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7 publications mentioning hvu-MIR444a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Hordeum vulgare and mention the gene name MIR444a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Expression of some conserved miRNA families such as miR156 and miR6213 has been detected as upregulated while miR168, miR444, and miR5048 have shown suppressed expression patterns in response to salinity stress in barley (Lv et al. 2012; Deng et al. 2015). [score:10]
For example, miR444 was upregulated in the third hour of stress but downregulated at 8 and 27 h (Deng et al. 2015). [score:7]
Overexpression of miR444 induced primary root growth and caused the inhibition of lateral root propagation in rice (Yan et al. 2014). [score:5]
In another study, the upregulation of miR444a in roots and leaves of wheat in response to nitrogen deficiency was demonstrated (Gao et al. 2016). [score:4]
Overexpression of the same miRNA in tobacco improved plant growth and biomass along with increased N uptake under N deficiency and suggested that miR444a acts as a regulator of nitrate transporters (Gao et al. 2016). [score:4]
Based on these results, it is plausible to suggest that miR444a regulates N metabolism via N transporters and manipulation of this miRNA has potential to improve crop performance under N -deficient conditions. [score:2]
durum, H. vulgare Cu -binding domain containing chemocyanin and blue copper proteinLiu et al. 2015a, Kantar et al. 2010 miR444 H. vulgare –Hackenberg et al. 2014, Ma et al. 2015 miR474 T. turgidum ssp. [score:1]
Based on these studies, it will be interesting to further characterize miR444 expression and function under salt stress conditions. [score:1]
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The left miRNA (Hvu-miR444a) significantly expressed at all the three time points, which was down-regulated at 8h and 27h but up-regulated at 3h. [score:9]
For example, miR444 has been found to be significantly down-regulated under drought stress in barley [18]. [score:4]
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miR444 is predicted to target MLOC_16182, a gene encoding a RING finger protein; miR5051 targets MLOC_57965 encoding a serine/threonine protein kinase; and miR7757 targets MLOC_17471 encoding a putative NBS-LRR disease resistance protein. [score:9]
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miR156, miR169c, miR171, miR171a, miR444a, miR444c, miR2023a were up-regulated while miR156d, miR397, miR408, miR1121, miR2014, miR5049, miR5141, miR5180, and miR5180a were down-regulated in leaf tissue upon boron stress. [score:7]
Contig1_All 14 undetermined Unigene31703_All 11 undetermined hvu-miR444/hvu-miR444a/hvu-miR444b/hvu-miR444c MADS-box transcription factor CL1260. [score:1]
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On the other hand, there is clear evidence of expression of members of the miR444 family in all species considered here. [score:2]
In addition to miRNA families conserved between the dicots and monocots, Jones-Rhoades et al. [2] noted that miR437, miR444 and miR445 have members in rice and maize, but not in Arabidopsis. [score:1]
Two sequences labelled as miR2024b and miR2024a [33] are actually identical to sequences labelled miR444b and miR444c in the same work, respectively, so we include them as part of the miR444 family. [score:1]
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Monocot-specific miRNAs (i. e. miR444) have also been found in both works [11]. [score:1]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hvu-MIR156a, hvu-MIR168, hvu-MIR156b
The two extra miRNAs in non-transgenic barley were huv-miR444a and huv-miR1126 (Table 4). [score:1]
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