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4 publications mentioning aae-mir-2a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Aedes aegypti and mention the gene name mir-2a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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There is an aga-miR-2 in miRBase (derived from two precursors aga-miR-2-1 and aga-miR-2-2), which is reverse complementary to ast-miR-2a. [score:1]
Four of the six Anopheline miRNAs (miR-12, miR-375, miR-2a, and miR-76) have conserved sequences in Ae. [score:1]
Sequence comparison showed that ast-miR-2a is not derived from aga-miR-2* because of the existence of multiple in dels/mismatches between the alignment of aga-miR-2 and aga-miR-2*. [score:1]
However, ast-miR-2a is reverse complementary to the aga-miR-2 reported in miRBase. [score:1]
Cloning results for ast-miR-2a, comparisons to dme-miR-2a, and miRscan predictions are all consistent. [score:1]
ast-miR-2a matches dme-miR-2a perfectly thus is named as miR-2a. [score:1]
The orientation of our cloned ast-mir-2a is consistent with the miRscan prediction based on An. [score:1]
One miRNA, ast-miR-2a, is worth noting. [score:1]
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Thus we refer to these hits miR-2a/2b/2c. [score:1]
4. It is difficult to distinguish between hits that match miR-2a, miR-2b, or miR-2c. [score:1]
3. MiR-13b and miR-2a/2b/2c are in a physically linked cluster. [score:1]
These miRNAs include aae-miR-2a, aae-miR-210, aae-miR-263b, aae-miR-281, and aae-miR-283. [score:1]
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Sequence blast analysis suggests that miR-N6, miR-N17 and miR-N18 are separately found to be orthologous genes with miR-2a, miR-2942 and miR-2944b in Ae. [score:1]
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The 3′ trimmed (3′ Trim) class of isomiRs also varied in their abundance in response to infection; specifically miR-1175-3p, bantam-3p and miR-281-3p, showed significant induction, and miR34-5p, miR-2a-3p, and miR-927-3p significant reduction in infected mosquitoes (Fig. 4). [score:1]
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