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8 publications mentioning bmo-mir-317

Open access articles that are associated with the species Bombyx mori and mention the gene name mir-317. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Direct cloning allowed us to identify several mature miRNAs sequences, such as bmo-miR-263a, bmo-miR-282*, and bmo-miR-317, which vary in their 5′ and/or 3′ ends on the same stem of their precursors (Table 3). [score:2]
However, several pre-miRNAs were not detected due to the stringency of the filters but discovered with our direct cloning experiments, including bmo-miR-278, bmo-miR-306, bmo-miR-317, bmo-miR-768, bmo-miR-1920, bmo-miR-1921, and bmo-miR-1922. [score:2]
In addition, four highly-conserved miRNAs (bmo-miR-278, bmo-miR-306, bmo-miR-317 and bmo-miR-768) and three less-conserved miRNAs (bmo-miR-1920, bmo-miR-1921 and bmo-miR-1922) were also cloned directly, which were not predicted based on our predicting criteria albeit their canonical precursors (Figure 1). [score:2]
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Pre-miRNAs, structures, and multiple isoforms of expressed mature bmo-mir-263a, bmo-let-7a and bmo-mir-317 sequences and their read counts are shown. [score:3]
The annotated mature sequence of bmo-mir-317 was not identified, while the maximal sequence in the whole body was strongly accumulated in the two other libraries, and consequently regarded as the most active isoform. [score:1]
As exemplified by bmo-miR-263a, let-7a, and miR-317 in Figure 2, the highlighted isoform of mature sequences is more highly accumulated in the three libraries than is the previously annotated sequence, and should be regarded as the final functional molecule. [score:1]
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Four miRNAs (miR-281-5p, miR-281-3p, miR-79, and miR-317) were not detected until the silkworm hatched (eIL1), and were subsequently expressed at high levels until the birth of the adult moth, in microarray analysis (Additional file 4). [score:3]
However, a higher number of miRNAs were initially present in day 9 embryos (9 d Em) at the body pigmentation stage, including miR-281-5p, miR-281-3p, miR-263, miR-970, miR-133, miR-283, and miR-317. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bmo-mir-14, bmo-mir-9c
The expression levels of miRNAs miR-317 and miR-200b detected by qPCR were inconsistent with that of our microarray results due to unknown reasons. [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: dme-mir-2a-1, dme-mir-2a-2, dme-mir-2b-1, dme-mir-2b-2, dme-mir-9a, dme-mir-10, dme-mir-12, dme-mir-13a, dme-mir-13b-1, dme-mir-13b-2, dme-mir-276a, dme-mir-133, dme-mir-276b, dme-mir-210, dme-mir-31b, dme-mir-9c, dme-mir-306, dme-mir-9b, dme-mir-31a, dme-mir-309, dme-mir-316, dme-mir-317, dme-mir-2c, ame-mir-12, ame-mir-133, ame-mir-210, ame-mir-276, ame-mir-2-1, ame-mir-2-2, ame-mir-317, ame-mir-9a, ame-mir-9b, bmo-mir-9a, bmo-mir-10, bmo-mir-276, bmo-mir-31, bmo-mir-71, ame-mir-10, ame-mir-137, ame-mir-13a, ame-mir-2-3, ame-mir-29b, ame-mir-31a, ame-mir-375, ame-mir-71, ame-mir-932, dme-mir-193, dme-mir-375, dme-mir-932, dme-mir-970, dme-mir-971, dme-mir-989, dme-mir-137, dme-mir-1006, dme-mir-1007, bmo-mir-2a-1, bmo-mir-2a-2, bmo-mir-2b, bmo-mir-13a, bmo-mir-13b, bmo-mir-133, bmo-mir-210, tca-mir-2-3, tca-mir-2-1, tca-mir-2-2, tca-mir-10, tca-mir-12, tca-mir-13a, tca-mir-13b, tca-mir-31, tca-mir-71, tca-mir-133, tca-mir-137, tca-mir-210, tca-mir-276, tca-mir-317, tca-mir-932, tca-mir-9b, bmo-mir-12, bmo-mir-137, bmo-mir-932, bmo-mir-9b, tca-mir-9a, tca-mir-970, ame-mir-13b, ame-mir-1006, ame-mir-316, bmo-mir-970, lmi-mir-276, lmi-mir-210, lmi-mir-10, lmi-mir-9a, bmo-mir-9c, bmo-mir-306a, bmo-mir-989a, bmo-mir-316, bmo-mir-1175, bmo-mir-9d, bmo-mir-750, bmo-mir-375, bmo-mir-306b, api-mir-137, api-mir-10, api-mir-276, api-mir-13a, api-mir-210, api-mir-29, api-mir-2a, api-mir-2b, api-mir-2c, api-mir-316, api-mir-317, api-mir-71, api-mir-971, api-mir-9a, api-mir-9b, api-mir-306, api-mir-3049, bmo-mir-989b, ame-mir-1175, ame-mir-193, ame-mir-989, ame-mir-3049, ame-mir-971, ame-mir-3770, ame-mir-9c, ame-mir-306, ame-mir-750, tca-mir-9c, tca-mir-316, tca-mir-9d, tca-mir-309a, tca-mir-3049, tca-mir-375, tca-mir-29, tca-mir-1175, tca-mir-750, tca-mir-989, tca-mir-309b, tca-mir-193, tca-mir-6012, tca-mir-9e, ame-mir-6037, ame-mir-6012, ame-mir-2b, tca-mir-309c, tca-mir-971b
Blast approaches on the genome assembly and on small RNA-seq reads led to find three of them: MIR-317, MIR-316 and MIR-971, as well as a new Mir-10 gene. [score:1]
We also noticed that seven miRNA families present in B. germanica (MIR-2001, MIR-375, MIR-3049, MIR-3770, MIR-317, MIR-316 and MIR-971) were not recorded in L. migratoria. [score:1]
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The miRs (sfr-mir-305-5p, sfr-mir-307-3p, sfr-mir-71-3p, sfr-mir-281, sfr-mir-317, sfr-mir-2756, sfr-mir-932, sfr-mir-184-3p, sfr-mir-2766, Novel_miR15, Novel_miR16, and Novel_miR17) were easily detectable in total RNA isolated from Sf21 cells (Fig. 4). [score:1]
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It includes miR-1, the entire family of miR-2, the miR-9 family (miR-9 and miR-9b), the let-7 family (let-7a, let-7j), miR-10b, miR-31, miR-71, miR-79, miR-87, miR-98, miR-100, miR-252, miR-263a, miR-275, miR-279, miR-317 and miR-1274b (Table 3 and Figure 4a). [score:1]
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revealed marked individual differences in the levels of miR-92, miR-317, miR-228, miR-79, miR-10b-3p/5p and miR-34b in the gonads (Figure 1D). [score:1]
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