miRBase entry: hsa-mir-137

Stem-loop hsa-mir-137

Homo sapiens hsa-mir-137 precursor miRNA
Gene family
MIPF0000106; mir-137

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MIR137 is a gene that has been studied in relation to various diseases, including non-small-cell lung cancer [PMC4626561]. In a study, it was found that the methylation of MIR137 gene was correlated with the progression of non-small-cell lung cancer [PMC4626561]. Additionally, in another study, it was observed that the maximum peak outward potassium amplitude of VU0240551-treated MIR137 cKO neurons was adjusted to a similar level as wild-type neurons [PMC7237267]. These findings suggest that MIR137 may play a role in regulating potassium channels and neuronal activity. Further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms and implications of MIR137 in disease progression and neuronal function.

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g u  u   --           ug   G             G      -  g 
 g cc cug  acucucuucgg  ACG GUAUUCUUGGGUG AUAAUa cg a
 | || |||  |||||||||||  ||| ||||||||||||| |||||| || u
 c gg gac  ugagaggagcu  UGC CAUAAGAAUUCGU UAUUgu gc u
a -  c   ca           GA   G             -      u  a 

Annotation confidence High
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This miRNA sequence is predicted based on homology to a verified miRNA from mouse [1], later verified in human [2].

Genome context
chr1: 98046070-98046171 [-]
Clustered miRNAs
1 other miRNA is < 10 kb from hsa-mir-137
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Mature hsa-miR-137-3p

Accession MIMAT0000429
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-137-3p mature miRNA
Evidence experimental
cloned [2]
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Predicted targets

Mature hsa-miR-137-5p

Accession MIMAT0037310
Description Homo sapiens hsa-miR-137-5p mature miRNA
Evidence not_experimental


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