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Our results also revealed that YAP1 was down-regulated by overexpression of miR-15a, and was up-regulated by inhibition of miR-15a (Figure 3E). [score:11]
The results also indicated that ectopic over expression of miR-15a strongly up-regulated the mRNA expression of PPARγ, LPL, SCD1, and FASN (Figure 7B and Figure S3). [score:8]
Our findings indicated that miR-15a significantly inhibited the luciferase activity, suggesting that miR-15a functioned through the 3′-UTR of YAP1 to inhibit the reporter gene expression. [score:7]
miR-30e-5p and miR-15a were up-regulated at early lactation and down-regulated thereafter. [score:7]
Furthermore, the expression level of YAP1 protein was consistent with the expression of mRNA data after the miR-15a over -expression treatment (Figure 3H). [score:7]
The findings illustrated that miR-15a directly interacts with the target site of the YAP1 mRNA and negatively regulates its expression, which partly explained the function of miR-15a during lactation. [score:7]
The expression of miR-15a was 95 times higher in the miR-15a mimic -transfected GMECs than the NC, but expression decreased more than 99% in the miR-15a inhibited group (Figure S4). [score:7]
To verify that miR-15a directly targeted this site, we synthesized a 3′-UTR segment of YAP1 including the miR-15a target site, and cloned it into the psi-CHECK2 vector to construct a 3′-UTR reporter plasmid. [score:6]
Interestingly, using siRNA, we observed that miR-30e-5p could regulate YAP1, which is a target gene of miR-15a, and reduced the expression of β-catenin in GMEC (Figure 9). [score:6]
To confirm that YAP1 is a direct target of miR-15a, we first cloned the 3′-UTR of YAP1 for miR-15a into a luciferase reporter plasmid to detect whether miR-15a had a suppressing effect on this gene. [score:6]
In contrast, cells transfected with the miR-15a inhibitor led to a remarkable down-regulation of a number of genes related to fat metabolism, including HSL (Figure 7B and Figure S3). [score:6]
Furthermore, we made a mutation of the potential binding site for miR-15a in the 3′-UTR, and this mutation abrogated the suppressive effect of miR-15a a on the 3′-UTR of YAP1. [score:5]
Bandi N. Zbinden S. Gugger M. Arnold M. Kocher V. Hasan L. Kappeler A. Brunner T. Vassella E. miR-15a and miR-16 are implicated in cell cycle regulation in a Rb -dependent manner and are frequently deleted or down-regulated in non-small cell lung cancer Cancer Res. [score:5]
In addition, miR-30e-5p not only affected Wnt signaling pathways by regulating LRP6 and β-catenin, but also affects the Hippo signaling pathway by regulating miR-15a and YAP1 (miR-15 target genes) in GMEC. [score:5]
To address the relationship between miR-30-5p and miR-15a we measured the expression of miR-15a in GMEC with miR-30e-5p as being overexpressed or inhibited, respectively. [score:5]
The rescue experiments dealing with siRNA- LRP6 and siRNA- YAP1 partly abolished the decrease of the TAG level induced by inhibitor miR-30e-5p and inhibitor miR-15a. [score:5]
On the other hand, the expression of miR-15a decreased significantly when miR-30e-5p was inhibited. [score:5]
To conclude, we proved that miR-30e-5p could target and regress LRP6, which coordinated with miR-15a in regulating YAP1 and mammary cell fatty acid metabolism (Figure 10). [score:4]
Since different tissues expressing miR-15a have different functions [46], we speculated that miR-15a can regulate the role mammary gland by controlling lipid metabolism. [score:4]
Bhattacharya R. Nicoloso M. Arvizo R. Wang E. Cortez A. Rossi S. Calin G. A. Mukherjee P. miR-15a and miR-16 control Bmi-1 expression in ovarian cancer Cancer Res. [score:3]
Furthermore, miR-30e-5p cooperates with miR-15a promoting fat metabolism by repressing the expression of YAP1 in GMEC. [score:3]
The luciferase reporter assay indicated that over -expression of miR-15a decreased the relative luciferase activity of the reporter with a wild-type 3′-UTR rather than the one with mutations in the seed sequences (Figure 3F,G). [score:3]
Cells were cultured and transfected with either mimic of miR-30e-5p and miR-15a (60 nM) or inhibitor (60 nM) (Invitrogen) using Lipofectamine™ RNAiMAX (Invitrogen) on the basis of the manufacturer’s instructions. [score:3]
The GMECs were transfected with either miR-30e-5p/miR-15a mimic or inhibitor and siRNA (20 ng). [score:3]
Next, we measured the expression level of miR-30e-5p and miR-15a in different tissues of dairy goats (Figure 2A,B), and observed that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a were primarily expressed in mammary tissue. [score:3]
The GMECs were transfected with either miR-30e-5p and miR-15a mimic or inhibitor. [score:3]
We also found that miR-30e-5p could regulate miR-15a, but miR-15a could not, in turn, regulate miR-30e-5p. [score:3]
3.2. miR-30e-5p and miR-15a Target LRP6 and YAP1, Respectively. [score:3]
On the other hand, the TAG content decreased significantly when miR-15a was inhibited (Figure 6A). [score:3]
When the mimic and inhibitor of miR-15a were cultured in GMEC at the same time, we found that they elicited stronger responses together than they did individually. [score:3]
Our results revealed that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a are highly-expressed not only in the mammary gland of goats, but also in goat mammary epithelial cells (GMEC) cultured with prolactin. [score:3]
The analysis indicated that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a were highly expressed (Figure 1A,E). [score:3]
Previous studies have revealed that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a are not only associated with milk fat metabolism (Figures S1 and S2; Tables S1 and S2), but their potential target genes appear to have overlapping functions. [score:3]
2.2. miR-30e-5p, miR-15 Regulate TAG via LRP6 and YAP1. [score:2]
As shown in Figure 4C, compared with the negative control, the expression of miR-15a increased by 1.5 times in the miR-30e-5p mimic transfected cells (p < 0.05). [score:2]
Compared with the negative control, the cholesterol content increased (p < 0.05) by 1.2 times in miR-15a mimic -transfected cells, but decreased significantly when miR-15a was inhibited (Figure 6B). [score:2]
MiR-15a also enhanced the expression and protein level of milk fat metabolic marker genes (Figure 6C,D). [score:2]
MiR-30e-5p and miR-15a synergistically regulate fat metabolism via LRP6 and YAP1 in goat mammary epithelial cells. [score:2]
Thus, similar to miR-30e-5p, miR-15a plays an important role in the regulation of genes associated with different aspects of fatty acid metabolism. [score:2]
Thus, the rescue experiments illustrated that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a work via LRP6 and YAP1, respectively. [score:1]
These results provided strong evidence that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a may play an important role in lactation. [score:1]
Our research illustrates that miR-30e-5p and miR-15a play a significant role in the accumulation of milk fat in ruminants. [score:1]
3.4. miR-30e-5p Cooperates with miR-15a to Repress YAP1. [score:1]
Our findings revealed that miR-15a seems to plays a crucial role in milk TAG synthesis and promotes milk fat metabolism in goat mammary gland (Figure 6). [score:1]
2.3. miR-30e-5p Is Associated with β-Catenin and Cooperates with miR-15a in Repressing YAP1 in GMEC. [score:1]
Furthermore, as shown in Figure 3G, goat YAP1 has a potential binding site for miR-15a in the 3′-UTR. [score:1]
Data indicated that miR-30-5p and miR-15a promote fat metabolism. [score:1]
Our results revealed that miR-30e-5p and miR-15 play an important role in fatty acid metabolism in GMEC. [score:1]
miR-15a/miR-16 control cell cycle in non-small lung cancer cells [45]. [score:1]
Therefore, we selected miR-30e-5p and miR-15a for further detailed studies. [score:1]
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Through target prediction analysis, growth hormone receptor (GHR) was determined to be targeted by miR-15a and functional analyses with a mammary epithelial cell line confirmed that miR-15a inhibited the expression of caseins, epithelial cell number as well as the expression of GHR mRNA and protein (Li et al., 2012e). [score:11]
MiR-15a decreases bovine mammary epithelial cell viability and lactation and regulates growth hormone receptor expression. [score:3]
From lung tissue of pigs infected with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, Podolska et al. (2012) identified miR-664-5p, miR-451, and miR-15a as promising miRNA candidates involved in response to bacterial infection. [score:1]
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miR-15 and miR-16 are down-regulated in pituitary adenomas and are associated with secretion of p43 protein [14], suggesting a relationship between miRNAs and pituitary function. [score:4]
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miR-15 and miR-16 induce apoptosis by targeting BCL2. [score:3]
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Mir-15a decreases bovine mammary epithelial cell viability and lactation and regulates growth receptor expression. [score:3]
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