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2 publications mentioning gga-mir-1559

Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-1559. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Target genes of 14 differentially expressed miRNAs (gga-miR-122-5p, gga-miR-193a-5p, gga-miR-194, gga-miR-215-5p, gga-miR-217-3p, gga-miR-375, gga-miR-1559-3p, gga-miR-1769-3p, gga-miR-1788-3p, gga-miR-1798-5p, gga-miR-2954, gga-miR-3525, and gga-miR-3531-3p) were predicted by using the miRDB and TargetScan programs. [score:7]
A total of 14 differentially expressed miRNAs were detected (gga-miR-2954, gga-miR-215-3p, gga-miR-1798-5p, gga-miR-194, gga-miR-217-3p, gga-miR-1769-3p, gga-miR-1788-3p, gga-miR-1559-3p, gga-miR-3531-3p, gga-miR-215-5p, gga-miR-3525, gga-miR-193a-5p, gga-miR-122-5p, and gga-miR-375). [score:3]
miR-1769-3p, miR-3531-3p, miR-1559-3p, miR-1798-5p, miR-1788-3p, miR-2954, and miR-3525 have not been found in the human and mouse genomes. [score:1]
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Due to the limited number of predicted downstream targets for gga-miR-1559 (two predicted targets, see Table S3) it was not included for enrichment analyses. [score:5]
At the bottom are shown the results of gel electrophoresis of PCR products from each genomic DNA for pre-miRNA hairpin precursors for miR-1559, miR-2131, and miR-2954. [score:1]
We used PCR to confirm that five of these (miR-1559, miR-2131, miR-2131*, miR-2954, and miR-2954*) are conserved across, but are specific to, the entire avian lineage. [score:1]
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