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7 publications mentioning oar-mir-134

Open access articles that are associated with the species Ovis aries and mention the gene name mir-134. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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Taken together, these data suggest that differentially expressed oar-miR-134-3p may play an important role in sheep breeding by regulating thyroid hormone synthesis through PAX8. [score:4]
For instance, there was a differential expression of oar-miR-134-3p in the Han ++ sheep in comparison with the Dorset sheep. [score:3]
It is known that oar-miR-134-3p is dysregulated in sheep skeletal muscle (Caiment et al., 2010). [score:2]
Interestingly, our study indicated that PAX8 was negatively correlated to oar-miR-134-3p and, furthermore, was regulated by several other miRNAs. [score:2]
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It has been reported that miR-134-5p expression is significantly up-regulated in infectious mononucleosis caused by primary Epstein-Barr virus infection in children [12]. [score:6]
Among the known differential expression of miRNAs, miR-21-3p, miR-542-5p, miR-671, miR-134-5p, and miR-26b, miR-27a showed a much higher expression in CE-R sheep compared to the CE-NR library, in terms of normalized read counts (fold changes were 3.37, 3.5, 6.88, 5.25, 3.75, and 3.2, respectively). [score:4]
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Compared with Dorset sheep, we found that oar-miR-134-3p was differentially expressed in Han++ sheep. [score:2]
Previously, oar-miR-134-3p was indicated to be dysregulated in sheep skeletal muscle 24. [score:2]
Interestingly, Paired Box 8 (PAX8) was found to be negatively correlated with oar-miR-134-3p but also regulated by several other miRNAs. [score:2]
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For example, oar_circ_0001413 contains target sites of miRNA-133, miRNA-125, miRNA-134, miRNA-103, miRNA-107, miRNA-1185, miRNA-181, miRNA-218, miRNA-329, simultaneously. [score:3]
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However, oar_circ_0000043 included target sites for miRNA-10b, miRNA-134, miRNA-148, miRNA-181, miRNA-200, miRNA-26, and miRNA-30. [score:3]
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Moreover, miR-134 was recently shown to regulate negatively Limk1 [61], Nanog, and LRH1 [62]. [score:2]
In comparison to Mirg, the longest Meg9 clone has nine additional upstream exons and contains four more microRNAs: miR-382, miR-134, miR-668, and miR-485. [score:1]
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Other families that had a high abundance of reads were miR-134, miR-136, miR-154, miR-370, miR-412, miR-431, miR-432, miR-433, miR-485, miR-493, miR-541; a total of 11 miRNA families. [score:1]
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