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To reveal the role of these miRNAs in the muscular phenotype of myostatin knockout mice, we quantified their expression by qRT-PCR, and observed a significant increase in the expression of miR-411, miR-434-3p, miR-379, and miR-193b in myostatin knockout mice (Figure 1A). [score:7]
Most recently, Gao et al. showed that deletion of the maternally expressed miR-379/miR-544 cluster located between the Rian and Mirg genes resulted in callipyge-like muscular hypertrophy with increased Dlk1 expression in mice [28]. [score:5]
Among these, the increased expressions of miR-411, miR-434-3p, and miR-379 were of interest because these miRNAs are expressed from the mouse chromosome 12qF1 (chr12qF1), called as the Dlk1-Dio3 locus (Figure 1B). [score:5]
108 ± 4.23, P = 0.091), whereas overexpression of the remaining 7 miRNAs (miR-127, miR-300, miR-329, miR-337-3p, miR-376a, miR-379, and miR-381) showed no significant effect on myotube diameter (Figure 2D). [score:3]
However, the expression of the remaining 9 miRNAs (miR-411, miR-434-3p, miR-299*, miR-193, miR-146b, miR-379, miR-193b, miR-22, and miR-223) has not been verified. [score:3]
Figure 1(A) A significant increase in miR-411, miR-434-3p, miR-379, and miR-193b expression in myostatin -deficient skeletal muscle at 13 weeks of age was determined by quantitative RT-PCR. [score:3]
In fact, a remarkable increase in skeletal muscle mass in myostatin knockout mice was observed after 5 weeks of age [12], whereas muscle hypertrophy was not observed in mice with the deletion of the miR-379/miR-544 cluster after 3 weeks of age [28]. [score:2]
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In rats, miR-379 is specifically expressed in the brain where it is thought to regulate the transcription of miRNA genes [31]. [score:4]
We found that it was highly expressed in the skin of goat, indicating that the miR-379 family may play an important role in the transcriptional regulation of skin hair follicle genes. [score:4]
The largest number of sequences (14,461) in our goat dataset belonged to the miR-379 family which was one of the 21 co-expressed miRNAs families. [score:3]
Most reads (highest expression) were from the miR-379 family; next was miR-127 family with 5,235 reads. [score:3]
By comparing with sheep miRNA sequences, we found that 5 miRNA families containing miR-127, miR-136, miR-154, miR-229 and miR-379, were conserved in all these species It is, therefore, tempting to speculated that these 5 miRNA families are critical in mammal development. [score:2]
The largest miRNA family was the miR-154 family with 18 family members, next was the miR-379 family with six family members, then the miR-368 family with five family members, and finally the miR-329 family with four family members; other families had only one family member). [score:1]
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Similarly, mice with deletion of the maternal microRNA379/544 cluster displayed muscle hypertrophic phenotype with an elevation of Dlk1 expression, suggesting the regulation of maternal imprinted microRNA on paternal Dlk1 gene expression [22]. [score:5]
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For example, 6,849 were detected for both the 5′ and 3′ ends of 49 pre-miRNAs in gp1a; within those, oar-mir-379 had 388 variants at the 5′ end and 96 variants at the 3′-end, respectively (see Table S7). [score:1]
Oar-miR-127-3p and oar-miR-379-5p were the first two miRNAs and they accounted for 5.13% and 2.60% of the total mappable reads, respectively. [score:1]
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Only five of the sheep miRNAs in our dataset have been deposited into the miRBase database V19: oar-miR-379, oar-miR-127, oar-miR-411a, oar-miR-493, and oar-miR-382. [score:1]
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