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Accordingly, we did a phylogenetic analysis for all the miRNA -targeted peach MYB genes and found that of the four miR159 -targeted MYBs, one was in MYB subgroup 18 - anther and pollen development; another co -targeted by miR858 in subgroup 13 - lignin deposition, mucilage production and stomatal aperture [39], and the remaining two were ungrouped. [score:8]
While we were only able to detect miR828 expression during fruit development (Figure 2b), we cannot rule out the potential roles of miR858 and miR159 since they could be highly cell- or tissue-, or stage-specific during fruit development, and their expression window period might be missed in this study. [score:7]
Further analysis revealed that miR828 and miR858 target sites were separated by 12 nucleotides and co-located in the conserved region of the third exon while the miR159 target site was located in the divergent region of the co -targeted MYBs (Figure 5b). [score:7]
The finding that miR858 shares five MYB targets with miR828 and two with miR159, respectively, and three miR828 -targeted MYBs undergo siRNA biogenesis supports the notion of the evolution of a miRNA- and siRNA -mediated silencing reinforcement regulatory mechanism in peach. [score:6]
Therefore, we performed in silico target prediction and identified an additional three, nine and 24 MYB genes for miR159, miR828 and miR858, respectively, with an align score of less than 5. Thus, a total of 49 MYB target genes were found, four for miR159, 12 for miR828 and 40 for miR858. [score:5]
In addition, we found that miR159, miR828 and miR858 collectively target 49 MYBs, 19 of which are known to regulate phenylpropanoid metabolism, a key pathway involved in stone hardening and fruit color development. [score:5]
All the peach MYB targets for miR828, miR858, and miR159 were predicted by Targetfinder 1.6 with an align-score of no more than 5. Amino acid sequences of MYB factors in Arabidopsis were retrieved from TAIR (http://www. [score:5]
Still, the potential regulatory roles of miR858, miR159 and miR828 in lignin, cell wall and flavonoid metabolism and synthesis pathways provides evidence for a significant role of sRNA in coordinating fruit development. [score:3]
In peach, at least 49 MYBs can be potentially targeted by miR159, miR828 and miR858 (Figure 5a). [score:3]
MiR858 shared five targeted MYBs with miR828 and two with miR159 (Figure 5a). [score:3]
In Arabidopsis, miR159, miR828 and miR858 target at least 13 MYB genes [39]. [score:3]
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As the expression levels of miR159, miR396 and miR397 were down-regulated in peach after treatment, this finding is inconsistent with previous reports suggesting that expression of these miRNAs was up-regulated in both A. thaliana and P. euphratica [42], [68]. [score:11]
The expression level of miR159, miR169, miR393, miR397, miR398 and miR393 were only decreased in root under drought stress while the miR395 were only down-regulated in leaf in response to drought (Figure 4). [score:6]
Among them, miR159 was up-regulated in response to water limitation and was confirmed to target MYB transcription factors (myb33 and myb101) in Arabidopsis under drought stress in response to ABA accumulation [81]. [score:6]
Although some members of MYB -family transcription factors were found in peach transcriptome libraries (at GDR; Genome database for Rosaceae), we could not determine the Myb transcription factors as targets for miR159 and this result may be consistent with previous findings that miR159 target was not related to MYB in tomato [82]. [score:5]
However, in contrast to Arabidopsis, miR159 was down-regulated in rice [80] and peach root tissue. [score:4]
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However, among the target genes, the SPL and R2R3-MYB transcription factors, both of which are known to negatively regulate flavonoid biosynthesis, were experimentally validated to be targets of miR156 and miR159, respectively [46, 47]. [score:6]
Given the fact that the miR159 is very highly expressed in Rosa and miR159-directed cleavage of R2R3-MYB gene is confirmed using 5' RACE, our results raise an intriguing possibility that miRNAs in roses may be involved in pigment synthesis pathway. [score:4]
In addition, the target gene of miR159 was predicted only in Maroussia (white) and Haedang (pink), which indicates that the colours of the rose flowers, may be tightly regulated via complex mechanism of various miRNAs in nature (Additional file 5). [score:4]
Over -expression of miR156 (Figure  5A) and miR159 (Figure  5B) induced delayed flowering in Arabidopsis by negatively regulating SPL and MYB family transcription factors genes, respectively [60, 61]. [score:4]
Additionally, for other miRNAs (miR159, miR172, miR164, miR394, and miR160 families), we confirmed miRNA-directed cleavage in one or two Rosa cultivars (Figure  5B-F). [score:2]
The miR159 were among the most frequent in our library (187,579; 271,208; 264,412 and 327,436 for ‘ R. thunb. [score:1]
According to previous studies, miR156, miR159, and miR160 are evolutionary conserved in all land plants, and miR164, and miR172 are conserved in seed-bearing plants [57]. [score:1]
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The ten most highly expressed miRNAs (miR156, miR157, miR159, miR164, miR167, miR172, miR393, miR396, miR414, miR2275, and miR5021) in buds and leaves are miRNAs regulating genes involved in flower and leaf development processes such as integument development, leaf morphogenesis, meristem initiation, maintenance, and growth, bilateral symmetry determination, organ morphogenesis, plant phase transition, shoot apical meristem identity, flower and fruit development, and plant architecture. [score:7]
miR156, miR159, miR166, miR172, miR390, miR396, and miR5021 are the most expressed families in bud tissues. [score:3]
Most of conserved families common to Arabidopsis and peach (miR156, miR159, miR160, miR164, miR166, miR171, miR172, miR319, miR390, miR395, and miR396) did not show significant size variation (Figure 4). [score:1]
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In this study, miR159 not only targeted MYB transcription factors but also regulated the expression of genes encoding ENTH/VHS family proteins, cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase, and transferases. [score:6]
Among the miRNA families in peach, miR156, miR159, miR160, miR166, miR171, miR319, miR390 and miR396 showed a high conservation in plants, indicating that these 12 peach miRNA families are ancient. [score:1]
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For example, the miR159-regulated MYB33/65 plays a role in disease symptom induction by Cucumber Mosaic Virus in Arabidopsis [51]. [score:4]
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For example, the expression of miR159 generated 323,238 and 128,812 reads in the CK and UVB libraries respectively. [score:3]
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Allen RS Li J Stahle MI Dubroue A Gubler F Millar AA 2007 Genetic analysis reveals functional redundancy and the major target genes of the Arabidopsis miR159 family. [score:3]
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Axtell and Bartel [57] reported that the miR159/319 family exists in 10 plant species, whereas miR156 has been identified in 31 different types of plants, and approximately 30% of miRNA families examined, exist in at least 10 different types of plant species. [score:1]
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In the aging pathway, it has been found that the role of five microRNAs (miRNAs) families called miR156, miR172, miR159/319, miR390, and miR399 is important in flowering time (Spanudakis and Jackson, 2014). [score:1]
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