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2 publications mentioning gga-mir-1736

Open access articles that are associated with the species Gallus gallus and mention the gene name mir-1736. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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An in silico search for putative binding sites of differentially abundant miRNAs was performed using TargetScan 6.0 [26]; note that non-conserved miRNAs (ENSGALT00000042483-3p, ENSGALT00000043002-3p, ENSGALT00000043002-5p, gga-miR-1736-3p) and those with borderline differential abundance (adjusted P-values of 0.0498; ccr-miR-133a-5p, mmu-miR-144-5p, gga-miR-20a, aca-miR-499-3p) were not included in the functional analysis. [score:3]
Gga-mir-2954 and gga-mir-1736 are also absent in the mammalian lineage. [score:1]
Interestingly, gga-miR-1736-3p is found in considerable abundance in the plasma of R− animals (approximately 3000 sequence reads), and is six fold less abundant in R+ chickens, independently of the feed deprived or re-fed condition. [score:1]
Gga-mir-1736 has been described only in the chicken [35], [43]. [score:1]
Indeed, when animals are fed, only two chicken-specific miRNAs (gga-miR-1736-3p and ENSGALT00000042483-3p) differentiate the two lines, while larger differences are observed when animals are feed deprived, with most miRNAs decreasing in abundance in the R− line (Table 1, Figure 4). [score:1]
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Among them, moreover, 26 miRNAs (including 10 known miRNAs of miR-122, miR-1329-3p, miR-1587, miR-1736-3p, miR-1769-3p, miR-1769-5p, miR-1773-5p, miR-205a, miR-31 and miR-375) were found in all four comparisons (Table 3). [score:1]
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