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Open access articles that are associated with the species Bos taurus and mention the gene name mir-494. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Overexpressed miR-494 down-regulates PTEN gene expression in cells transformed by anti-benzo(a)pyrene-trans-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-epoxide. [score:8]
PTEN was also down-regulated by the up-regulation of miR-494 (a conserved miRNA among mammals) in human bronchial cells, suggesting that this mechanism is important in controlling PTEN levels [21]. [score:7]
Follicular cells from follicles harboring incompetent oocytes have a molecular profile marked by an increase in PTEN expression and lower expression of bta-miR-494 and bta-miR20a, which indicates lower activity of the PI3K-Akt pathway. [score:5]
We constructed a plasmid vector with a fragment of the 3’- UTR harboring the conserved binding sites for bta-miR-494 (wild type construct) or a fragment with mutant variants of the miRNA binding sequences (Mutant construct) inserted between the SacI and XhoI restriction sites downstream of pmirGLO Dual-Luciferase miRNA Target Expression Vector (Promega, Madison, USA) to experimentally validate the miRNA-mRNA interaction between bta-miR-494 and the PTEN gene. [score:5]
Thus, o PTEN levels are regulated by the increase in miR-494 and miR-20a expression in follicles harboring competent oocytes. [score:4]
PTEN contains a validated and conserved binding site for miR-494 in many mammalian species, including bovine, according to TargetScan (http://www. [score:3]
Bovine miRNA-494 and its validated target PTEN. [score:3]
Therefore, bta-miR-494 regulates the levels of PTEN in follicular cells. [score:2]
We were able to identify a molecular landscape formed by the PI3K-Akt pathway in FCs consisting of lower PTEN, FOXO3a, bta-mir-494, bta-miR-20a, and BAX levels, leading to high oocyte developmental potential (Fig 4). [score:2]
We determined the levels of genes downstream of PI3K-Akt signaling that are related to different cellular processes (i. e., protein synthesis, DNA repair, cell cycle progression, and apoptosis), as well as the levels of the PTEN regulators bta-miR-494 and bta-miR-20a. [score:2]
We also validated the interaction between bta-miR-494 and the bovine PTEN 3’UTR (untranslated region) using a luciferase assay. [score:2]
0185045.g002 Fig 2(A) Relative levels of bta-miR-494 in non-cleaved (NC), cleaved non-blastocyst (CNB), and blastocyst (BL) groups. [score:1]
The Ct values of bta-miR-494 and bta-miR-20a, were normalized to the geometric mean of two small reference RNAs (miR-99b and RNU1) and the relative expression was calculated using the 2 [-ΔCt] transformation. [score:1]
Specifically, some miRNAs, such as miR-494 and miR-20a, have been shown to exert modulatory effects on PTEN levels and, thus, on genes downstream of the PI3K-Akt pathway [12, 13]. [score:1]
For miRNA-494 and miR-20a, the reverse transcription reaction was performed with 100 ng of total RNA using the miScript PCR Starter Kit (Qiagen, Venlo & Limburg, The Netherlands), according to the manufacturer’s instructions. [score:1]
Granulosa cells containing the vector with the wild type copy of the PTEN 3’UTR displayed decreased firefly luciferase activity after transfection of the miR-494 mimic compared to the control and mutant construct, suggesting that miR-494 is a validated regulator of PTEN (Fig 2C). [score:1]
Relative levels of bta-miR-494 and bta-miR-20a in follicular cells. [score:1]
Relative levels of bta-miR-494 and bta-miR-20a were significantly higher (p < 0.05) in FCs derived from follicles in which the oocytes cleaved, regardless of subsequent blastocyst generation (CNB and BL), than in follicles in which the oocytes did not cleave (NC) (Fig 2A and 2B). [score:1]
MiR-494 and miR-20a analysis in fcs in relation to oocyte competence. [score:1]
In the present study, we detected higher levels of the PTEN mRNA and lower levels of bta-miR-494 and bta-miR-20a, two validated modulators of PTEN, in FCs from poor oocyte quality groups, suggesting that the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway is less active in these follicles. [score:1]
Additionally, we performed a luciferase assay to determine whether miR-494 regulated PTEN by binding to its 3’UTR. [score:1]
Sub-confluent cells were co -transfected with either the wild type construct or the mutant construct in the presence or absence of a bta-miR-494 mimic using the Lipofectamine 2000 transfection reagent (Invitrogen, Darmstadt, Germany). [score:1]
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Of the 21 miRNAs that we identified as being differentially expressed in response to the Gram -positive S. uberis, only 9 of these (bta-let-7d, bta-let-7b, bta-mir-98, bta-miR-100, bta-mir-130a, bta-miR-193a, bta-miR-210, bta-miR-494, bta-miR-652) have also been reported to be differentially expressed in response to LPS in other species. [score:5]
Most notably, bta-miR-100 and bta-miR-494, which were previously identified as up- and down-regulated, respectively, in mouse lung 6h post-stimulation with LPS, showed the inverse response at the same time-point in response to S. uberis infection [49], [50]. [score:4]
For example, miR-let-7d, miR-652 and miR-494 demonstrated similar levels of differential expression 6 hours post LTA stimulation in mouse tissues [50]. [score:3]
Furthermore, 5 of these 9 (bta-miR-98, bta-miR-100, bta-miR-193a, bta-miR-210, bta-miR-494) show an inverse response to S. uberis infection in comparison to LPS. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: bta-mir-329a, bta-mir-329b
Inhibition of Mef2a Enhances Neovascularization via Post-transcriptional Regulation of 14q32 MicroRNAs miR-329 and miR-494. [score:4]
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In this family all pre-miRNAs had nucleotide substitution rate of <4%, among which, pre-miRNA sequences of eight animals; 4 in horse (eca-mir 409, 494, 377 & 382), 2 in dog (cfa-mir-494 & 377) and 2 in cow (bta-mir-377 & 382) had 100% percent identity with 4 of human disease pre-miRNAs sequences. [score:3]
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