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Open access articles that are associated with the species Triticum aestivum and mention the gene name MIR1130a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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To examine the functional relationship between the targets and their corresponding miRNAs, 9 known miRNAs (tae-miRNA156, tae-miRNA171, tae-miRNA159, tae-miRNA172, tae-blo-miRNA398, tae-miRNA164, tae-miRNA825, miRNA1120, and miRNA1130) and 2 novel miRNAs (novel-miR-964 and novel-miR-2186) and expression of their targets were examined by qRT-PCR to analyze their principle regulation during male fertility transition (Figure 6). [score:8]
miR172, miR156, and miR171 interact with their respective target genes (AP2, SPL, and SCL), participating in the GA/abscisic acid (ABA) signaling pathway and GA/auxin signaling pathway to regulate flowering time; miR825, miR167, and miR1120/miR1130 interact with their respective target genes (CaBP, ARF, and LRR), participating in the CRY/PHY signaling pathway, auxin signaling pathway and JA signaling pathway, to modulate pollen development. [score:7]
The targets of tae-miR1120 and tae-miR1130 were annotated as the lipid phosphate phosphatase (LPP) gene, showing differential expression between FS and SS (Table S5). [score:5]
In this mo del, miR825, miR172, miR156, and miR171 are mainly regulated by light, whereas miR1130/miR1120, miR398, miR159, miR164, and two novel-miRNAs (novel-miR964 and novel-miR2186) may be regulated by light. [score:3]
1), and tae-miR1130 targets LRR (leucine rich repeats) (Traes_1AL_88C4E33E6.1). [score:3]
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Intriguingly, miRNAs targetting stress-responsive lncRNAs were mostly dominated by miR1436 and miR1439, where miR1118, miR1122, miR1130, miR1137 and miR1139 possessed putative lncRNA targets in TR39477 samples only, and miR1133 and miR1136 targeted lncRNAs in Kiziltan and TR39477, moderate to high tolerant samples (Supplemental File  2). [score:7]
Besides it was shown that miR437 and miR1135; miR1120, miR1122, miR1128 and miR1130; and miR1120 and miR1128 were also contributing to the interaction circuitry of miR1436 and miR1439 in Kiziltan, TR39477 and TTD-22 samples, respectively, suggesting additional players in these complex networks. [score:1]
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Additionally, miR390, miR5071, miR2118, miR9863 and miR7757 were predicted to target the Leucine-rich Repeat Receptor-like protein kinase family (LRR) that are involved in disease resistance [53, 54], as well as miR1120, miR1127, miR1130, miR1137, miR1439, miR5049, miR5062, and miR9673 that regulated the WD domain gene for flower development and the immune system [55– 57] (Additional file 1: Table S7). [score:7]
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In a previous study based on 12-day old seedlings of heat tolerant cultivar HD2985 subjected to 42 °C for 2 hours, 44 mature known wheat miRNAs (miRbase v19) were identified from mixed samples of root, stem, flag leaf and pollen tissues, among which, 19 were differentially expressed including four families (miR1130, miR1136, miR395a and miR408) showing expression only in heat stressed plants 51. [score:5]
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The expressions of six of these miRNAs (miR1120, miR1128, miR1130, miR1135, miR1436, and miR5064) have also been shown previously in Aegilops small RNA libraries (Jia et al., 2013). [score:3]
miRNA names EST miR1117 gi|44888773|gb|AY534123.1|SEG_AY534122S2, gi| 442614136|gb|JX295577.1|, gi| 219814405| gb| FJ436986.1| miR1118 gi| 442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1120 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1125 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1128 Contig94874 miR1130 gi|300689672|gb|FJ898281.1|, gi|300689671|gb|FJ898280.1|, gi|300689650|gb|FJ898269.1| miR1135 AEGTA02478, Contig23917 miR1136 gi|22038180|gb|AY013754.1|, Contig23917, AEGTA02478 miR1436 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR1439 gi|442614136|gb|JX295577.1| miR437 gi|13447949|gb|AF338431.1|AF338431, gi|13447949|gb|AF338431.1|AF338431 miR5049 Contig115885, Contig29895 miR5064 AEGTA07380 miR5086 gi|21779916|gb|AF497474.1| miR5174 Gb|JX295577.1, gb|GU211253.1 miR5180 Contig22176Hit names starting with “gi” were derived from NCBI A. tauschii (taxid:37682) EST database, while the others were derived from the transcriptome assembly of a recent study (Jia et al., 2013). [score:1]
Of these, six miRNA families, namely miR1117, miR1130, miR1133, miR1139, miR5175, miR5205, were processed from exclusively repeat-related hairpins in A. tauschii but not in T. aestivum. [score:1]
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