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3 publications mentioning oar-mir-376a

Open access articles that are associated with the species Ovis aries and mention the gene name mir-376a. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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We randomly picked 9 miRNAs (miR-337, miR-540-3p, miR-127, miR-434-5p, miR-329, miR-543-3p, miR-376a, miR-300, and miR-381) expressed from the Dlk1-Dio3 locus and validated their expression by qRT-PCR. [score:5]
108 ± 4.23, P = 0.091), whereas overexpression of the remaining 7 miRNAs (miR-127, miR-300, miR-329, miR-337-3p, miR-376a, miR-379, and miR-381) showed no significant effect on myotube diameter (Figure 2D). [score:3]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: oar-mir-432, oar-mir-433, oar-mir-376c, oar-mir-496, oar-mir-10b
From this cluster, mir-376a and mir-376c are known to potentially target the 3′ untranslated region (3’UTR) of IGF1R. [score:5]
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The effects of two negative (NC1, NC2) and one positive (siRNA) controls are shown, as are the effects of the most inhibiting miR-329a-3p, the closely related miR-329b-3p, and the most activating miR-376a-5p and miR-432-3p. [score:3]
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