miRBase entry: 24385436

Bovine herpesvirus 5 encodes a unique pattern of microRNAs compared with bovine herpesvirus 1

PubMed ID 24385436
Authors "Tang Q, Wu YQ, Chen DS, Zhou Q, Chen HC, Liu ZF"
Journal "J Gen Virol
Volume 95
Pages 671-678

There are 5 miRNAs associated with this paper:
Name Accession RPM Chromosome Start End Strand Confidence
bhv5-mir-B12 MI0029326 None None None -
bhv5-mir-B13 MI0029327 None None None -
bhv5-mir-B14 MI0029328 None None None -
bhv5-mir-B8 MI0029329 None None None -
bhv5-mir-B11 MI0029330 None None None -