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Open access articles that are associated with the species Capra hircus and mention the gene name mir-223. Click the [+] symbols to view sentences that include the gene name, or the word cloud on the right for a summary.

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These observations highlighted two miRNA, miR-204-5p and miR-223-3p, whose expression was the most markedly affected by food deprivation and which may target several DEG, suggesting important roles for both miRNA in the nutritional regulation of gene expression in the mammary gland. [score:8]
Regarding differentially expressed miRNA targeting the SLC (Solute Carrier) family (S4 Table), miR-223-5p was found to target SLC2A1 (GLUT1). [score:7]
Of the 11 nutriregulated miRNA that could target DEG, let-7c-5p, miR-223-3p and miR-204-5p may target seven, five and four DEG, respectively (Table 4). [score:6]
In addition, seven known (miR-99a-3p, miR-188-5p, miR-196a-5p, miR-204-5p, miR-222-3p, miR-223-3p and miR-494-3p) and six predicted miRNA (chr3_4386-3p, chr3_4386-5p, chr12_17655-3p, chr19_26739-5p, chr23_30758-5p and chr27_34538-5p) were expressed at moderate levels with normalized read counts of between 100 and 1,000, and three known (miR-223-5p, miR-541-5p and miR-671-5p) and five predicted (chr3_3319-5p, chr4_6064-5p, chr9_13534-5p, chr12_18027-5p and chr23_30758-5p) were weakly expressed with normalized read counts below 100. [score:5]
In addition, miR-223-3p may target five DEG, three of which (ANKFY1, PLAGL2 and ZCCHC14) encode for zinc finger proteins that bind DNA, suggesting that this miRNA may indirectly regulate gene transcription. [score:5]
Seven miRNA were chosen for RT-qPCR validation among known miRNA which expression was affected by the food deprivation and based on their level of expression; miR-99a-5p (TaqMan [®] ID 006254_mat, Applied Biosystems), miR-126-3p (TaqMan [®] ID 008451_mat), miR-140-3p (TaqMan [®] ID 471823_mat), miR-222-3p (TaqMan [®] ID 000525), miR-223-3p (TaqMan [®] ID 002295), miR-204-5p (TaqMan [®] ID 000508), miR-409-3p (TaqMan [®] ID 002332). [score:5]
Consequently, the deregulation of miR-204-5p and miR-223-3p by food deprivation may have a significant impact in the mammary gland through the regulation of DEG. [score:3]
The expressions of miR-223-3p and miR-409-3p were increased, whereas that of miR-451-5p was decreased in skeletal muscle of monkeys receiving a restricted diet [26]. [score:3]
Interestingly, the expression of both matures of the same precursor (mir-99, mir-223 and chr3_4384) were affected by nutrition. [score:3]
Markers of autophagosome formation, MAP1LC3B2 and ATG7, were also found to be potentially targeted by miR-188-5p and miR-223-3p, respectively. [score:3]
Notably, miR-204-5p and miR-223-3p are nutriregulated miRNA with the highest fold change in high throughput sequencing. [score:2]
Among the nutriregulated miRNA, five (miR-126-3p, miR-140-3p, miR-223-3p, miR-409-3p, miR-451-5p) have previously been described as being affected by caloric restriction in others species and tissues. [score:2]
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Other miRNAs from this paper: hsa-let-7a-1, hsa-let-7a-2, hsa-let-7a-3, hsa-let-7f-1, hsa-let-7f-2, hsa-mir-15a, hsa-mir-16-1, hsa-mir-21, hsa-mir-23a, hsa-mir-24-1, hsa-mir-24-2, hsa-mir-26a-1, hsa-mir-29a, hsa-mir-30a, hsa-mir-31, hsa-mir-99a, hsa-mir-29b-1, hsa-mir-29b-2, hsa-mir-103a-2, hsa-mir-103a-1, hsa-mir-16-2, hsa-mir-192, hsa-mir-148a, hsa-mir-10b, hsa-mir-181a-2, hsa-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-215, hsa-mir-223, hsa-mir-224, hsa-mir-200b, hsa-mir-15b, hsa-mir-27b, hsa-mir-125b-1, hsa-mir-141, hsa-mir-143, hsa-mir-152, hsa-mir-125b-2, hsa-mir-126, hsa-mir-146a, hsa-mir-184, hsa-mir-200c, hsa-mir-155, hsa-mir-29c, hsa-mir-200a, hsa-mir-99b, hsa-mir-296, hsa-mir-30e, hsa-mir-26a-2, hsa-mir-378a, hsa-mir-342, hsa-mir-148b, hsa-mir-451a, ssc-mir-125b-2, ssc-mir-148a, ssc-mir-15b, ssc-mir-184, ssc-mir-224, ssc-mir-23a, ssc-mir-24-1, ssc-mir-26a, ssc-mir-29b-1, ssc-let-7f-1, ssc-mir-103-1, ssc-mir-21, ssc-mir-29c, hsa-mir-486-1, hsa-mir-499a, hsa-mir-671, hsa-mir-378d-2, bta-mir-26a-2, bta-mir-29a, bta-let-7f-2, bta-mir-103-1, bta-mir-148a, bta-mir-16b, bta-mir-21, bta-mir-499, bta-mir-99a, bta-mir-125b-1, bta-mir-126, bta-mir-181a-2, bta-mir-27b, bta-mir-31, bta-mir-15b, bta-mir-215, bta-mir-30e, bta-mir-148b, bta-mir-192, bta-mir-200a, bta-mir-200c, bta-mir-23a, bta-mir-29b-2, bta-mir-29c, bta-mir-10b, bta-mir-24-2, bta-mir-30a, bta-mir-200b, bta-let-7a-1, bta-mir-342, bta-let-7f-1, bta-let-7a-2, bta-let-7a-3, bta-mir-103-2, bta-mir-125b-2, bta-mir-15a, bta-mir-99b, hsa-mir-664a, ssc-mir-99b, hsa-mir-103b-1, hsa-mir-103b-2, ssc-mir-15a, ssc-mir-16-2, ssc-mir-16-1, bta-mir-141, bta-mir-143, bta-mir-146a, bta-mir-152, bta-mir-155, bta-mir-16a, bta-mir-184, bta-mir-24-1, bta-mir-223, bta-mir-224, bta-mir-26a-1, bta-mir-296, bta-mir-29d, bta-mir-378-1, bta-mir-451, bta-mir-486, bta-mir-671, bta-mir-29e, bta-mir-29b-1, bta-mir-181a-1, ssc-mir-181a-1, ssc-mir-215, ssc-mir-30a, bta-mir-2318, bta-mir-2339, bta-mir-2430, bta-mir-664a, bta-mir-378-2, ssc-let-7a-1, ssc-mir-378-1, ssc-mir-29a, ssc-mir-30e, ssc-mir-499, ssc-mir-143, ssc-mir-10b, ssc-mir-486-1, ssc-mir-152, ssc-mir-103-2, ssc-mir-181a-2, ssc-mir-27b, ssc-mir-24-2, ssc-mir-99a, ssc-mir-148b, ssc-mir-664, ssc-mir-192, ssc-mir-342, ssc-mir-125b-1, oar-mir-21, oar-mir-29a, oar-mir-125b, oar-mir-181a-1, hsa-mir-378b, hsa-mir-378c, ssc-mir-296, ssc-mir-155, ssc-mir-146a, bta-mir-148c, ssc-mir-126, ssc-mir-378-2, ssc-mir-451, hsa-mir-378d-1, hsa-mir-378e, hsa-mir-378f, hsa-mir-378g, hsa-mir-378h, hsa-mir-378i, hsa-mir-451b, hsa-mir-499b, ssc-let-7a-2, ssc-mir-486-2, hsa-mir-664b, hsa-mir-378j, ssc-let-7f-2, ssc-mir-29b-2, ssc-mir-31, ssc-mir-671, bta-mir-378b, bta-mir-378c, hsa-mir-486-2, oar-let-7a, oar-let-7f, oar-mir-103, oar-mir-10b, oar-mir-143, oar-mir-148a, oar-mir-152, oar-mir-16b, oar-mir-181a-2, oar-mir-200a, oar-mir-200b, oar-mir-200c, oar-mir-23a, oar-mir-26a, oar-mir-29b-1, oar-mir-30a, oar-mir-99a, bta-mir-664b, chi-let-7a, chi-let-7f, chi-mir-103, chi-mir-10b, chi-mir-125b, chi-mir-126, chi-mir-141, chi-mir-143, chi-mir-146a, chi-mir-148a, chi-mir-148b, chi-mir-155, chi-mir-15a, chi-mir-15b, chi-mir-16a, chi-mir-16b, chi-mir-184, chi-mir-192, chi-mir-200a, chi-mir-200b, chi-mir-200c, chi-mir-215, chi-mir-21, chi-mir-224, chi-mir-2318, chi-mir-23a, chi-mir-24, chi-mir-26a, chi-mir-27b, chi-mir-296, chi-mir-29a, chi-mir-29b, chi-mir-29c, chi-mir-30a, chi-mir-30e, chi-mir-342, chi-mir-378, chi-mir-451, chi-mir-499, chi-mir-671, chi-mir-99a, chi-mir-99b, bta-mir-378d, ssc-mir-378b, oar-mir-29b-2, ssc-mir-141, ssc-mir-200b, ssc-mir-223, bta-mir-148d
Similarly, Naeem et al. (2012) demonstrated a differential regulation of four miRNAs (Bta-miR-181a, miR-16, miR-31, and miR223) in bovine mammary tissue infected with Streptococcus uberis as compared to healthy tissue while Hou et al. (2012) showed that bta-miR-296, miR-2430, and miR-671 were up-regulated and miR-2318 was down-regulated in mammary tissues of cows with mastitis. [score:7]
A differential expression of four immune related miRNAs, miR-125b, miR-155, miR-146a, and miR-223 upon stimulation of bovine monocytes with LPS or Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin B was demonstrated (Dilda et al., 2012). [score:3]
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Regulation of progenitor cell proliferation and granulocyte function by microRNA-223. [score:2]
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