi-miR-2582b, dsi-miR-982b, dsi-miR-2582a, dsi-miR-982a, dsi-miR-303 and dsi-miR-983 in D. simulans. [score:1]
For miR-2582 and miR-303, homologous sequences in D. yakuba were used; for miR-982 and miR-983, homologous sequences in D. erecta were used. [score:1]
As shown in Table 2, all the miRNA genes from the miR-982, miR-303 and miR-983 families have a significantly higher D/P ratio than the flanking regions in both D. melanogaster and D. simulans (p<0.05), suggesting positive selection. [score:1]
The profile of θ [H] peaks near miR-983/984 and miR-303 in both species, a common footprint of hitchhiking with positive selection [35]. [score:1]
The 12 miRNAs of the last 4 Myrs are miR-979 and miR-4966 from the miR-972s cluster, miR-983-2 and miR-984 from the miR-982s cluster, miR-954, miR-956, miR-971, miR-985, miR-990, miR-997, miR-1017 and miR-2279. [score:1]
Among them, 21 originated de novo; only miR-983-2 in D. melanogaster (dme-miR-983-2) was duplicated from another miRNA (dme-miR-983-1). [score:1]
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Four microRNA families were affected by multiple matching reads: mir-983, mir-281, mir-276 and mir-2. The first three did not show any differential expression between sexes. [score:3]
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Interestingly, dme-let-7 as well as clustered coordinated dme-mir-960 and dme-mir-983 were also shown to be A-to-I edited in some tissues [30]. [score:1]
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** miR-982 is located in close proximity to miR-984, miR-303, miR-983–1 and miR-983–2. [score:1]
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